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Dynafit Hoji Free Spoiler


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Contrary to what the name implies, this boot accessory will not spoil your day-- in fact, it will probably make it better. For skiers who aren't satisfied with the 11 degree forward lean on the Hoji Pro Tour, Dynafit made an accessory just for you, the Hoji Free Spoiler. Bumping the forward lean up to 17 degrees gives you improved driving performance without having to upgrade to a heavier boot, giving you the best of both worlds.

  • The spoiler comes in two size ranges for Hoji boots between 22.5-26.5 and 27-30.5 mondo.
  • Compatible with the Hoji Free, Hoji Pro Tour, and Hoji PX.
  • NOT compatible with the Hoji PU men's or women's boot.

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Questions & Reviews

Question from Peter
Does anyone at SkimoCo have experience with installing and then skiing these in the Pro Tour boot? Would be really interesting to hear first hand info on the install process, and how it really changes the boot fit.
Answer from Tristan M
Hi Peter,

Thanks for reaching out! You will need to drill out the existing rivets on the strap. Then, you will need a rivet press to install the rivets that come with the Hoji Free Spoiler. On the Hoji Pro Tour Boot, it will increase the forward lean, in addition to taking up some volume in the calf.
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Question from Gaelen
How do you remove this spoiler from the boot? it seems to be riveted in and I don't really wanna drill those out and not have a way of putting it back in when I want to get aggressive?
Answer from Zak M
Hey Gaelen, you do have to drill out those rivets in order to remove the spoiler. Just not the most user friendly process, so best to choose your preferred forward lean angle and go from there!
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Question from Chris
Will these fit the Hoji Pro W (women's boot)?
Answer from Brett S
Thanks for your question, Chris! These will not fit the women's boot.
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Question from Mike
Are these sold as a set of 2 or are they sold individually?
Answer from Cole P
Hey Mike, they are sold as a pair.
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Question from Josh
I have the Hoji Pro Tour in a 27.5. Any idea if you will get more is these in that will fit my boot?
Answer from jbo
Hi Josh, yes we have more on the way and expect them in the next couple days.
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