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Dynastar M-Vertical 88 F-Team Ski

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Some days, snow conditions are all over the place with no way of knowing what you'll find. The slightest change in aspect, elevation, or weather can cause you to end up nervously staring down an icy couloir with girthy powder skis. Or perhaps a neck-deep powder run with the skinniest of skis. Neither is ideal. Rest assured that won’t happen to you on the Dynastar M-Vertical 88s. These capable sticks gleefully charge through all conditions, despite barely registering on a scale. In fact, we applaud the folks at Dynastar for somehow creating an even damper and quieter version of its predecessor, the Dynastar Vertical F-Team. A lightweight hybrid paulownia/polyurethane core softens cruddy chop while a full sidewall maximizes edge hold. That way you can descend with confidence, no matter what the snow Gods have bestowed upon your line. It could be said that the Dynastar M-Vertical 88 is the do-it-all quiver killer for aggressive skiers.

  • Hybrid Paulownia / Polyurethane core is a light-n-damp platform to handle crud and speed.
  • Core wrapped with Basalt fiber for torsional rigidity and durability.
  • Moderate rocker balances contact length and ease of turning and surfing for a smooth ride through a variety of conditions.
  • Full sidewall maximizes edge hold when you want it most.
  • Notched tip allows for a race-style bungee skin system that leads to faster transitions.
  • Laser sintered bases are fast and can take some abuse should you find a few "sharks" out there.

Update 2022/23: This ski now goes by the name "M-Vertical 88 F-Team" and sports some new topsheet graphics.

Lengths (cm) 156, 164, 172, 180
convert to ounces
1035g [156]
1070g [164]
1135g [172]
1205g [180]
Weight (pair) 2070g [156]
2140g [164]
2270g [172]
2410g [180]
Dimensions   120-88-110
Turn Radius   16m [156]
18m [164]
20m [172]
22m [180]
Skin Fix   Tip notch, reverse curved tails
Specs Verified Yes
Profile   Moderate rocker, camber underfoot
Shape   Medium radius integrated with the rocker
Construction   Sandwich with fiber torsion box
Core   Paulownia / PU
Skimo Co Says
Usage Long distance touring, mountaineering
Notes Basalt fibers are 25% lighter than glass
Bottom Line Vivian approved
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Questions & Reviews

Question from Patrick Chase
How do these compare in terms of damping to the Salomon MTN Explore 88?

I realize that they're about 150 g lighter at any given length, but I'm curious how much damping Dynastar gives up with that Basalt torsion-box construction vs Salomon's laminate?
Answer from jbo
Hi Patrick, the Dynastars are stiffer and get deflected a bit more, but don't feel tinny with that Basalt. The Salomons have a nice round flex and absorb vibration a bit better with the flax layup.
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Question from Jamie
Curious how these compare to the K2 Wayback 88s. Seems like the Waybacks may be worth the extra weight as a daily driver/spring mission ski. Thoughts?
Answer from Tristan M
Hi Jamie,

The M-Vertical 88 F-Team and K2 Wayback 88 have fairly similar characteristics.

The M-Vertical 88 F-Team is a pretty stiff ski with a longer sidecut. It is a surprisingly damp ski, and that requires some input from the skier.

The K2 Wayback 88 will be the friendlier at a slightly heavier weight. That being said, it still has a medium turn radius, and is quite versatile. Both will be good options come spring. Your decision more depends on what you want in a ski!
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Question from kyle taylor
Been looking at these, ive only skied 1600g + skis with either Dynafit Radicals or King pins. Looking to add a light ski that can still ski good to the collection so i can get further into the mountains. Would these be a good pair with a lightweight tech binding for someone that skis fairly aggressively? Essentially looking for a lite ski that is fairly damp and wont fight big fast turns. Thanks!
Answer from Tristan M
Hi Kyle,

The M-Vertical 88 has a longer sidecut, and punches through variable conditions quite well! It has a lot of the same characteristics as the Vertical eagle, with improved dampness. This ski would lend itself well to a more aggressive skier!
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Model: M-Vertical 88

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