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Following in the footsteps of the Backland 107, the Backland FR 109 from Atomic is designed for powder, yet, it has notable differences from its predecessor. While the Backland 107 had a distinctly "locked in" personality, the deep rocker lines and shape of the FR 109 give it a more playful and maneuverable personality. Ever conscious of the climate problems we are facing, Atomic utilized more wood and less fiberglass, resin, and metal, helping reduce the ski's carbon footprint while providing a damp and stable ride. To assist with flotation on the deepest and dreamiest days, Atomic paired the FR 109 with a beveled HRZN 3D tip and generous powder rocker, ensuring you can slash and play in fields of powder till your heart is content. Finally, the Ultra Light Woodcore keeps the weight manageable while the hardwood mounting plate ensures your bindings stay securely fastened to your ski. Equally at home playing in fields of powder, searching for side hits on an out track, or straight-lining down a far our apron, the Backland FR 109 is a versatile and fun companion to bring along for soft snow adventures.

  • Full-length Dura Cap Sidewalls transfer power to the edges and resist use and abuse.
  • HRZN 3D Backland tip lowers the swing weight for easier turn initiation while providing excellent float in powder.
  • The Ultra Light Woodcore finds a compelling blend of performance, weight, and durability.
  • More eco-friendly construction and production than previous Backland skis.
  • Powder Rocker helps keep the ski maneuverable while providing floatation in powder.
  • FreeTour profile finds an ideal balance between stability and weight.
Lengths (cm) 176, 184, 189
convert to ounces
1540g [184]
Weight (pair) 3080g [184]
Sidecut   133.5-109-122.5 [176]
135-109.5-124 [184]
136-110-125 [189]
Turn Radius   17.5m [176]
19m [184]
20m [189]
Skin Fix   Square tip and rounded tail
Specs Verified
Profile   Atomic Powder Rocker (25/55/20)
Shape   Directional
Construction   Poplar and Caruba core with fiberglass laminates
Core   Ultra Light Woodcore
Skimo Co Says
Usage Powder skiing and "not-so-powder" skiing
Notes Beveled tip increases flotation while reducing swing weight
Bottom Line Maneuverable ski that excels everywhere

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Model: BACKLAND 109

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