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The Aero Lite Ice Screw from Blue Ice is a welcomed addition to any ski mountaineer's rack. Designed in the heart of Chamonix, these screws are some of the lightest ice screws on the market. A 13cm Aero Lite is significantly lighter than its Petzl Laser Speed Light counterpart. How is that possible? Both the shaft and hanger have been forged out of aluminum while the crank implements an innovative wire design. The tip, however, is a three-tooth design made from steel that allows for precise bite and placement. The Aero Lite Ice Screw from Blue Ice is best suited for ski mountaineers who need to shed grams on routes like the Grand Teton's Ford Stetner or Liberty Ridge on Mount Rainier.

  • Color coding corresponds to screw length.
  • Large outer diameter for secure placements.
  • Features a foldable stainless steel wire crank.
  • Positively textured grip on the crank allows for maximum crankage.
Lengths (cm) 10, 13, 16, 19, 22
convert to ounces
59g [10cm]
66g [13cm]
73g [16cm]
79g [19cm]
86g [22cm]
Specs Verified Yes
Materials   Aluminum w/ Stainless steel teeth
Skimo Co Says
Usage Ski mountaineering, mountaineering
Notes Lightest ice screws available
Bottom Line Ideal for lightweight ski mountaineering missions when every gram counts

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Questions & Reviews

thomc (used product regularly)
I have had this is rotation with some Petzl aluminum screws, BD Turbo Express steel screws, and a couple of DMM steel. I will admit my modest reveiw comes from two areas: aluminum screws are in my view best suited for glacier travel, and not fast firing in of gear on a taxing lead; Petzl Speed Light seems to have a better coating. I've used the Blue Ice steels, and they seem solid, but I'm not convinced that the knob is as durable as the BD or even the Petzl. That said no failures yet, but the wires seem more likely to the knob's wires popping out than other options. That stated, I much prefer it to the BD aluminum screw which is the worst driving of the lot. Still, my partner had enough sticking with this one that he thought he'd bottomed out when that was not the case. While I value a 2-3 aluminum screws in a rack of 10 or more for long pitches to save weight, and can see taking one or two for crevasse rescue, when you need to fire a lot of screws in fast over a 100 feet or more of steep ice, stick with steel.
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Question from Grant
Any updates on the reviews/durability of these screws? I'm curious how they will hold up and if the wire/knob/steel tip will break like I've seen some BD ultralight screws do.
Answer from Tristan M
Hi Grant,

We have yet to get a ton of feedback on these screws since they only have about one ice season under their belt. However, the incredible weight, wider diameter, and three tooth design certainly make them an appealing addition to one's ice rack!
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Question from gotnoname
Anyone tried these yet? Looks awesome but it also uses two wires for the gate/crank like Black diamond. And I hear with BD they're pretty weak and breaks easily
Answer from Tristan M
Hi Gotnoname!

These screws are new to the market as of this winter, so I have not had the opportunity to get them into ice. However, the three tooth design, weight, and screw diameter are all pretty exciting! Seeing as this is a new product, there is no use history to rely on for assessment of durability. That being said, the crank arm is made of steel, which should hold up to punishment.
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