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Using the same multi-layer glue found in the Hybrid Mix skins, the Pure version offers the premium glide of 100% mohair. Contour is an Austrian company known as the mohair experts, so these are built with some of the finest fibers and weave in the industry. Now attached to your skis with the reliable-yet-manageable Hybrid glue formula, the skins will be hard to beat. The kits are available in several lengths* and come with square tip brackets and simple adjustable tail clips installed. The Contour Hybrid Mohair skins could be the new standard in backcountry travel.

  • Hybrid technology offers the adhesion of glue with the manageability of silicon.
  • 100% pure mohair formula is optimized for speed, but still can grip the snow.
  • Multi-layer glue is easy to pull apart and can be washed to refresh the tack.
  • Vario front clips ship with square brackets but can adapt to other fixing systems.
  • Simple adjustable tail clips are reliable and fit on skis with flat or round tails.
  • Mesh skin savers are included to help preserve the glue for long-term storage.
  • Offset trimmer means you don't have to reposition the skin between edge trims.
  • Also included is a handy carry bag to keep your skins tidy and gunk-free.

* Please note the kits labeled Universal (without a length range) come without the tips attached so you can cut them to any length.

Update 2020/21: Contour designed a new tip and tail attachment to better prevent snow-creep. Also, the skin backing is now cut lengthwise to make trimming easier: peel off the central strip of foil while leaving it on the edges to make for a smoother and neater cut. Finally, a new offset hybrid cutter is a big improvement over the letter opener.

Weight per skin (with backing) 316g [115mm x 169-176]

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Questions & Reviews

Question from David S
Can you comment on how these skins should be stored longterm? The instructions say that a cheat sheet is not needed however one of the comments here says the glue stuck to itself and pulled off the backing when stored over the summer and to use a separator (which is not provided).
Answer from David S
Found this answer from Contour: Sorry for that experience. Let me ask you if the newer pair already has a black back? With early versions delamination would always occur if skins are stored glued together without 'cheat sheet' in contrast to the instructions. After changing a few parameters in the lamination process, it is now possible to store them glued together without any problems. If delaminations occur in a newer version it's no longer a principal issue but a defect in the application of the hybrid glue, most probably caused by trapped air. This will not really harm the performance but is still treated as a warranty issue.
Bubbles in the glue of course are meant to be sorted out during production but some continue to end up at retail. So please follow up on that, thanks. Werner
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Russell Scott (used product regularly)
Follow up on my review from March 2022: The Contour Hybrid Mix skin is equal to the Hybrid Mohair is all the GOOD ways and essentially does NOT fray along the edges. Thanks CAMP for the warranty service! Summer storage warning!! : Use thin smooth separator between glued surfaces of skin. Adhesive MAY adhere to itself and pull loose from backing even when stored in cool area!
STILL the World Champion of adhesion to the ski and not to itself! YAY!
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Question from adam
for a black crows nocta 177cm, 122 underfoot what is the smallest skin you would recommend? I need a new carpet as the pink pomocas are leaving too much glue on the skis
Answer from jbo
Hi Adam, the Pomoca glue can be quite heat/UV sensitive. For those skis, I would get the 135mm x Universal. The 169-176 should just reach, or the 177-184 will have a nice long tail for easy grabbing, but the Universal will let you dial in the length precisely (with a bit of extra work attaching the tips).
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Question from Randy
Hi, should I buy the XL size (177-184 x 115) for my DPS 112x175 Wailer skis?
Also are these skins the most recent version and 100% mohair?
Answer from Tristan M
Hi Randy, for your 175cm Wailer 112s, I would go with the 135mm x 169-176cm dimension skins.
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Question from Heiko K
Are the Mohair skins more prone to getting soaked and wet in warm conditions, in comparison to the mohair/nylon mix version?
Answer from Lrow
Hi Michael,

In general, mohair is less durable than nylon so it will soak up more moisture by default but this can easily be combated for longevity of the skins too by not skinning up any wet spring skiing trails. The mix skins are great for those on the fence about full mohair!
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Jordan D (downright abused product)
Had these for two seasons (120ish days).

Best ever glue, how the heck does that work?! I loved freaking out partners with my mega fast transitions

But, they're thicker and less durable than a Pomoca. Holding one in each hand the packability and quality was immediately obvious to me. I didn't weigh them, but I very much suspect the Contours to be heavier.

They did fail completely on me after a long, sloppy day. My Pomocas have never failed in those conditions
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Russell Scott (used product regularly)
Easy to trim & attach tip loop. Good climb & glide. POOR in quality because the backing material frays terribly in use. After two weeks of regular use I filed a warranty claim with CAMP, the distributor. CAMP is very prompt and generous with valid products defects. CAMP is replacing the skins, so I will update the review after using the replacement product. Also, I am trying the Hybrid Mix model to determine if it has the same problem. Caveat Emptor!
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Question from Scott
Couple quick Q's: Could you get away with the 161-168 length skin for a 171cm ski length (Voile objective)? I've got 169-176 Hybrid Mix's that fit great but the tail seems plenty long so maybe possible to size down?

Also, would you warn against switching to pure mohair instead of the Mix for PNW, often springy snow? I'm intrigued by the glide possibilities of the Pure and think I can manage grip tradeoffs, but I'm just held up on the idea of them wetting out and running into glue issues in the field and/or icing and glopping more, which also could be managed I suppose. Idk, just curious if you think full mohair is worth the trade offs or would recommend just sticking with the Mix which seems to glide just fine...
Answer from Ian C
Hi Scott, I would stick with the 169-176cm as the tail strap on the shorter length may not be able to fit your 171cm skis.

Regarding the full mohair vs. mix question, I do find the Contour mohair plenty grippy while providing a substantial boost in glide over the mix! However, the hybrid glue can be more finicky in warm and/or wet conditions. You could try Contour's Guide mohair skins with the traditional glue formula.
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Question from Todd
I have a pair of 185 Voile Superchargers (143/108/126). What size skins would you recommend? Thanks for your help.
Answer from eric
Todd- For full coverage we would recommend the 135mm width. I would still get the 185-195 for length.
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Question from Jordan
What's the weight difference between the hybrid pure and hybrid mix?
Answer from Julieana
Hey Jordan,
After weighing a few different pairs I would say the weight difference is minuscule, but the hybrid mix is actually a little lighter by about 10 grams.
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Question from Mol
I purchased these in February from you. Right away I noticed a very strong chemical smell that I’ve never smelled with skins before (even my previous Contours with the white glue area).

I notice the glue is stickier than my older Contours and it seems like a good change. The chemical smell is concerning though. I’ve left them to off gas in my garage but still smell it.

I figure Europeans are more aware of bad chemicals than us!
Thanks for your time and input.
Answer from Brett S
Thanks for your input, Mol. These admittedly are some of the more potent smelling skins straight from the box, they do stop stinking after a few uses. Hang in there they are worth it!
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Question from Becky
Would you recommend the 115mm x 145-152 for a 151cm ski with profile 131-94-117?
Answer from Jeremy L
Becky, I think you are spot on with that choice.
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Adam L (used product regularly)
Contour upped the game with these. The hybrid glue makes transitions super easy, and I’ve put in multiple 10K days without them beginning to fail. I’ve heard some people have trouble with them, but I think the key is to keep the skins and your skis clean. As long as you do that, these are sweet. For those worried about full Mohair, I haven’t had any issues gripping and the glide is great on these.
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Ben (used product regularly)
These are my new favorite skins, excellent glide, good grip and the glue is amazing. Once you go full mohair you don't go back. What sets these skins apart is the amazing glue. I've used G3. Black Diamond and Pomoca before this and I'm kicking myself for not trying Contour earlier. G3 and Black Diamond are too sticky, hard to pull apart and remove from the ski. Pomoca is an improvement and I didn't have any complains until I tried the Contour hybrid glue, which uses some kind of magic to stick well to the skis but will separate and rip of the skis with incredible ease. I have used them for 25 days so far this season and they still work perfectly and I haven't had to clean the glue yet.
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Question from Mol
Hi There,
Which width do you recommend for a 165 cm Voile hyper V8 please? 134-107-117

Answer from Tim
Hi Mol,
I would go with the 115mm. That will be just about perfect for full coverage on the tail width and cover most everything near the tip. With the 135mm you would end up cutting away most of that extra skin anyway.
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Question from Becca
Hi Zak, yes sorry not great wording on my part. Which length of skins would you recommend. Splitting hairs with the length on these...
Answer from Zak M
Hey Becca, the 135mmx177-184cm is the way to go!
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Question from Becca
Hey guys, I have a pair of the dps yvette 112's in a 178. Recommended skin size? I know probably the wider option but it's kind of right on the split between lengths.... Thanks!!
Answer from Zak M
Hey Becca, you would definitely want to go with the wider option. The 115mm width just wouldn't set you up for success for the wider tail dimension that the Yvette has, but as you mentioned you just wouldn't have that much wiggle room for the length.
Answer from jbo
Hi Becca, the 177-184 is the way to go on those. You might be able to get the next shorter one to work but it would take some fussing with the tips.
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