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A common nugget of life-wisdom is that the journey is truly the reward. If you enjoy the levelling-up aspect of skimo racing, then the Ski Trab Powercup is just what you need. Light, sturdy, and not terribly painful on the wallet, the Powercup features a LiWood core as opposed to the Aramid honeycomb core found on the top end Gara Aero. The LiWood core is a light wood and ash wood blend, with hollow air channels running through the ski that reduce mass while still providing a solid backbone. While a few grams heavier than the aerospace composite core, it's more affordable and still built to last like all Trab skis. The 14-layer Trab construction can handle rough terrain and poor snow conditions and the Ski Trab Gara Powercup is the reliable partner you need for your journey towards podium glory.

  • HiConnect is an internal bridge that connects the edges to each other through the core to provide torsional rigidity and durability.
  • The NoShock tech is a semi-soft layer between the edge and core material which dampens vibrations and increases stability.
  • A LiWood core adds a few grams, but brings unparalleled stability, reliability, and performance to a race-weight ski.
  • With a DuoTech tail, you get the stability of a longer ski without losing the easy turning nature of a softer or rockered tail.
  • HiBox is a woven carbon cage that stiffens the ski and adds mucho durability.
  • Ski Trab offers a 3 year warranty on this ski.
  • Made in Bormio, Italy.
Lengths (cm) 157, 164, 171
convert to ounces
730g [157]
770g [164]
790g [171]
Weight (pair) 1460g [157]
1540g [164]
1580g [171]
Sidecut   91-64-80 [157]
91-64-80 [164]
91-64-80 [171]
Turn Radius   20.6m [157]
21.5m [164]
23.7m [171]
Skin Fix   Attivo clips or bungee tips
Specs Verified Yes
Profile   Attivo Progressive Flex
Shape   Attivo progressive shape, DuoTech swallow tail
Construction   Ski Trab 14-Layer cap
Core   Liwood Airflex Core
Skimo Co Says
Usage Training, racing, long walks in the snow park
Notes More powerful version of the Gara Aero
Bottom Line Trab quality at a great price
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Questions & Reviews

Question from Wito
hi, saw these on one athlete and im thinking in buying them
are they a good fit for a heavier rider? im 187cm and 88kg
im using the scarpa alien 4.0 and the skitrab maestro 2.0
90% of my training is on a local groomed hill
and im not that skilled going downhill :D
Answer from Jeff
Osto, For a big rider, the Maestro.2 is an excellent ski.
The Gara Powercup, is the less expensive, all wood core version of the Race ski. If you are looking for an easier to ski race ski for training, this would be it. But Ski Trab isn't making this model anymore.
Answer from Wito
i have forgot to mention that im looking for a lighter ski as i went with the superlight alien 4.0
the maestro is a nice allrounder and will continue using it, just looking for something light for fast uphill training after work
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Question from Geir Ivar N
Dear Skimo. I’m 73 kg and 172 cm. Wondering if the 171 length would work for me? Any idea what the shipment to Norway would cost? Thx, Geir
Answer from Tristan M
Hi Geir,

In this case, the proper length would greatly depend on your application. If you are using these skis for racing, the 164cm length makes the most sense, as that is the closest length to ISMF specifications for the Men’s skimo racing division. If you are looking for a ski that you will use for racing as well as long days in the mountains, or more general touring, you may benefit from the extra stability provided by the 171cm length.

Reach out to us at for a better estimate on shipping costs to Norway, as we need more specific information with regards to your address.
Answer from Geir Ivar N
Hi Tristan. Thx for your reply. So my application is speed touring and I have been skiing the Maestro for some years. I have been quite pleased with the pair. I’m now thinking of a new pair. The powercup seems interesting. The weight is less. The specs to the new Gara (to my understanding will replace the Powercup?) seems stiffer than the Maestro. Any take on how the powercup handles as compared to the Maestro with a length of 171 cm? Your shop is truly great for Skimo. Thanks, Geir
Answer from Tristan M
Hi Geir,

The Gara does appear to be the next generation of the Powercup. As far as a comparison with the Maestro.2, here are my thoughts:

The Ski Trab Maestro.2 has a rounder flex, and will be more versatile in a wide variety of conditions. In contrast, the Powercup in the 171cm length is a long race ski. The extra length will provide additional float and stability at speed, but will still have a long side cut aimed at getting from point A to point B quickly. If you are looking for another speed touring ski that is not the Maestro.2, take a look at the Dynafit Blacklight Pro. It is super light, quite stiff, and a great companion for a wide range of conditions.
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