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Stealth describes both this race ski and the way that Aski snuck up on the skimo world. Seemingly out of nowhere, the Italian company is cranking out a full line of amazing skis using an innovative construction process. After years of research and development, the CarbonShell racing ski has arrived. The Stealth features the unique flex-pattern and performance of the Aski platform trimmed down to race weight. Although not the absolute lightest race ski, you would be hard-pressed (read: impossible) to find a better performing ski on the down. The Stealth is ready to sneak you onto a podium.

  • Thermoplastic CarbonShell wrap offers an amazingly damp feel.
  • Carbon Kevlar base sheet provides serious impact protection.
  • Dual camber profile means the perfect amount of running edge.
  • Spatula tip for float in soft or variable conditions.
  • Tip and tail rocker to help initiate and exit turns.
  • Excellent stability and dampness on hard snow.

Update 2018/19: Aski redid the graphics and reconfigured the structural reinforcements along the length of the ski while maintaining the low weight and damp feel. It's still the rocket ship of race skis.

Update 2020/21: Another tweak to the graphics, this time involving laser beams!

Lengths (cm) 155, 160
convert to ounces
705g [155]
715g [160]
Weight (pair) 1410g [155]
1430g [160]
Sidecut   98-65-79
Turn Radius   18.3m [155]
19.7m [160]
Skin Fix   Race notch
Specs Verified Yes
Profile   Double rocker, camber underfoot
Shape   Round tip, shorter radius, flat tail
Construction   CarbonShell with Polycell core
Core   Polycore
Skimo Co Says
Usage Racing, training
Notes Carbon-infused thermoplastic
Bottom Line High performance race ski
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Questions & Reviews

Zach W (used product regularly)
These are undoubtedly stellar race skis. They are damp unlike any other lightweight ski I've skied. Even though they definitely reward long radius turns, they are surprisingly capable of making a variety of turn shapes and hold an edge well.

Word of caution - they are still race skis! They weigh 700g. They are 65mm wide. But for a race ski, they are phenomenal.

I liken race skis to fast downhill trail running - fun because you're just on the edge of control. These push the edge just a bit further. Ton of fun.

Not noted on this page is to only use rub-on wax because a waxing iron might melt the rubber stuff they use inside.
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Jack Kuenzle (used product regularly)
I bought this ski for racing backcountry objectives. Skiing fast in poor conditions. While the skis handled well, they didn’t last. On my fourth time skiing them they double delaminated and snapped in half descending on rime ice on Shasta. I was skiing over chicken heads at a decent speed and they just detonated on Misery Hill. YMMV, maybe I was doing something beyond the use intentions for this ski, but they didn’t last me long.

Four stars because they were good otherwise. Not sure if I’d leave the resort too much with them.
Reply from James N
I actually just beat your time on Denali with these skis but forgot my phone watch so didn’t record it. Oh well
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Ben (used product a few times)
I bought these a few weeks ago and they are the first and only race ski, or any sub-80mm ski I have used so take my review with a grain of salt. I bought them after several people I trust told me they are the best and most damp and stable race ski out there. I can't speak to that, but I can say that they are significantly more difficult to ski than other light skis I've used (Voile Objective and Hagan Ultra 82). These skis chatter and deflect much more than those 80mm wide skis, and I am slower round-trip on my tours, even inbounds tours, than I am on those skis because I lose time on the descents. I have only used the Askis a few times, and I will update this review once I get more used to them and see if I can learn to ski them better. What I can say is that there is a big learning curve with these skis, even if you are already used to 80mm skis. While skimo race-types will sing the praises of these skis, they have been hardened by terrifying descents on inferior race gear and be warned that they have a different perspective than most of us
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Anthony O (used product regularly)
Been using this guy a lot lately. Very different feel from other race skis (coming from trab gara aero and salomon minim). It has that signature aski feel ive yet to find elsewhere that makes it truly feel like the only limit to their speed is my risk tolerance, not their capabilities. They feel significantly more stable than the other race skis ive used especially as a big boy (for a racer) at 180lbs. Usually skis only keep my interest for a season or less before i look for different shiny objects, but im sticking on this and then will replace it with the same when it is time to go. In the last race i used them in, i was passing people in beef boots and skis about 3 times as heavy on the downs. They are worthy of the title rocket ship of race skis
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Model: Stealth

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