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These boots are made for skiin’ – and that’s just what they’ll do! But eventually, you’ll have to go walking, too. Usually first. Filling the spot in their lineup previously held by the Hoji Free 130, Dynafit offers the unisex Tigard 130 and ventures into 4 buckle territory with a boot that promises to fulfill the elusive overlap between hard charging and uphill aerobic efficiency. If you’re looking for boots to do double duty in the resort and in the backcountry, or simply for a touring capable boot that skis like an alpine boot, the Tigard 130 is it. Unique to the Tigard, Dynafit used overlapping shell construction instead of the open tongue construction typical of touring boots to maintain the feel of an alpine boot. And they still managed to pack in a generous 70 degrees of motion when flipped into uphill mode. Though the boots may no longer carry his name, Hoji lives on with the Hoji Lock System, allowing one of the simplest transitions in the game by flicking a single lever. Supportive, warm, and moldable liners allow a comfortable and customizable fit. Ski the line, walk the line in the Dynafit Tigard 130.

  • The lowers and cuffs are constructed of overlapping Grilamid, alpine style, as compared to the open single-layered tongue construction used on most touring boots.
  • Hoji Lock provides a single mechanism that tensions the power strap and upper buckle simultaneously so you can transition in one motion using a single switch.
  • GripWalk boot sole means you can use it with your touring setup or step into your alpine bindings (as long as they are GripWalk or MNC certified).
  • Supportive and heat moldable freeride liner is 15mm thick to give your feet the cushion, warmth, and fit they deserve!
  • Large range of motion and an openable liner let you pull the jaws of this boot far apart for easy entry and exit.
  • Made in Italy, like all the best ski boots.

convert to ounces
1678g [27.5]
Weight (pair) 3356g [27.5]
Buckles   4 + Power Strap
Boot Sole Length   295mm [25.5]
305mm [26.5]
315mm [27.5]
325mm [28.5]
335mm [29.5]
345mm [30.5]
355mm [31.5]
Binding Compatibility   Tech, Hybrid, ISO 9523, GripWalk
Cuff Rotation   70°
Forward Lean(s)   12°, 15°
Specs Verified Yes
Materials   Grilamid, Grilamid Loaded with Carbon Fibers
Liner   Dynafitter 15
Sole   Gripwalk Sole
Skimo Co Says
Usage Free touring and alpine skiing
Notes Dynafit gets closer to resort skiing than ever before
Bottom Line Hard charging boot with backcountry chops
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Questions & Reviews

Question from Hakon
Hello! How do these compare to the tecnica zero g tour pro? I need something that is durable and can last long. Also how impactful is the weight difference, considering long days in the mountain with much uphill?
Answer from Jeff
Hakon, Considering Fit is the most important part in choosing a ski boot, these are opposites. The ZG Pro tour is narrow and low volume. The Tigard is on the wider side and very High volume.
fill out our boot finder and we can help you out.
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Question from skicat
How do you change the forward lean from 12 to 15, also what angle do they come as stock?
Answer from Gabriel I
Hi skicat, it's just the rear spoiler that attaches to the back of the liner. 15 degrees with it and 12 without. They come stock at 12, spoilers are in the box.
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Question from Junshu
Compare Hoji free 130 , the size from 25, 25.5 ....but hoji free is 25.5, 26.5 . Why ?
Answer from Gabriel I
Hi Junshu, for Dynafit boots (and most other brands) a 25 and 25.5 shell are exactly the same shell size. In some models you may find only the half or whole size available. You'll get the same fit in either after a liner mold.
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Question from Tom McCoy
Can you tell me how much the size 27.5 liner in the Tigard weighs? Wondering if a couple pair of liners might allow this boot to fit a couple of different roles.
Answer from jbo
Hi Tom, yes we always record liner weights for boots we carry in the reference size (27.5). The Tigard liner is 309 grams as compared to lightweight liners that often weigh 150-200g. Generally, switching liners that far apart in weight changes the fit too much to make it worth having a liner quiver.
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Question from steve
any one tried these boots?
Answer from jbo
Hi Steve, there was an early release last season so we did get to ski them. Short story is this is a real ski boot, certainly Dynafit's best boot to date in terms of downhill performance. And with the Hoji lock mechanism, it walks much better than competing alpine crossover boots.
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Question from Russell
Any thoughts on when the larger sizes of this boot will be available? Specifically looking for a 30.5 or something close (I’m a 30.5 in the Tecnica ZGTP).

Also any thoughts on the fit relative to the ZGTP? I have a pretty low volume foot and have found the stock liners on that boot relatively thin (and seem to have packed out at this point). I’m considering upgrading the liners on that boot vs. waiting for the Tigard. Thanks!
Answer from Jeff
Russell, This is a early release of a 23/24 boot. So next Fall at the earliest.
But you need to look elsewhere, they are a relatively wide/high volume boot.
About the lowest volume boot there is now, is the new Quattro.
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Question from steve
How do these fit compared to the Radical Pro?
Answer from Emmett I

The fit is pretty similar - maybe a bit narrower at the back of the forefoot and heel. The Tigard does have a much thicker liner, so it'll fit narrower feet better than the Radical Pro, and problem spots will mold out much better.
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