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Ski Trab Maestro.2 Ski

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Found in a product description deep inside the 19/20 Ski Trab product catalog is a line of text that quietly affirms their commitment to their craft-- "Well begun is half done". With its origin going back to a time long before Aristotle lived, this idiom is a simple yet powerful commentary on how committed a good craftsman will be to every detail of their work from start to finish. Ski Trab consistently makes innovative, high quality skis that are some of the best performing and most durable light-weight skis on the market. The Maestro.2 has a slightly-updated version of Trab's classic 14-layer construction, with changes aimed at improving the flex and turn shape. Trab altered the flex of the Maestro.2 so that the back half of each turn is extended slightly longer, allowing for more powerful skiing and bigger turns. The tips were upturned and widened for improved float and turn initiation. The beloved stability, versatility, and performance of the original Maestro has been preserved and even enhanced; it remains as light as a feather for those long skin tracks and steep booters. When applied to backcountry skiing, the idiom "well begun is half done" promises that if you enter the backcountry fit, knowledgeable, and with the best equipment (the Ski Trab Maestro.2), your journey is sure to be a good one.

  • Control Flex is Trab’s way of stiffening the ski without making it chattery and rigid, allowing for 10% flex under the foot and 20-30% flex in the tips and tails.
  • Burly Attivo layers run lengthwise along the ski and absorb vibrations and prevent ski chatter, and also protect the core from external damage.
  • Stability is ensured with NoShock, a layer of elastomer that sits between the edge and core material to absorb vibrations.
  • Hiconnect layers stiffen the ski and add torsional rigidity, making edging easier and high-speed skiing more stable.
  • Honeycomb Aramid core is light, stiff, and sheathed in other durable wood and synthetic layers.
  • High base material and HRC 52 steel edges are burly, just like the mountains you play in.
  • Tip and tail skin attachment points accommodate whatever skins you prefer.
  • Three-year warranty offered by Ski Trab.
  • Made in Bormio, Italy.

Update 2021/22: New color scheme for the new season, same construction.

Update 2023/24: Ski Trab has updated the topsheet once again, same awesome construction.

Lengths (cm) 157, 164, 171, 178
convert to ounces
880g [157]
925g [164]
960g [171]
995g [178]
Weight (pair) 1760g [157]
1850g [164]
1920g [171]
1990g [178]
Dimensions   108/79/94 [157]
108/78/94 [164]
108/76/94 [171]
108/76/94 [178]
Turn Radius   20.06m [157]
20.8m [164]
21.7m [171]
23.8m [178]
Skin Fix   Attivo Clips
Specs Verified Yes
Profile   Early rise tip, camber, flat tail
Shape   Attivo shape, contact points are moved further out for a longer turn radius
Construction   14-layer Attivo process w/ HiBox carbon cage
Core   Aramid honeycomb
Skimo Co Says
Usage Ski Alpinism
Notes Italian Aerospace tech
Bottom Line Perfect balance of lightweight and performance
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Questions & Reviews

Question from Nick D
Between this ski and the adret 78 I’m torn. I have every other Trab ski so I’m drinking the koolaid but in terms of durability and downhill performance which ski wins? I do 90% on race skis so 85 Underfoot feels like a powder ski for reference. The Mágicos are great for mid winter but at the 178 length get a little cumbersome when I’m climbing with them or getting through talus. Appreciate any insight.
Answer from Carlos M
Hi Nick,

Between the Maestro and the Adret 78, they are both light, have a longer turn radius, and fill a similar niche of uphill/training/mountaineering ski. The main differences are that the Trab will feel like - well, it'll feel like a Trab. They have a pretty unique sensation which it sounds like you are familiar with. Very similar to a Magico.2, just a bit smaller and lighter! The Adret 78 is still light, but feels a bit more like a traditional alpine ski in its dampening and ride quality. It also might have just a little bit more pop and energy to it.

Overall, if you love the feel of the Trabs, there isn't anything else that's going to feel like them. If you're looking to branch out, and want something with a similar weight and specs, but a more alpine-y feel and a little different flavor, the Zag is an excellent ski!
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Brian O (used product regularly)
This is a great spring ski. I have about 17 days on this ski, on snow ranging from wet powder to various crusts, corn, and deep slush. It's also a keeper.

I am 6', 166lbs, usually carried a 11-25lb pack. I bought this ski used in 171cm length and put the SkiTrab Gara on it.

This ski tracks pretty well in variable snow and hard, rough refrozen snow. It is also very light and nimble. The relatively soft tip helps the ski surface and the relatively stiff tail provides reassurance on hard snow, but may feel a little soft for the aggressive skier. It took me a few days to trust this ski, but I love it now, and trust it on steep and hard slopes.

I like the tip and tail clip design. The miniature swallow tail helps the ski turn with a shorter radius, and holds the tail end of the skin very securely. The tip holds the skin's tip well, keeps the skin hook out of the way so it doesn't get knocked off while wallowing in deep powder, all while allowing an effective tip rip.

Again, this is a great spring ski.
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Question from ostogiske
hi, how is this ski compared to the movement race pro 77?
im mostly going only one local hill up and a ski piste down, groomed/ungroomed 70/30
im a 186cm 89kg guy and i use the scarpa f1 lt as my main boots(maybe go for the alien version in future), thinking about a shorter 164cm ski or the movement 168cm
my main focus is just conditioning, i dont do much sightseeings :D or racing
i prefer more for a good tempo climb and a slow descent
Answer from Ian C
Hi there ostogiske, the Movements have a more even (i.e. consistently stiff) flex pattern which gives them an advantage pushing downhill at speed, especially on groomed snow. If you are not necessarily intending to race on these, especially as you head into the backcountry, I would go with the Ski Trabs!
Answer from jbo
Hi ostogiske, just to add another opinion, I think the Race Pros are the ultimate fitness skis. So light and they carve amazingly well, quite fun on piste. I would vote for them if you're mainly doing groomed laps.
Answer from Wito
so these maeostros are more versatile so its a more suitable option for me and maybe i keep the race pros in the 71 version in my bucket list for faster runs :)
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Question from Lara
Hi there,
Thanks a lot for advising this ski. Why is it written 79 (mm) on the ski ? and not 76 has on the specs?
Best wishes
Answer from Ian C
Hi Lara, great catch! The ski width actually varies over the different lengths of the ski, becoming narrower in longer lengths. I have adjusted our product listing to reflect this.
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