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Atomic Backland Tongues

Brand: Atomic
Model: Quick Click
Shipping: Free over $50*
Availability: In Stock
Price: $39.95
* Tongue:
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The Atomic Quick-Click tongue system allows you to transform your Backland boots from excellent up-hillers to excellent down-hillers. Or you can get a compromise tongue to handle a little of each. Choose from the options below, which are interchangeable amongst all the Backland models. The tongues are divided into groups of two shell sizes, e.g. one tongue will work from size 26-27.

Stiff Orange – The performance tongues found in the Backland Carbon boot

Soft Black – The soft flexing touring tongues that ship with the Backland Carbon Light.

Question from Tom
Any chance you will be getting the soft black tongue in size 28?
Answer from jbo
Hi Tom, we should have these within the next 7-10 days.
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Question from Marcus
Will skimo get any more 29.5 soft black tongues in stock this season? If so, when? Thanks.
Answer from jbo
Hi Marcus, we should have these within the next 7-10 days.
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Question from Marcus
Are the backland tongues sold as pairs? If so, is it possible to buy a single tongue? I bought a pair of backlands from a store and they came with one stiff Orange and one flexible black tongue. Ideally I would like to order one of each.
Thanks. Marcus
Answer from Trace Leches
Oh boy. Yeah, they come as pairs. I'm assuming you have already but I'd try talking with the store you purchased them from.
Answer from Craig M
Hey Marcus! I bought a pair used with only 1 orange tongue. If you still have a spare orange tongue I would possibly buy it off of you or sell it to you. Where you at?
Answer from Craig M
It's the left side one.
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