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CAMP Soft Flask + Holder


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If you’ve made the switch to squeezable fuel, you’ve probably found that rigid bottle holders just won’t do. As the soft flask decreases in size as you drink, the fit becomes sloppy and the flask falls out when you bend over. The CAMP Soft Flask holder, however, lovingly cradles your water, gel-water, or water-gel. The stretchable mesh holder attaches to your shoulder strap and keeps your soft flask in place. Simply bend your neck and suck. A good squeeze can help if you're struggling for breath because your friend has lighter gear. Also included is a 600ml CAMP Soft flask with a removeable straw. A perfect hydration solution for any ski touring pack.

Various soft flasks are also available separately.

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Questions & Reviews

Question from clarkboulder
In previous uses of the CAMP bottles with straws (still sold) I found that as I ascended the mtn the change in air pressure forced water out the straw and down my body. Not ideal in any season much less winter skimo. Do these straws with soft flasks do the same?
Also, no matter what I try, freezing is still an issue with the various bite values. what solutions are people coming up with?
Answer from Zak M
Hey Clarkboulder, I would recommend just clearing the straw from the water after each time you drink from it to reduce the chance of it freezing. Unfortunately, the nature of most bottle/soft flasks with external parts is the fact that they can freeze fairly easily. Usually just keeping the bite valve in your mouth for a bit will unfreeze that component, but if it is super cold you may need to store the flask near your body to keep the whole thing from freezing.
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Question from Chris Walker
How does this holder attach to a shoulder strap?
Answer from Cole P
Hey Chris, great question. There are two velcro straps on the back, one vertical and one horizontal that will attach to the shoulder straps.
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