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If you're debating whether you really need to bring a Voile strap... trust us, you do. To simplify this decision tree even further, Voile has developed their Nano Strap, which is a mere 1/2" wide (1.3 centimeters for the enlightened metric users out there). Featuring the same grippy, soft, slightly stretchy, and weather-resistant Polyurethane as other classic Voile straps, the narrower design enables the Nano to bind objects of a smaller diameter, such as ski poles or a severed pencil (important on an avalanche course!) Save yourself the trouble and get out of a bind with the Voile Nano straps. Available in several different lengths.

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Questions & Reviews

Tom F (used product a few times)
Didn't know these existed! Much more compact than the standard width for transporting skis & poles - added to my last order to get me to free shipping. Also nice to keep in the pocket when short bootpacks are expected - whether it be resort or BC.
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Question from Scott K
What is the weight of the 6" and 9" straps?
Answer from Niko M
Hi Scott!
The 6" straps weigh ~5.7g while the 9" straps weigh ~8.7g. Thanks!
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Zach W (used product regularly)
Haha nice to see you guys add these. I was in the Voile store and found out these were a thing. Work well enough, especially for non-load-bearing fixes. I'm specifically thinking about skin failures.

They are a little bit more finicky than normal size straps but still bomber and crank down well.
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Ben (used product regularly)
Noticeably lighter and more pack-able than a standard voile strap, and just as functional for 90% of purposes. Not as solid for holding together a broken boot in the field, but just as good as a standard strap for pretty much everything else.
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Model: Nano Strap

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