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You would think a shirt with holes in it is colder than a shirt without holes, but you would be wrong! Brynje's Super Thermo mesh base layer will keep you warm and dry while being extremely lightweight (holes weigh nothing!). The secret is in the polypropylene yarn which absorbs very little moisture and the mesh design which traps air (the best insulation) yet allows perspiration to pass through the garment in vapor form. Thanks to the thermostatic qualities of the mesh, you can wear this nifty baselayer year-round!

  • 100% Schoeller® Polycolon® synthetic yarn is knitted into a 3/8″ open weave mesh.
  • Mesh tops insulate best with a tight-fitting layer over top to trap the air.
  • Ideal for high intensity activities (in both cold and warm weather).
convert to ounces
144g [M]
Ventilation Mesh construction
Hood No
Pockets None
Waist Elastic
Cuffs Elastic
Specs Verified Yes
Fit Tight
Materials   100% Schoeller® Polycolon® synthetic yarn
Insulation Trapped air
Seams Flat
Lining N/A
Coating N/A
Skimo Co Says
Usage High intensity cold or warm weather activities
Notes Excellent body temperature regulation
Bottom Line Mesh design is surprisingly warm and unsurprisingly breathable
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Questions & Reviews

Tjaard B (used product regularly)
Absolutely the best base layer fabric by a mile. At least, for conditions where you can wear a second layer of some kind, on top.
It doesn’t really work well as a stand alone layer, due to a lack of wind and sun protection when worn by itself.

Let’s start with what took me so long to get one of these synthetic (polypropylene) versions:
I was afraid of polypro’s notorious stink.
It turns out that these do not suffer from that. I don’t know if it’s the mesh, or the fabric treatment or both, but I have worn this for 5 days straight of heavy sweating on an hut trip, and it was not gross. The same as my merino base layers would have been.

The fabric also feels nice and soft against the skin.

Now for performance:
This is so much better than any other baselayer (and I have tried a ton of different fabrics). Miles better.
It breathes (obviously) a million times better than any regular fabric.
It soaks up far less water than anything else (including merino fishnet).
When you are soaking wet, it doesn’t feel cold and clammy, sticking to your skin
It dries way, way faster than any other fabric.
It ventilates much better than any non fishnet fabric.

So, for me, I can wear this under a thin shell, with good vents. When I start to get hot, I open zippers or push up sleeves, and dump a lot of heat because of the net structure. When I get cold, I do the reverse and the fishnet provides a reasonable amount of warmth. (Similar to other lightweight base layers when those are dry).

The big benefit is for times when you can not vent enough:
I spent a day skiing lift served on the Gemstock in Switzerland. 5000’ vertical laps. I wanted to keep my shells fully zipped up for when I’d fall. The sun and warm temps, on the lower half of the mountain, combined with hard work skiing the heavy snow, made me sweat like crazy. Then, we’d have 30-45 minutes of standing around and riding the trams to the top.
Getting off the tram at the top it was a lot colder, we were in a cloud, and windy. Despite being absolutely drenched in sweat at the bottom, I was merely cool at the top.
The same goes for sweating under a backpack. Take it off, wait a few minutes, and it would be fine.

Now for the not so good: the garment design:

The fishnet is great, so why do they insist on big knitted cuffs?
Those are some of the sweatiest, hardest to dry parts of a shirt. A simple edge binding like on the bottom hem would be great there.
Similarly, why does the women’s top have a solid panel in the front, and the bottoms have solid panels in the crotch?
They call it “modesty panels” but everyone I know wears underpants, and women a (sports)bra, underneath their base layers, so those areas are already not see-through, and could really benefit from the breathability of the fishnet.

Finally there is the fit.
The shirts run VERY long in the torso. Better too long than too short, but certainly the front hem could be a bit shorter.
The fit is a bit baggier than most fitted base layers. If ever there was a base layer that would benefit from a skintight fit, this would be it.
The sleeves are too short (at least on the XL’s I have). They are shorter than any other XL and the same or shorter than many L’s I have.
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Question from Mark
Need the blue shirt, with shoulder overlays, in a 2XL. But your sizing stops at Large (for small teens). Do you offer adult sizes?
Answer from Carlos M
Hi Mark,

These are adult sizes! We have had up to an XL in the Navy colorway, but do not have any currently. We have never carried 2XL in either style, unfortunately.
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Question from Tjaard B
Will you get them in white? I although it will never be a “normal” look without a layer over top, I think the white at least won’t be as glaringly “Marilyn Manson” on my past white flesh.
Answer from Emmett I

We won't have the white color any time in the near future.
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Question from Gil
I usually wear an XL shirt; but, It’s is loosely fitted. Should I order the large so it will fit snugly?
Answer from Brett S
Hey Gill, if XL is your typical size in all layers, it may be worth sticking with an XL. If you wear a size large in more "fitted styles," it may be worth giving the large a chance!
Answer from Tjaard B
The length is fairly normal for the sleeves, the torso runs quite long, and the circumference of torso and arms is very tight, but quit stretchy, so I would keep your normal size, which ever you need bigger: circumference or length.
Answer from Tjaard B
I take it back. They are looser around the toros and arms than most skin tight base layers.
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Aaron O (used product a few times)
This is when you know you have too many base layers but I have to admit, this thing rules. I have not used it in a race context yet (only intervals in training) but this paired with a race/speed top is pretty ultimate for anything where you are engaging in high output. When you pull it out of the box it does not look like it will be comfortable at all, like at all, and there is this weird nipple thing but just ignore all that crap because this thing delivers when used a prescribed - keeps you warm for the way down and cool for the hard work. Really great base layer.
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Model: Super Thermo LS Shirt with Inlay

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