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The one race ski to rule them all! Eagerly awaited by top racers, the Gara World Cup is the culmination of years of design, testing, and tweaking with Ski Trab’s world class athletes. Combining ideas from the podium dominating Gara Aero, the more specialized Sprint ski, and even the amazing Maestro.2, Trab’s designers have created the ultimate race ski. After years in development (we met Roberto Antonioli at the factory when he was giving feedback on an iteration in early 2018), the ski finally met everyone’s high expectations. This Gara WC ski improves skiing even further over the original, while also reducing energy consumption on the ascent due to its specialized shape and profile. The renowned Trab reliability is guaranteed by using the well-tested and appreciated 14-layer construction – the most advanced in the world. Put together, the Ski Trab Gara World Cup will almost certainly dominate the podium for years to come.

UPHILL: Ski Trab shifted the widest point of the tip and the tail forward as compared to their previous, widely acclaimed race ski. Extensive testing showed this allows for a more fluid and dynamic stride when skinning. At the same time, the early rise in the tip was lengthened to reduce contact with the snow when gliding. Finally, the sprint-inspired tapered tail was included for the fastest entry into your backpack’s ski carry.

DOWNHILL: A longer tip and tail rise means more floatation in soft snow, and better handling in variable conditions. The sidecut was refined for better control while the mounting location was shifted forward to make steering a breeze. The flex was also tweaked to improve the ride. Finally, the 14-layer carbon-wrapped construction offers plenty of torsional support for exceptional edging while a special bridge between the edges offers maximum resistance from rock impacts.

  • Honeycomb Aramid core is interspersed with light Ash for the ultimate lightweight performance.
  • Gara Control Flex is customized with a softer tip and tail and a rigid underfoot platform.
  • Hibox Torsion Control is a micro-mesh carbon cage that ups the torsional stiffness without compromising the unique flex.
  • HiConnect carbon bridge connects the two edges, keeping them in place even after multiple rock impacts.
  • NoShock vibration control is a special elastomer placed along the edges for cushioning and stabilizing the ride.
  • Duo Tail allows the ski to track straight while making turning easier with extra control.
  • High density polyethylene bases are finished with Trab’s signature structure.
  • 52 HRC steel edges bit into icy snow and can stand up to daily abuse.
  • 3 year warranty is the longest in the business.

Update 2023/24: The ski remains the same albeit with a fresh coat of paint.

Lengths (cm) 162, 169
convert to ounces
700g [162, Flex 60]
710g [162, Flex 70]
740g [169, Flex 70]
Weight (pair) 1400g [162, Flex 60]
1420g [162, Flex 70]
1480g [169, Flex 70]
Sidecut   92-64-79 [162]
92-63-79 [169]
Turn Radius   23.6 [162]
24.8 [169]
Skin Fix   Attivo clip or classic race notch
Specs Verified Yes
Profile   Camber underfoot, early rise tip & tail
Shape   Broad tip, longer radius, tapered swallow tail
Construction   14-Layer Gara Control with carbon wrap
Core   Honeycomb Aramid & Ash
Skimo Co Says
Usage World Cup racing, training, and missioning
Notes Available with multiple flex ratings
Bottom Line The one race ski to rule them all
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Questions & Reviews

Question from Led
How would these Gara WC skis compare with Dynafit DNA 4.0 skis? I am looking for a race ski that will be used for training, linking super big days in the backcountry, and possibly some grand course racing in the future. Would the DNA 4.0 or these be a better choice? How about the DNA pro or Mezzalama (seems kind of heavy)?

I am 5’ 9” 165lbs and ski Alien 1.1’s. Would 60 flex be best?
Answer from Emmett I

Both would make for good training/adventure skis! The Gara is a sweet ski, the split tail makes them turn easily, but keeps the tails supportive. I'd go with the 60 flex, unless you have a very aggressive skiing style. The DNA 4.0 is fairly turny, not as inclined to straightline as the Ski Trabs. The wide shovel gives them a bit more float in soft snow. For an all-around race ski, I'd go with the Trabs. For a race ski with a bit more focus on backcountry performance, the DNA 4.0 would be a good option.

The DNA Pro is fairly stiff - more of a traditional race ski. Good for race style skiing, but not as versatile in the backcountry.

The Mezzalama is similar to the 4.0 in that it's fairly turny, just a bit heavier and damper than the 4.0. Not a bad option for backcountry or training, but as you said most people go with a lighter ski for true racing. Great option for racing on a budget!
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Question from Scott K
What are the factory edge angles on these skis?
Answer from Gabriel I
Hi Scott, we're pretty sure it's a 2 degree side 1 degree base bevel.
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Question from Benoit
I am 180cm/75kg and looking at these skis in 162cm for skimo racing and training. I have other skis for touring. What flex would you recommend for my size/weight? 60 or 70 flex?
Answer from Carlos M
Hi Benoit,

We would recommend the 60 flex. The 70 is really best for much heavier folks, it is very stiff. The 60 is not soft by any means.
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Question from Shaun H
Hi - I'm looking for a solid set of Skimo Race Skis and am leaning towards the Gara. I'm 6'5", 200 lbs and like a solid ski. Is the 169, Flex 70 the one I should be getting, or the 162?

I should also mention that I have a pair of SkiTrab Magico.2's that I love. (and got from!) They're unlike any ski I've ever had before. (Somehow stiff and smooth at the same time) Can I expect the same spirit to echo through in these?
Answer from jbo
Hi Shaun, good taste! The Gara race ski uses the same 14-layer construction as the Magico.2 so it will have the same feel. Obviously, it's much smaller and geared towards racing. At your size, you definitely want the 70 flex. I think I would go with the 169 to get a bit closer to your natural ski length, but the 162 is doable if you really wanted to optimize for uphill.
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Dr. Bob Arnot (downright abused product)
Most fabulous ski race ski yet. Just spent a week skinning up the relatively flat Vail pass this week from Copper Mountain. Skiis like a Nordic classic race ski with long beautiful glides. Back in Stowe this weekend, also found it a superb down hill ski with early tip engagement and fantastic high angles for dynamic GS turns. Genious. You'll never want to ski anything else!
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Question from Mattia
HI! I'm a decent skier trying to find the best setup for my first skimo races.
I'm 1m85cm tall and weight 80kg (6'1", 176 lbs), should I buy the 169cm version of this ski or the 162?
Thanks a lot!
Answer from Zak M
Hey Mattia, if you intend to just be using the skis for purely racing and training the 162cm should be just fine. If you wanted to use the skis for more objective-oriented pursuits then the 169cm might be a bit more beneficial with the extra length.
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Question from Aidan
Hi skimo co. I am going to put together a race set up for next season. I am 99% sure this is the ski I want because I love my magicos so much. I am 5’11” 155 lbs. would you recommend the 60 or 70 flex?
Answer from Jeremy L
Hi Aidan, thanks for reaching out. The 60 flex would definitely be suited for someone with your height and weight. The 70 is better for larger or very hard-charging racers.
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Question from Nick
Do these tails have the thinner attivo tail clip attachment or none at all? I always dread the skin getting iced out and falling off without a tail clip to keep it snug. Thanks
Answer from jbo
Hi Nick, you can make a skin to fit in the tail notch, but no race skins would come with that. Racers will have two pair of skins and often add some glue to the tails.
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Andrew R (used product regularly)
This is a great ski. A phenomenal race ski that handles basically anything that you throw at it. The newer version has some small tweaks and both versions ski very well. I have a slight personal preference to the older version but both are very good. One of the best race skis on the market.
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