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Blizzard talked Pomoca into making a specially formulated nap for their precut skins. Called Velvet, the unique mix of fibers is harvested from mostly or completely dead animals and/or plants. Hard to say for sure, but something was probably alive at some point or at least considered organic. It was probably orange whatever it was. Or maybe the fibers were dyed with something inspired by Yellow No. 6, the only orange shade approved by the FDA. We do know the glue is Pomoca’s best, and thus some of the best on the market. The membrane between the two is light, strong, and waterproof; also Pomoca’s finest. As is the simple tip and tail clips that work great with the Zero G skis. Did we mention they work with Blizzard Zero G skis? Yep, out of the box.

  • Velvet is a unique Pomoca formula that is uniquely unique and orange.
  • Safer Skin Light membrane is the best way to attach fur to skis in Switzerland.
  • Standard Pomoca glue is reliable yet not too tacky so you can pull skins apart.
  • Custom metal clips fit securely on the slightly recessed tips of Blizzard backcountry skis.
  • Adjustable tail clips fit into the notches Blizzard designed for said adjustable tail clips.
  • Universal skins are 125mm wide with a tail kit: you can fit any ski by attaching the tails and trimming.
  • Precut versions with tails attached are available for all sizes of Zero G 85, 95, and 105 skis.

Update 2020/21: Blizzard updated the tip attachments to be custom metal clips that seat in the slight recess at the tips of newer Zero G skis; the plush is the same and the tail attachments are still the standard Pomoca rubber straps. The updated version doesn't work as well with pre-2019/20 skis that don't have the tip recess.

Update 2021/22: Blizzard has changed the tip buckle on the Universal-length skins to a standard Pomoca tip buckle to be able to work on all ski tips. Now you can use the fast Blizzard orange skins on any ski! The precut 85/95/105 skins still use the metal clasp introduced in 2020/21.

Questions & Reviews

Question from Ethan
I am looking to get the Blizzard Zero G 85 Ski in White, 171cm. By the looks of it, the blizzard pre-cut skins are not available in this size, but it says in the description that they come for all sizes. Is this something that is just temporarily out of stock or am I reading it wrong? Let me know what I should do. Thanks!
Answer from Jeff
Hi Ethan!! We ran out, we evidently have more skis then skins. We do have the Movement Alp Tracks 85 in a 169cm that matches up perfectly. The tail has more then enough room to handle the 2cm length difference. You can find it here Movement Alp Tracks skins.
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Question from Andrew P
I generally really like the way these skins perform but I'm having issues with the glue. The skins are in their second season and the glue is gummy and comes off on my skis, even with freshly waxed bases. The glue still seems to stick pretty well, so far, but it's globbing together on the skins. Admittedly, it has dirt and @$#&%!# pollen stuck in it that probably exacerbates the issue. I've tried covering the glue surface with parchment paper and ironing on a low/medium setting and may try that again.

Is this an issue with Pomoca glue or just glue in general? Anything else I should try short of a full re-glue?
Answer from jbo
Hi Andrew, dang pollen! It sounds like maybe your glue has "gone off". That can happen with exposure to excess heat or sunlight. The iron trick might work, though you may need a re-glue at this point.
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Question from Gregory W
Hi, the plastic nob that keeps the tail clip on the strap broke, and the tail clip slipped off one of my skins. Can you recommend an economical way to fix this problem?

Another note is that I have had difficulty fastening the skin tightly between tip and tail. Part of the problem is that the tail clip tends to slip down the synthetic strap, and part of the problem (I think) is that both the tip and tail attachments are rigid.

I could order a Pomoca back fix attachment system, but the whole back fix kit is pricey at $50 given that I just need one tail clip and a way to prevent the clip from sliding off. On the other hand, I could order the BD STS kit, but I am worried that the tail straps are too short (the tail straps on my Blizzard precut skins are quite long). The Voile system has long straps, but seems it wouldn't utilize my tail notches.

Can you possibly recommend a solution to my dilemma?

Other than these problems, the skin is excellent and glides well (and of course the skis are amazing)!
Answer from Jeff
Hi Gregory,

Thanks for the feedback. We will have to work with Blizzard on fetching those tail clips. Unfortunately that style has been discontinued by Pomoca. FYI, strap tension is not necessary as the glue is what holds the skins on. In fact, too much tension is counterproductive as it will pull the skin taut and tend to pull the glue away from the ski.
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Question from Zmoore
Looking for a skin to match for the zero g 85, looking at the pre cut ones or something like the bd ultralight. Do you have an opinion on which you'd recommend for Colorado touring at the resort mostly mid-winter, maybe a few races, and then bigger spring touring?
Answer from Trace Leches
Hey Zmoore! Either one would probably be sweet for that actually. These skins are going to be much faster than the Ultralight, so there's that, but they probably won't be quite as grippy on a super icy skin-track as the Ultralight either, so there's definitely a trade-off. I think that if you are in a race boot or a light touring boot that walks really well, this skin is going to be the better choice, but if you are in a burlier boot that has less range of motion then the Ultralight might be a better way to go.
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Peter S (used product regularly)
Easy gliding and fast. Seems comparable to race skins friction wise. Unfortunately traction is slightly reduced on steep and icy uphills compared to other skins that are less slippery. The glue is not very strong and they are easy to separate but I haven't had any problems with the skins adhesion to my skis.
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Question from Katie
Do these skins come with skin savers and/or a storage bag?
Answer from jbo
Hi Katie, they ship with some backing material that can be used for long term storage if cared for (not allowed to collect too much dirt). A bag is included as well.
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Question from Alex H
I want to double check what the actual Pocoma equivalent is. When I look on their website, the only orange nap is the 'Free', which is their least expensive offering. Also, came across this review of the Zero G ski where it references the skin being 100% nylon, which leads me to believe it is the 'Free' not the 'Race Pro' which is Mohair. Any way to confirm this? I have the Zero G 95 and am looking for light-ish skins - have a pair of BD Ascensions, but they are on the heavy side...and impossible to tear off with my ski on (too sticky).
Answer from jbo
Hi Alex, the color of the branded skins is not a good indicator of content (see blue Dynafits, e.g.). We were told by a Pomoca employee from Switzerland that the ZeroG skins are similar to the Race skins, which matches some vague statements from Blizzard. It's hard to confirm with inspection but the hairs are short like race skins. They don't seem nearly as fast when skinning though, which could be expected since these are full coverage skins for mid-fat skis versus the 59-62mm parallel cut skins used by most racers.
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Question from Bill
Hi, I just bought a pair of Zero G 85's (178) and need to get skins. What's the difference between these and the Pomoca Climb Pro Glide? Which would you recommend? Thanks.
Answer from jbo
Hi Bill, we're told Pomoca used a special Race-y formula for the Blizzard skins, so they will be a bit lighter and faster than the CPGs.
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Model: 85 S/L, 95 S/L

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