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Dynafit Boot Parts

Brand: Dynafit
Model: Boot Parts
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Break a buckle or lose a tongue? Don’t run to the checkout with a new boot just yet; check here for spare parts first. This is our small but growing collection of Dynafit boot parts. Most everything is sold in pairs, one for each boot (unless specified as left or right).

Boot Heel Inserts - AKA Heel Tech Inserts, these are the bits of metal that allow boots to click into Dynafit and other pintech heels.

Beast Heel Inserts - AKA Power Inserts, the kit to retrofit a boot for use with the Dynafit Beast bindings. Includes metal bands and screws.

Master Step Heel Inserts - The latest Dynafit heel inserts that are secured with a bottom screw and have multiple stabiliizing prongs that penetrate deep into the plastic. Used on newer boots like the TLT7.

(11) PDG Cuff Buckle Set - Complete upper buckle & catch system for PDG boots; ski/walk mode.

(12) PDG Instep Buckle Cord - Cords that latch into the instep (lower) buckles on the PDGs.

(3) PDG Instep Catch - The white plastic catch mechanism for the lower PDG buckle.

(2) PDG Instep Buckle - The blue buckles that you probably broke off if you're looking here.

DyNA Evo Cuff Buckle Set - The upper buckles on the DyNA Evo boot, including cords and rivets.

DyNA Evo Cuff Cord - Kevlar cord used on the cuff buckles of Evo boots.

DyNA Evo Instep Cord - Instep velcro with kevlar cord found on the black Evo boots.

DyNA Evo Cuff Buckles - Upper cuff ladder buckle

(11/12) TLT6 Soft Tongue - The TLT6s only come with stiff black tongues now. If you’re thinking you’d like a little more flex, check out the green tongues. Sized per shell.

(11/12) TLT6 Hard Tongue- Replacement stiff black tongues for the TLT6s, men's and women's.

(2) TLT6 Mtn Cuff Buckle Set - Buckles, catches & cords for the TLT6 cuffs.

(2) TLT6 Cuff Buckle & Catch - Cuff buckles for the TLT6. Includes cord & catches. Choose left or right boots.

(3/4) TLT6 Mtn Instep Buckle Set - Lower TLT6 buckle replace set with catches and cords.

(9) TLT6 Spoiler Set - The black plastic rear spoiler mechanism. Spans two shell sizes and does not include the metal bracket.

(7) TLT6 Cuff Rivet Set - New rivets for TLT6P (Performance) or TLT6M (Mountain) boots. The former are yellow, the latter black. 4 rivets and washers included.

(1) TLT6P Power Strap - Removeable TLT6 Performance power straps come in 3 sizes, under 27, 27-28.5, and 29+.

TLT7 Buckle Set- Complete TLT7 replacement cuff and instep buckles with rivet kit.

Mercury Velcro Strap - Replacement power strap for the top of the boot. Please note for the 17/18 season these are shipping from the Women's Mercury Boot with a White/Pink Logo and Black Nylon strap.

Neo Spoiler - Inner spine that cuff locks into.

ZZero 4 Ski/Walk Mechanism - Switches boot from ski to walk mode.

ZZero 4 Tongue - Replacement piece that covers the top of your foot.

Titan/Zeus/Gaia Soles - Replacement touring soles for Titan/Gaia/ZZeus boots. Not alpine soles.

Question from Brennan David
Hi. I own a pair of 2010 Dynafit Titan ski boots and have lost the touring (tech) interchangeable toe & heel blocks. Might you have them?
Answer from Nate
Hi Brennan, we do have some left but they are only available in size 25/25.5. They are the second to last item listed in the drop down menu above.
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Question from Pierre L B

I need a replacement TLT6 Performance replacement instep Buckle set the lower one the buckle is black, would a Lower TLT6 MtN instep Buckle set work for the repair and do you have one in stock. The cable on the buckle is broken, any solution?

Thanks for your help

Pierre Bolduc
Answer from Trace Leches
Hey Pierre! Yes, that'd work just fine but unfortunately we are out of stock for the time being.
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Question from Eric
Hi I have a pair of Scarpa TX Pros. (the older orange and black model). they are missing the heel insert (tech insert) metal piece. I think the dynafit insert will fit, but not sure what to order on your site. Can you help me out?
Answer from Trace Leches
Hey Eric! You are correct, the Dynafit heel insert will work just fine! The Beast heel insert and Master-Step insert, however, will not as they attach a little bit differently.
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Question from Craig Pope
i’m looking for the velcro “power strap” for the TLT5’s...from what i read, only the buckles are available...is that true, or do you sell them??
Answer from Nate
Hi Craig, we do not have any of those available. We do have the TLT7 power straps which you could likely retrofit pretty easily, though they utilize a camlock style buckle instead of velcro.
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Question from Robert Prust
Do you have or can you get a pair of size 28 tongues for the Dynafit Vulcan ski boot?

Thank you.
Answer from jbo
Hi Robert, you may be in luck. I'm told we have some on the way with likely arrival early next week.
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Question from Guy
I’ve broken the R cuff buckle on my Dynafit Mercury boot. Does the Vulcan cuff buckle available here on Skimo work as a replacement?
Answer from jbo
Hi Guy, yes those are the same shell system.
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Question from Aaron
I need a replacement power strap for a tlt6. Do you have them (or will the tlt7 one fit?)
Answer from jbo
Hi Aaron, TLT6 straps are no longer available but you can make a 7 work. It may not be plug and play, however, so be prepared to put a hole or two in the strap.
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Question from brent
Hi, I've got some Dynafit Mercury's (27.5) with the old Velcro power strap. I'd like to replace those with the quick release power strap that I've seen on newer model Dynafits. Do you have a pair of those available?
Answer from jbo
Hi Brent, yes they are listed as TLT7 Power Straps in the drop list.
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Question from Neil Meier
I need a replacement stiff black tongues for the TLT6s men's boot. My boot size is a 265. Thanks!
Answer from Trace Leches
Hey Neil! Unfortunately Dynafit stopped producing those and as of now they're not available anywhere outside of the used market! I have heard of some people using different companies tongues in the boots, but it does require some modification.
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Question from Evgeny
Hello, I'm broken cable on my TLT7 Performance (left boot).
you have a repair kit, for solve this problem?
Answer from Nate
Hello Evgeny, you will have to send the boot in to Dynafit. They have special tooling to reinstall the cuff pivots that is necessary to complete this repair.
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