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As the replacement to the ever-popular Backland 107 W, the Backland FR 108 W from Atomic keeps the same hard skiing performance people have come to enjoy but with a more playful twist. Featuring deeper rocker lines than its forbear, the Backland FR 108 easily slashes through powder and allows you to shut things down on a moment's notice, which is sure to come in handy during "brushy" and tight exits. In conjunction with its wider waist width, the beveled tip and generous rocker profile will provide ample flotation on even the deepest and dreamiest powder days. With an emphasis on carbon reduction, Atomic now uses more wood and less resin, metal, and fiberglass, which cuts down on the ski's carbon footprint without diminishing the damp feel definitive of the Backland series. Finally, the Dura Cap Sidewall helps protect the integrity of the edges against rock strikes while helping with confident edging in firm conditions. Equally at home making high-speed turns through a chute as it is searching for side hits on the out track, the Backland FR 108 W is an excellent option for most skiers.

  • HRZN 3D Backland tip helps reduce swing weight for easier turn initiation.
  • Ultra Light Wood Core features a blend of Poplar and Caruba wood for durability and weight savings.
  • Dura Cap Sidewall bodes well for durability and helps with edge bite in firm conditions.
  • Powder Rocker helps with maneuverability and flotation in deep and dreamy snow.
Lengths (cm) 158, 167, 176
convert to ounces
1460g [167]
Weight (pair) 2920g [167]
Sidecut   130.5-108-119.5 [158]
132-108.5-121 [167]
133.5-109-122.5 [176]
Turn Radius   14.5m [158]
16m [167]
17.5m [176]
Skin Fix   Square tip & flat tails
Specs Verified
Profile   Powder rocker 25/55/20
Shape   Wide shovel w/ medium radius & tapered tail
Construction   Dura Cap Sidewall
Core   Poplar and Caruba core with fiberglass laminates
Skimo Co Says
Usage Lapping untouched powder fields
Notes HRZN 3D Tip provides greater surface area at a minimal weight
Bottom Line Friendly powder ski

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Model: Backland 108

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