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After seeing the joy on the co-owner of Ski Trab’s face while making smooth turns in the Wasatch during low-tide, we knew we had to have what was under his feet. The Trabucchis truly love their craft, and the Mistico is the latest product of that labor of love. It’s a wider version of the venerable Magico that excels in variable conditions, according to Adriano (both verbally and demonstrably). Like its little brother, the Mistico features the Attivo progressive shape and flex. The design can’t be explained succinctly with contemporary marketing lingo (e.g. rocker), but it just seems to work for whatever you’re doing. Despite our poor Italian, we could make out the subtle refinements that were being planned for the production version. Trab continues to produce the most meticulously designed skis in the world, with a cohesive plan from tip to tail.

  • 14 layers of love make for one of the most technically advanced skis on the market.
  • Honeycomb core is made of Aramid a super-strong synthetic that has a smooth flex.
  • Attivo progressive shape and integrated flex provide ease-of-handling in most conditions.
  • High carbon steel (52 HRC) edges bite into white-ice and are relatively rock-resilient.
  • The core is wrapped in a carbon Hibox to give excellent torsional properties throughout.
  • Additional fiber plates and carbon reinforcements add to the amazing lightweight performance.
  • Attivo shock absorbers are strung from tip to tail to dampen the ski and increase the top speed.
  • Very hard sintered bases can take some abuse and come textured for a race-like glide.
  • Duo Tech is Trab’s swallow-tail that steers precisely but is still stable when run straight.
  • Unique Attivo skin fixing system applies quickly and can be pulled with your skis on.
  • Made in Bormio, Italy, and backed by Ski Trab’s impressive 3-year warranty.

Update 2017/18: Just a newer, cooler, faster topsheet, otherwise the core remains the same.

Update 2019/20: Trab updated the graphics again, but otherwise the Mistico is not changed.

Lengths (cm) 164, 171, 178, 185
convert to ounces
1025g [164]
1070g [171]
1120g [178]
1185g [185]
Weight (pair) 2050g [164]
2140g [171]
2240g [178]
2370g [185]
Dimensions   121-92-110 [164]
121-90-110 [171]
121-90-110 [178]
121-88-110 [185]
Turn Radius   18.1 [164]
18.5 [171]
20.6 [178]
20.9 [185]
Skin Fix   Attivo
Specs Verified Yes
Profile   Attivo. Rocker-ish tip, camber underfoot, subtle tail
Shape   Attivo. Smoothly arc'd tip, medium radius, swallow tail
Construction   14-layer cap
Core   Aramid honeycomb
Skimo Co Says
Usage All-mountain, all-condition
Notes 3 year warranty
Bottom Line Delicious
Compare to other Mid-fat Skis

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Questions & Reviews

Question from Jack E
Hi - are you planning on having these in stock this season? I have a pair of Helio 88s that are nearing the end of their life and these seem like a great replacement. Thanks!
Answer from jbo
Hi Jack, great taste! At this point we'd need to do a special order for you, with a mid January expected delivery.
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Question from Eric S
I absolutely love these skis, and plan to get another pair for my son.

Are you going to have these in stock again, Fall 2021?
Answer from Zak M
Hey Eric, shoot us an email at so we can make sure we get a pair for you!
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Eric S (used product a few times)
I'm extremely happy with these skis. Only used twice, but once was in a resort under all sorts of conditions, from mank to spring slush to ice to some good powder stashes. I am not going to bash these up by making them my resort ski of course, but it was a good test I thought. Confident I can ski these in any conditions the backcountry throws at me.
(The one thing that was a bit strange was that I felt that I fell into the backseat a bit -- perhaps because the tails are soft? That's why this initial review has 4 rather than five stars.) They certainly don't feel damp the way a heavier ski does, but I experienced no chatter.

For comparison, I regularly ski on Voile Vectors, and love them. I like the Misticos just as much, but in general I expect to opt for the wider, heavier, more rockered vectors in winter, Misticos in spring.

NB: I'm 155 lbs and I am on 171 Misticos, 180 Vectors. Misticos didn't feel particularly short, though I'm sure the 178s would be fine too. Went for the 171s because they'll be easier to carry, and >50% of my spring skiing time is going up hill with a pack!
I'll report back
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Question from Eric S
I keep toying with the idea of getting some of these, and now with the price a bit lower, I might just do it.
But length... I have old 174 Shuksans, 180 Vectors. Both seems just right. So do I want 178s or 171s in the Mistico?
I'm 6', 150 lbs. Advice?
Answer from jbo
Hi Eric, it comes down to usage. For an all-around touring ski, the 178 would be good. For spring skiing, mountaineering, etc, the 171 would be a ton of fun for you.
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Question from Simon
Hi there,
I have picked your brains already re touring skis but wonder if I could trouble you again? I have been drawn to the Trab Mistico by your description and the great reviews for it on your site! Im a small lightweight 5'3 and 63 kg. In your experience would you say it was user friendly enough for a moderately capable off piste skier/ of my weight and height? High speed freeriding is not really my thing I'm more of a finesse skier and am after light weight and an enjoyable undemanding ride.
I f you have a moment spare and could drop me a line that would be great.
P.S I've not known of skis that actually get wider the shorter they are like the Mistico. I wonder what the logic is there?!
Answer from jbo
Hi Simon, Trab tries to keep the radius more similar across lengths vs other brands where various lengths can ski quite differently. These aren't very demanding for a high performance ski so you'd have no problem, though I might recommend mounting them forward a bit depending on the rest of your setup. Feel free to send us an e-mail for a personalized workup.
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sprout (used product regularly)
i had reservations about this ski. mostly because they're expensive, and i had to pay full price. i'm so happy that the guys at skimoco encouraged me to choose them. the guy who mounted my skis remarked that he needed a higher torque setting than he uses to mount skis with metal top sheets. props to their bomber construction. they ski amazingly well. three out of the first 4 ski days on them were mt shasta, mt hood, and the skillet on mt moran. i skied corn, mashed potatoes, wind whipped sastruggi chunder, bulletproof hardpack, and found they even float in pow. super impressed. i got them 16cm shorter than what i normally ski, and they're totally adequate. you can see in the specs that they are featherweight. they are. i actually had a moment of panic when booting up a couloir, thinking i'd forgotten to put them on my pack after transitioning from skinning. the skins are great and pack super small. they do get wet really quickly though. dynafit speed turn bindings, dynafit mercury boots
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Bill (used product regularly)
I cannot believe a ski this light can ski so well. Just plain well beyond my expectations.
Not a power skiers ski. I am definitely a finesse skier and this is right down my alley.
Has just handled everything well I have put it on so far and is insanely light.
Dynafit superlite 2.0 bindings. Dynafit Evo boots
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