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You can be racing uphill without being in a race. Whether you are spandex clad or not anyone can appreciate the weight savings of ARVA's Race Carbon shovel. Built specifically for the race scene, the shaft length and overall blade dimensions are optimized for low weight with high levels of functionality and performance. Comboed with ARVA's Race 240 probe you can fit everything you need in your diminutive race pack without worrying about blowing out a zipper. If the time does come to put the strong, anodized blade to use the PIN LOCK system will allow you to quickly assemble the shovel. Gloved up or mittened up, the simple T-handle design will work with either. Lightweight, compact, race ready - ARVA's Race Carbon shovel is the specific tool for the job on competition day.

  • Complies with ISMF and PDG standards to make this a great choice for any race.
  • Carbon fiber shaft shaves grams without compromising performance and durability.
  • Anodized aluminum blade will hold up in heavy, compacted snow.
  • Blade size and handle length are optimized to fit in smaller race packs.
  • PIN LOCK system is simple to help you quickly put the shaft and blade together.
  • 47cm shaft and 61cm overall length make this a compact workhorse.
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Shaft Length 46cm
Specs Verified Yes
Materials   Carbon fiber, anodized aluminum
Blade Dimensions 21cm x 21cm (441cm²)
Skimo Co Says
Usage Race day
Notes ISMF and PDG certified
Bottom Line Top option for your race day pack
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Comment from Martin
As of 2024 this shovel no longer meets PDG requirements, even though Arva claims otherwise on their web site. It's still legal for ISMF races. For PDG, shovels now have to comply with UIAA 156. This means a blade area of at least 500 cm² and a total length (shovel + handle) of at least 75 cm, as well as some strength tests. Currently, the lightest UIAA 156 shovel is the Mammut Alugator Ultra.
Reply from jbo
Hi Martin, thank you for the heads up!
Reply to this comment:

Jonathan S (used product a few times)
Overall: Five Stars for a nice update to the predecessor ARVA Ultra shovel.  The weight isn't significantly different from the first generation (out of three generations) that I had of the Ultra, but still the lightest metal-bladed shovel.  (Perhaps the lightest shovel overall given that the plastic competition has apparently been discontinued?)  

And now the design has gone neckless (not necklace!) for significantly improved packability (in your suitably diminutive pack).  The shaft is a bit longer than my first generation Ultra, yet still fits in my pack (suitably diminutive of course), but be sure to confirm fit before purchasing.  The slightly loose fit of my first generation Ultra has been addressed:  assembly is super smooth, yet the fit is exactly as tight as it should be.

The blade size (same as my first generation Ultra, although with some different contours), assembled length (~3/4" shorter than my first generation Ultra), handle shape (definitely for gloves not mittens), and likely durability are all adequate -- barely adequate, but still adequate.  And for emergency purposes only!  Pit digging, snow shelter construction, etc. are obviously not suitable applications.  Probably ditto for touring use in winter conditions with elevated risk of larger slides.  Spring conditions though, when avy risk has gone from Reasonable to Bringing Avy Rescue Gear Just To Be Especially Responsible, sure.  And of course for races when the rescuer:victim ratio will if anything be excessively high.
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