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Assembled from BD UltraLite mix, backed with reliable BD Gold Label glue, and topped off with Voile’s own tip bungee system, the Superlite Skins are destined for greatness. Tip notches are awesome, and it would be a shame not use them on the Objective; until now you had to build your own skins. But now with the Voile Superlite Skins, you can have out-of-the-box climbers that just work, lap after lap. If you are the proud owner of a Voile Objective, Objective BC, Wasatch Speed Project, or Speed Girl, find the matching skins here.

  • Voile’s own rugged bungee tips come installed.
  • Cut the straight-cut skin material to length for the shorter skis.
  • Go without tail clips for ease-of-ripping.
  • 65mm race skins match the WSP/WSG.
  • 80mm wide skins for the Objectives.

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Questions & Reviews

Neil B (used product regularly)
I am just getting into "Skimo" and I got these to pair with my Voile WSP's. I have found that I really like the bungee tip system that go with these skins, makes it fast to rip off and transition down. I have used them in all sorts of conditions, cold and dry to wet and icy and these have held up nicely. After a few laps the glue gets less sticky but I think that just comes with the territory, however, I just warm them up a bit by skiing down with the skins tucked under my jacket. Overall great product.
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Question from Gordon Bedford
Is the price for Voile Superlite skins for a single skin or for a pair?
Answer from jbo
Hi Gordon, they are sold in pairs.
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Question from Nick
I can just add the BD tail clips on to these for the Objectives, correct? Never used skins without a tail clip, is there any difference? A few of my splitter friends have had issued without a tail clip.
Answer from Jeff
Hey Nick. Yes you can add those on if you have enough length. Going without a tail clip works with some simple tricks. Number one , keep the end of the skin clean and dry. If you do transition a lot, over time the end will become less tacky and can start to cause problems.
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Model: Superlite Skins

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