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Blizzard Precut Skins

Brand: Blizzard
Model: 85 S/L, 95 S/L
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Price: $179.95
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Blizzard talked Pomoca into making a specially formulated nap for their precut skins. Called Velvet, the unique mix of fibers is harvested from mostly or completely dead animals and/or plants. Hard to say for sure, but something was probably alive at some point or at least considered organic. It was probably orange whatever it was. Or maybe the fibers were dyed with something inspired by Yellow No. 6, the only orange shade approved by the FDA. We do know the glue is Pomoca’s best, and thus some of the best on the market. The membrane between the two is light, strong, and waterproof; also Pomoca’s finest. As is the simple tip and tail clips that work great with the Zero G skis. Did we mention they work with Blizzard Zero G skis? Yep, out of the box.

  • Velvet is a unique Pomoca formula that is uniquely unique and orange.
  • Safer Skin Light membrane is the best way to attach fur to skis in Switzerland.
  • Standard Pomoca glue is reliable yet not too tacky so you can pull skins apart.
  • Steel wire tip fits squarely on the rounded tips of Blizzard backcountry skis.
  • Adjustable tail loops fit into the notches designed for adjustable tail loops.
  • Available for all sizes of Zero G 85, 85 W, and 95 skis.
Question from Katie
Do these skins come with skin savers and/or a storage bag?
Answer from jbo
Hi Katie, they ship with some backing material that can be used for long term storage if cared for (not allowed to collect too much dirt). A bag is included as well.
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Question from Alex H
I want to double check what the actual Pocoma equivalent is. When I look on their website, the only orange nap is the 'Free', which is their least expensive offering. Also, came across this review of the Zero G ski where it references the skin being 100% nylon, which leads me to believe it is the 'Free' not the 'Race Pro' which is Mohair. Any way to confirm this? I have the Zero G 95 and am looking for light-ish skins - have a pair of BD Ascensions, but they are on the heavy side...and impossible to tear off with my ski on (too sticky).
Answer from jbo
Hi Alex, the color of the branded skins is not a good indicator of content (see blue Dynafits, e.g.). We were told by a Pomoca employee from Switzerland that the ZeroG skins are the same formula as the Race Pro, which matches some vague statements from Blizzard. It's hard to confirm with inspection but the hairs are short like race skins. They don't seem nearly as fast when skinning though, which could be expected since these are full coverage skins for mid-fat skis versus the 59-62mm parallel cut skins used by most racers.
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Question from Bill
Hi, I just bought a pair of Zero G 85's (178) and need to get skins. What's the difference between these and the Pomoca Climb Pro Glide? Which would you recommend? Thanks.
Answer from jbo
Hi Bill, we're told Pomoca used the Race Pro formula for the Blizzard skins, so they will be a bit lighter and faster than the CPGs.
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