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After a seasons’ worth of long days in the backcountry traversing high peaks covered in mostly snow, but also dotted by dirt, pine needles, moose scat, tree bark, and any manner of organic (or otherwise) refuse, your skins are tired. Let's face it, your skins have been very kind to you, and you've literally dragged them through all kinds of not-snow contaminants. It's no wonder they're flopping along behind you in the spring slush, unclipped and no longer stuck to your skis where they're supposed to be. Show your Contour Hybrid skins some love and try the Cleaning Wipe. With a quick wipe (or a rigorous scrub, depending on your past level of complacency and disregard for the wellbeing of your skins), you can breathe new life into them, and get the glue as fresh as they day they came out of the box (or just better than it was before, which is good enough). Show your skins some love, because unlike your ex-girlfriend, they want to give you a second chance. Take it.

  • Special formula for in-field cleaning of Contour's Hybrid glue skins.
  • Wipes come in a pack of two, which means one wipe for each skin.
  • In the case that you've been extremely mean to your skins, maybe double up.
  • Made in Germany.

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Questions & Reviews

norm larson (used product regularly)
These things work! I think the Contour Hybrid skins are awesome. With these cleaning wipes you can renew the "stick" of the skins to like new or maybe even better. I use them once at the beginning of the season and then again after 50 days of use or so and the skins are like new. Amazing.
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Question from Noah
This is for wiping the glue side of the skin correct, in hopes that improves how well it sticks to your ski? Been having difficulty lately and hopefully just need this
Answer from Ian C
Hi Noah, that's correct but only for skins that use Contour's hybrid glue formula!
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Question from Jess
Hi! Will these work for the Völkl Blaze skins? Thanks so much.
Answer from Tristan M
Hi Jess,

These cleaning wipes will only work with skins that use Contour hybrid glue. Unfortunately, the Volkl Blaze skins do not use Contour hybrid glue.
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Question from Anna
Would these wipes work for the k2 backside skins ?
Answer from jbo
Hi Anna, these are for Hybrid glue only. They work with Contour Hybrid kits, Atomic Hybrid skins, Hagan Hybrid skins, etc.
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Question from Jeffrey C
Would these wipes work for the Atomic Hybrid skins?
Answer from Jeff
Jeffry, yes they will since those are the Contour Hybrid skins.
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