Dynafit Boot Parts

Dynafit has a long history of making quality boots so make sure you have a long history with your pair by using these replacement parts to keep 'em going.  We try to stock parts for DyNA, PDG, SpeedFit, TLT7, Vulcan, Hoji, and other models, but please note many parts have limited availability.  If you don't see 'em in a drop list, we are out of stock.

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Dynafit Boot Inserts
Dynafit invented tech fittings which revolutionized ski touring. Get your replacement fittings here. Well, the heel fittings since generally the toe fittings are not replaceable as they are molded into the boots. Boot Heel Inserts x2 - AKA Heel Tech Inserts, these are the bits of metal that allow alping touring ski boots to click into Dynafit and other pintech heels. Fits older ..
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Dynafit Power Straps
Need more power? Get new Power straps to replace those worn out ones. Or adapt Dynafit's neat Quick Release system to other boots. All straps are sold in left/right pairs. TLT6 Power Straps - These are hard to find, but if you are willing to use your imagination, you can make the 2 holes of the TLT7 powerstraps work with the single bolt hole of the TLT6. TLT7 Power Straps - A..
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Dynafit Buckles and Catches
Bust a buckle, ripped off on a tree stump, hopefully you will find it here. If you can't find it here, please check out our selection of new boots. PDG Cuff Buckle Set x2 - A set of cuff buckles for your Dynafit PDG. PDG Instep Catch x1 - The catch for the instep buckle on the first generation PDG. PDG Instep Buckle x1 - The instep buckle for the first generation PDG. ..
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Dynafit Tongues & Spoilers
Tongues and spoilers-- there's a joke in there somewhere, but we're going to do the mature thing and hold off on making it. New tongues for your old boots, or just replace the ones that fell out of your pack. All are sold in pairs. TLT6 Hard Tongue - Stiff tongues to beef up your TLT6 boots. Sized per shell size. TLT6 Spoiler Set - The rear spoiler that houses the forward lea..
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Dynafit Miscellaneous Boot Parts
This is where to find legacy Dynafit boot parts. A few odds and ends that we don't want to throw away in case you need them. ZZero 4 Ski/Walk Mechanism - Switches boot from ski to walk mode. Titan/Zeus/Gaia Soles - Replacement touring soles for Titan/Gaia/ZZeus boots. Not alpine soles. ..
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B&D Ultimate Cuff Pivot
Cuff pivot points are a typical wear point on alpine touring ski boots. Constant motion around the pivots causes friction that can slowly erode the surrounding material. This eventually leads to some play around the pivots, which can make skiing less precise. B&D Ski Gear has come through with a solution to this problem in the form of metal-on-metal pivots that are hardy enough..
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