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Cold feet can make ski touring unpleasant and potentially cut your day short. Snüx aims to eliminate cold feet for long tours or multi-day adventures. Specifically designed for ski boots, Snüx Overboots are engineered with 5-layer COZYTECH thermal technology that enables heat to be retained across the overboot, along with promoting dryness. Unlike other boot covers, Snüx fully wraps under the sole for added protection from the cold by preventing snow from building underneath the cover. Lightweight and easy to use, Snüx is a great option for colder environments or for skiers who like their feet extra cozy.

  • 3.5 mm of Cozytech membrane will keep your feet warm and cozy.
  • Waterproof sealed seams prevent moisture from penetrating into the neoprene.
  • Arch coverage fastening system for complete coverage of the boot and to help slide on and off the overboot.
  • Adjustable Strap Fastener system for an easy slide-on application.
  • Complete heel coverage to fully protect your feet.
  • Sold in pairs in several fun colors.

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Questions & Reviews

Question from Dennis K
Any thoughts on how this might compare to the 40 below overboots for something like a Denali expedition?

Also, do they need to be altered to work with tech toe and heel or are there cutouts to accommodate?
Answer from Jeff
Dennis, Having never been even close to Denali, I will do my best. Clearly these are not even close to the 40 Below. But if Denali isn't experiencing 30 below days when you are there and you don't get cold feet in your boots, they could work.
Below the Toe area is not covered. The lower edge covers the toe inserts, but you can push it up to expose them.
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Question from greg s
Are these significantly warmer than the boot gloves?
Answer from Julian K
Hi Greg, though the DryGuy Boot gloves have 1mm thicker insulation material the Snux covers offer better coverage under and through the whole foot. If you are boot packing, the Snux offers better wrap-around whereas the DryGuy's would potentially accumulate snow under and in the sides of the glove. In the end, they are very similar!
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