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The Harfang Crampon from Blue Ice is one of the more innovative pointy accessories we've seen in recent memory. Featuring a three-part design, the Harfang is a highly packable crampon that rivals the likes of the Petzl Irvis Hybrid. With front points made from steel and the rest being made from aluminum, you're bound to notice the weight reduction AND increased security. Blue Ice has dropped the innovation hammer by implementing a flexible band that connects both the front and rear points. And let’s not forget about the middle points! Made as a separate component (22g each w/o ABS), users can adjust where the middle points of the crampons fit on their boots, allowing for ultimate customization. The Harfang Crampon from Blue Ice is perfect for those looking to get an exact, secure fit for those gnarly objectives.

  • Maximum precision with a micro adjuster on the heel lever.
  • Two mounting positions available on the steel wire toe bail.
  • Toe baskets included for boots without toe welts
  • TPU Active ABS which works to prevent snow build-up.
  • Textile strap creates an exact fit for multiple boots.
  • Toe bails can be swapped for Semi-auto toe bails.

convert to ounces
221g [w/ ABS]
199g [w/o ABS]
Weight (pair) 442g [w/ ABS]
398g [w/o ABS]
Points 10 (or 8 if you remove the middle bar)
Specs Verified Yes
Materials   UHMWPE and HTPE 40mm main strap, Chromoly steel toe, Aluminum secondary point and rear
Skimo Co Says
Usage Ski mountaineering, mountaineering, glacier travel
Notes Compactable due to its flexible strap
Bottom Line Lightweight and compactable crampon with a steel toe
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Questions & Reviews

Question from Talmage B
Just wondering what boots will fit on this crampon. I have a k2 mind bender lv 120 boot as well as some Scarpa F1's. Will it fit on both? Thanks!
Answer from Carlos M
Hi Talmage,

Yes, it should fit on both. I tried it on the F1 and it isn't perfect but the toe bail fits well enough that I'd use it. The Mindbender I can't officially confirm since we don't carry that boot, but I did try it on an Atomic Hawx 130 which is a gripwalk alpine-style boot and it fit perfectly!
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Question from Yuxuan C
I checked the Blueice website and it says "Sold with semi-automatic 'Toe basket', automatic 'Standard toe bail' and storing bag". Does this mean they can be used as auto and semi-auto crampons without extra purchases?
Answer from Niko M
Hi Yuxuan, that's correct. Parts for auto and semi-auto come with the crampon.
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Colin R (used product a few times)
These crampons are pretty rad! I picked them up for this season and have used them on some larger objectives, including Shasta. They worked perfectly and I really appreciated the small pack size + weight. In preparation for taking them out into the field, I fit them to my boots, soaked them in water, and then stretched them tight on my boots overnight to ensure the dyneema strap was ready for action. I'm not sure if this step was necessary, but it gave me some peace of mind while out on the mountain.

Only downside is the clasp/hook is annoyingly small, but it's secure once you get it threaded. Also if you're walking on rocks you'll definitely dull the rear points a bit, but the strap still looks totally fine even after climbing some really abrasive surfaces. Personally I feel more confident in the durability of the wide strap vs the cords of the Petzl version.

Overall really happy with this product. Packs down tiny, weighs nothing, and performs well when needed.
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Question from Sterling
Hey guys- can anyone comment on the center strap as it relates to staying taught? Have seen a few comments indicate this might slowly slip versus for instance the irvis hybrid being more locked in since it has a different securing mechanism.
Answer from Teddy Young
Hey Sterling, thankfully, we haven't heard of this being much of an issue! I'd say both the Petzl and the Blue Ice designs require a little intentionality and time for an initial "break-in".

You may notice the crampon get a little less snug during the first use or two, especially when the dyneema gets wet. While you can adjust length in the field, it could be nice to break them in at home: dip the dyneema in water, adjust the crampons quite snug, be sure to firmly pull all slack out the dyneema webbing tail, and leave them on the boots overnight.

Also, the Harfang has a micro-adjust in the heel lever that may be able to compensate for a small amount of length variation.
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Question from Kevin
What BSL range will these crampons fit? I have a large foot, 343 BSL and am wondering if this will fit. Thanks!
Answer from Tristan M
Hi Kevin,

We tested the Harfang on a Tecnica Zero G Tour Pro (BSL 343mm). That combo worked with some "center bar" to spare!
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Ben (used product regularly)
I believe these are the lightest crampons with a steel toe piece, and they are definitely the most packable. The small pack size on these is amazing. While the dyneema strap is easier to set up than the Petzl alternative, it does need to be monitored regularly to make sure it is staying tight. I wish that the leash had a buckle (a-la the Petzl Leopard) instead of a hook which can be difficult to attach with gloves on. I am happy these crampons exist and they have replaced my Petzl Leopards because they are more packable, more secure, and only 40g heavier. However, if I am doing anything where I am really counting on my crampons and don't want to think about them, I'm taking the Petzl Irvis Hybrid.
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Question from Eric S
Should I worry that the reason these are on sale at the moment is that a "better" version is coming out?
Answer from Will McD
Not at all, Eric. They are just discounted for the off-season, though we did just receive the full aluminum and full steel versions as well.
Answer from Eric S
Thanks! I placed an order.
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Question from Eric S
Hey guys:

I've had trouble finding a semi-auto crampon where the heel lever doesn't interfere with the somewhat bulky way the walk-to-ski lever is designed, on my daughter's Movement Explorer Jr. boots. I wonder if you could check this out, if you have some in stock?
Answer from jbo
Hi Eric, check out the Grivel reverso crampons for those boots. Standard heel bails just don't seem to work with that walk mech.
Answer from Eric S
Veery cool -- I had not seen these. I will check that out.
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Question from Grant
Any reviews on these guys? Wonder how they will hold up long term. Also, can you buy replacement parts for them at all?
Answer from Tristan M
Hi Grant,

We have not had any durability feedback on the Harfang as of yet, which is a good sign. We carry other skimo crampons that blend steel and aluminum components as well as a non-rigid center bar that can be used as a proxy.

If you find yourself waltzing around on moraine, the aluminum components will tire far more quickly than steel. As far as the UHMWPE and HTPE center bar is concerned, I have put a set of the Petzl Irvis Hybrid crampons through the wringer. They use a similar material (Dyneema) to join front and rear. They have held up well in anything from rock and ice to snow. I would expect the same out of the center bar used in the Harfang.

At this time, we do not stock any replacement Harfang parts. If you have further questions, feel free to reach out to!
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Question from Hock
I have two pair of go to boots … TLT 5 and PDG 2. Best superlight crampon setup that would work with both. Harfang or Petzl Irvis Hybrid.
Answer from Brett S
Thanks for reaching out, Hock. The PDG 2 has a speed nose, and can't be used with an automatic crampon. Because the Harfang only uses a wire bail (automatic), the Petzl Irvis Hybrid, which comes with both FlexLock and wire bail (automatic and semi-automatic), will be your only choice.
Answer from Ian C
Revisiting this may be a moot point as we are currently sold out of the Harfang, but as of 22-23 this crampon will come with an interchangeable toe basket so would be compatible with any boot that has a heel welt.
Answer from peterindc
Hi folks, I see you're back in stock. If I order today would I get the 22-23 version that comes with the interchangeable toe basket?

If I even need that to be able to use it both with a conventional AT ski boot, and with the Scarpa Charmoz HD Mountaineering Boot, which is listed as being compatible with semiautomatic crampons (
Answer from Will McD
Hey Peter, the version that we have does have the ability to switch out the toe bails and should work fine. Thanks
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