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Calling all hardcore, powder-addicted lady shredders, the ski of your dreams is here! The Atomic Backland 107 Women's ski packs all the punch of the men’s version in a shorter (and dare I say prettier) package for those of us that aren’t nearing 6 feet tall. This ski has the same Ultra Power Woodcore construction to give you all the stomping prowess and straight-lining stability a woman could ask for, and the same HRZN tip design that will keep you floating in even the deepest of fresh snow. Though these skis love to go fast with a stiff tail to keep you stable at mach speeds, they still have enough play and bounce that you may just find yourself whooping with joy as you pop some pillows and slash through the trees with ease and grace. They have a full sidewall construction so don’t be afraid of sharks or ice, these bad ladies can handle anything you throw at them! This ski has the power to plow through all kinds of crud and has the rocker profile and width underfoot to sail through powder like an eagle on the wind. Despite all this power and play, the Backland 107 Women’s is just light enough that you won’t feel slow and heavy on the skin track, making it a great ski to take out to those far off spines you’ve been looking at longingly all year. Grab yourself a pair of Backland 107 Women's skis, drop in and show the boys how it’s done out there!

  • HRZN Tech tip shaping increases flotation in soft snow, and decreases turn deflection in variable conditions.
  • Carbon backbone with Karuba wood provides the right balance of stiffness and responsiveness.
  • Atomic's Powder Rocker profile yields good maneuverability in powder and crud alike.
  • Full sidewall construction makes for a durable ski with solid edge hold.

Update 2021/22: The 107W gets new topsheet graphics, otherwise remains the same.

Update 2022/23: Same great ski with a different topsheet.

Update 2023/24: New graphic on top of the same reliable ski.

Lengths (cm) 159, 167, 175
convert to ounces
1340g [159]
1375g [167]
1520g [175]
Weight (pair) 2680g [159]
2750g [167]
3040g [175]
Dimensions   134-108-121 [159]
135-108-122 [167]
136-107-123 [175]
Turn Radius   14.2m [159]
15.8m [167]
17.5m [175]
Skin Fix   Round tip, roundish tail with rubber protector
Specs Verified Yes
Profile   Rockered tip and tail, light camber underfoot
Shape   HRZN Tech tip, medium radius, rounded tail
Construction   HRZN Tech, Carbon Backbone with Ultra Power woodcore
Core   Carbon fiber and Karuba wood
Skimo Co Says
Usage Freeride touring in powder and busting crud
Notes Supportive tail for stabilization at higher speeds
Bottom Line Powder charger made for going fast in deep snow
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Questions & Reviews

Question from Erin B
Can you verify the weight of the 159cm ski? Thanks!
Answer from Ian C
Hi Erin, apologies that we forgot to upload the specs at that length! I just took an average of the pairs we do have at 1340g (now reflected in the table above).
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Beth (used product regularly)
These delightfully incisive planks have made me incredibly happy this winter. I'm finding them wide enough for deep powder, stiff enough to ski boldly, and lightweight enough to pleasantly surprise on the up track. I feel like I'm getting the performance of a heavier cruiser ski without the weight. Glad I indulged in the fatter size; it doesn't feel fat on the skinner, just on the down. It's performed well in soft and windboard conditions thus far, and we'll see what happens as I venture into more chop and mank. Multiple friends have bought a pair of Backlands after seeing how mine ski and how light they are.
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Model: Backland 107 Women's

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