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From $15.00

We offer backcountry ski, boot, skin, and accessory rentals. Prices listed are per-day for demo-quality ski touring gear. If you want to try a ski before you buy it, we subtract a day's rental fee from the purchase price. Our current lineup is listed below, available on a first-come, first-served basis. Local pickup in Salt Lake City is required at this time.

* Please note you are responsible for damage to rental gear, so we recommend staying inbounds when it's low tide in the backcountry.

Backcountry Skis

High-fat skis

  • Voile Hyper V6 - 163cm, 173cm, 178cm
  • Elan Ibex 94 -177cm
  • Fischer Hannibal 96 - 176cm
  • Blizzard Zero G 95 - 178cm
  • Blizzard Zero G 105 - 180cm
  • Movement Alp Tracks 106 - 177cm
  • Movement Alp Tracks 100 - 177cm
  • Movement Alp Tracks 95 - 169, 177cm
  • DPS Pagoda 100 - 171cm, 179cm
  • DPS Pagoda 106 - 163cm, 179cm
  • DPS Pagoda 112 - 184cm
  • DPS Pagoda 94 - 158cm, 178cm

Mid-fat skis

  • Movement Alp Tracks 85 Women - 169cm
  • Ski Trab Magico.2 - 171cm, 178cm
  • Blizzard Zero G 85 - 171cm
  • Dynafit Blacklight 88 - 158, 165, 172, 178cm
  • Ski Trab Gavia 85 - 157cm
  • Volkl Rise High 88 - 170cm
  • Ski Trab Stelvio - 171cm

Low-fat skis

  • Ski Trab Maestro.2 - 171cm
  • Dynafit Blacklight Pro - 172cm
  • Aski Verglas - 165cm
  • Hagan Ultra 77 - 170cm

Skimo Race skis

  • Aski Stealth - 160cm
  • Voile and Blizzard race skis owned by Utah Skimo (free on race nights)

Touring Boots

  • SCARPA F1 Men's - 26.0, 27.0, 28.0, 29.0, 30.0
  • SCARPA F1 Women's - 22.0, 23.0, 24.0, 25.0
  • Dynafit Radical Men's - 25.5, 26.5, 27.5, 28.5, 29.5, 30.5
  • Dynafit Radical Women's - 23.5, 24.5, 25.5
  • Movement Free Tour - 24.5, 27.5

Tech Bindings

All our skis are mounted with tech bindings from many different brands including Dynafit, ATK, Marker, Ski Trab, and more. If there is a particular binding you want to try, give us a shout and we might find a ski for you.


Skis are optionally paired with pre-trimmed skins from brands such as Pomoca, Colltex, Kohla, and Contour.


We have a few accessories for rent such as poles and leashes. Avalanche safety gear is not currently available; we encourage you to go resort uphilling with your demo setup if you don't own avy gear or haven't been trained in its use.

Demo Gear Sales

We put our discontinued rental gear up for sale, often at the beginning or end of each season. See our Used Gear section for a current list.

Questions & Reviews

Question from Rebeka
Do you guys offer a seasonal ski rental? Interested in a full package for the season, including skins. Thanks!!
Answer from Jeff
Rebeka, We do not. These skis are rented mostly as Demos to try and purchase(new).
If you are interested, contact us at and we can help setup a package at the lowest price. For everything, Boots to skins, you would be looking at around $1500.
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Question from Kelly Stevens
Coming by later to rent your Hyper v6 in 178cm... If able I would like to place a hold on those. will be by withing a few hours.
Thank you,
Answer from Teddy Young
Hey Kelly, looks like the Hyper V6 is already rented out currently, but we have some other great options available!
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Question from WasatchMcQuack
I've got a tall lanky buddy with a size 12 foot interested in renting a tour setup, do you have any boots at that size?
Answer from TSB
Hey Mr. McQuack! Fortunately for your sasquatch buddy we just got a pair of size 30.0 Scarpa F1s in our demo fleet, which may work for him!
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Question from Chris

My wife and I are headed through SLC on Monday, April 23rd, and realized that it would make sense to ski some corn on Tuesday. We would like to rent some gear from you. What gear do you have available in the rental fleet? For her, boots size 24.5. Skis around 160-165 cm, 80-90 mm waist. For him, boots size 26.5 or 27.0. Skis around 170 cm, 80-90 mm waist. Please let us know as early as possible, as we need to start driving at around 10 am Monday to get to your shop by 4 pm-ish. Thanks!
Answer from Nate
Hi Chris, we have a pretty broad selection of skis that will fit your needs. For boots, we currently have Dynafit TLT7 Performance in our demo fleet. Store is open from 11-6 every day. Looking forward to seeing you.
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Question from Alex
My sister and I whant to rent full package Alpine touring ski for a few days on march 21th to 24th.
How can we reserve full package ?
we whant ski around 170 and boots 25.5 and 27.5
Fix to 6.5
Could you ship the package at our hostel (it's near from your place-Residence inn by Marriott) on march 20th at the end of the day ?
Answer from Trace Leches
Hey Alex, we strongly suggest you come in to try on the boots first, especially if you will be in them for 3 days.
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