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Bust a buckle? Maybe ripped off on a tree stump? Hopefully, you will find a new one here. If you can't find it here, please check out our selection of new boots.

DNA Cuff Cord x1 - Thin Dyneema cuff cord on the full-carbon DNA boots.

PDG Cuff Buckle Set x2 - A set of cuff buckles for your Dynafit PDG.

PDG Instep Catch x1 - The catch for the instep buckle on the first generation PDG.

PDG Instep Buckle x1 - The instep buckle for the first generation PDG.

PDG Ratchet Buckle x1 - The buckle that the ratchet strap feeds into on the first generation PDG.

PDG Ratchet Strap x1 - Ratchet strap replacement for PDG.

PDG 2 Instep Buckle x 1 - The instep buckle for the second generation PDG 2.

PDG 2 Instep Cord x2 - The cord that crosses your instep on the PDG 2 boots.

PDG 2 Cuff Buckle x1 - The buckle on the cuff of the PDG 2.

DyNA Evo Instep Strap x2 - Velcro Strap replacement for DyNA boots.

TLT6 Left Cuff Buckle & Catch - The cuff buckle and catch from the cuff of your left TLT6.

TLT6 Right Cuff Buckle & Catch - The cuff buckle and catch from the cuff of your right TLT6.

TLT7 Left Buckle Set - The complete buckle assembly for your entire left TLT7 boot.

TLT7 Right Buckle Set - The complete buckle assembly for your right TLT7 boot.

TLT Speedfit Left Instep Buckle x1 - An instep buckle for your left Dynafit TLT Speedfit.

TLT Speedfit Right Instep Buckle x1 - An instep buckle for your right Dynafit TLT Speedfit.

TLT Speedfit Left Cuff Buckle x1 - The cuff buckle for your left Dynafit TLT Speedfit.

TLT Speedfit Right Cuff Buckle x1 - The cuff buckle for your right Dynafit TLT Speedfit.

TLT8 Right Cuff Buckle - The cuff buckle for your right TLT8 - will work with ALL TLT8 models despite color.

TLT8 Left Cuff Buckle - The cuff buckle for your left TLT8 - will work with ALL TLT8 models despite color.

TLT8 Cuff Catch - The cuff catch for the ladder buckle for all TLT8 models.

TLT8 Instep Strap and Rachet - The ladder, "V" shaped cord and rivets for all TLT8 models.

TLT8 Carbonio Instep Buckle - The buckle that tightens the ladder across the instep including rivets. Will work with all TLT8 models, but color is specific to the TLT8 Carbonio.

Hoji Instep Strap x1 - Instep strap for you Hoji Free or Hoji Pro.

Hoji Instep Buckle x1 - Instep buckle for your Hoji Free or Hoji Pro.

Hoji Toe Buckle x1 - Toe buckle for your Hoji Free or Hoji Pro.

Hoji Cuff Buckle x1 - Cuff buckle for your Hoji Free or Hoji Pro.

Hoji Cuff Catch x1 - Cuff buckle catch for your Hoji Free or Hoji Pro.

Hoji Toe Catch - Toe catch for all Hoji models.

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Questions & Reviews

Question from Tim
I have a set of first gen pdgs, and the lower buckle is starting to show some wear. Which product is the correct replacement? Thanks

Answer from Teddy Young
Hey Tim, thanks for reaching out! Send us few more photos(both broken and intact) to and we'll see what we can find for you!
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Question from Dylan
I broke the left cuff buckle on my TLT 6s. Looks like you don't have that in stock, but the picture of the TLT Speedfit Left Cuff Buckle looks nearly identical. Do you think it would work?
Answer from Julieana
Hey Dylan, yes that speedfit cuff buckle should work just fine for your TLT6!
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Question from Mark
Hi Skimo! I see you have the TLT8 instep buckle in the drop down list, but I'm not seeing the TLT8 instep strap and rachet there.

I'm assuming I need the strap and rachet if my TLT8 carbonio has a broken cable that attaches medial side instep (correct?).

Is that part something you're out of temporarily or is it something that's gone for good?
Answer from Jeff
Hi Mark, We are out for now. That is the one you need and it comes in 3 sizes based on boot size. Can't say Dynafit has all parts this late in the season, but we will check for you.
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Question from Asier
hello. i have a problem with the inside sticker that protect the ankle from the main rivet in the middle of the boot.
The rivet has break the sticker, and my ankle is suffering the rivet metal.
have you get spare kit for this?
Answer from Tristan M
Hi Asier,

The best fix for that would be some Gorilla tape, which you can pick up at your local hardware store. Make sure to round the edges to prevent the tape from peeling off too quickly.
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Question from Ross
You have the instep buckle for TLT Speedfit listed but not the catch. Do you have the catches too? Or does the buckle include the catch?
Answer from Patrick C

Thanks for reaching out! The buckle does not come with the catch. That catch is not a part that we have carried. If you shoot us an email at we can look into sourcing that part for you!
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Question from Josh
The pictures for the DyNA Evo cuff catches as well as the Speedfit cuff and instep buckles look pretty similar to the parts on my Tlt6 mountain CR’s. Will these parts fit my boots? Tlt6 parts have gotten to be sorta few and far between these days.
Answer from Zak M
Hey Josh, those Speedfit cuffs and instep buckles should work just fine with your TLT6.
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Question from Ben
Do the Hoji cuff buckles come in different sizes? Can the cables be shortened at all? I have already drilled out the extra cuff hole and still need more tightening!
Answer from Brett S
Thanks for your question, Ben. To my knowledge, the buckles don't typically come in different sizes. There are a few steps you can try, though:

1. Make sure the micro-adjustment of the buckle is all the way tightened (right tightens, left loosens).
2. Put a thicker liner in. The Intuition Pro Tour is a stouter and shall we say, "girthier" option than the stock liner. It also offers the ability to buy thicker tongues for those of us with smaller calves.

Hope this helps!
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Question from Jared
Hi all,

Do you happen to have any more Dynafit Vulcan cuff buckles (or know where to find any?).


Answer from Cole P
Hey Jared, we do not have any of those in stock. I think your best bet would contact Dynafit directly.
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Question from Juan Gallego-Calderon

One of the cables from the buckle on my Dynafit Neo PX broke. I don't see this boot on your list, but I was wondering if any of the other parts you have would work?

Answer from Jeff
Juan, you did not specify which buckle. Please send us photos of the broken buckle to our help.
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Question from thomas h
My girlfriend has a pair of Dynafit Neo U CR Fiji Blue / Green 23.5. She needs the nut that goes on the back of the screw that holds the top buckle on. I have attached a picture of the buckle and the nut. Don't suppose you have any in stock or just laying around.

Answer from Jeff
Thomas, we do not have any for sale now. What we had was from a hardware store and not a close fit. Couldn't find any in our random parts.
Answer from thomas h
Ok, thank you. Do you have anything that you think will come close or would you suggest that I do the same and go to the hardware store and look around?
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Question from Greg
Hey there,

Do you still have the Vulcan cuff buckles?

Answer from Jeff
Greg, we have some on order and will be here any day.
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Question from Wendy
Just need one TLT 5 instep cord, any chance you have one? Thanks!
Answer from Jeff
Wendy, sorry, hasn't been available for quite some time.
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Question from Max Cohen
Hey there wondering if there’s a chance you will be getting more Vulcan buckles in? I wanted to order a extra full set for an upcoming trip but see that there is only the left cuff buckle in stock. Thanks
Answer from jbo
Hi Max, we do not expect any more in this season, sorry!
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Question from Dave
Hi, I'm looking for a replacement instep buckle for a Dyna Evo boot. I think the part number is 68446 1602. I'm not quite sure whether the Instep Strap you list above is what I'm looking for. Is it?! Thanks.
Answer from Jeff
Dave, sorry, that is not the buckle. We don't have it.
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Question from DrSkimo
I'm looking for a PDG Instep Buckle Cord for a 2014 model. They're durable but very easy to lose!
Answer from Teddy Young
We haven't been able to get that part from Dynafit for a little while now, so the current best repair for most folks is some small diameter accessory cord!
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Question from Zack Jessel
Looking for a right cuff buckle for a Mercury. Is the Vulcan buckle the best option that you have?
Answer from Nate
Hi Zack, I'm sorry to hear you're in need of a buckle. Historically, we have not seen a lot of success in interchanging the Vulcan buckles on other boots. In your case, I cannot say 100% that it will or will not work because we can't recall trying it specifically on a Mercury.
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Question from Jerry Johnson
any chance of finding a left hand instep buckle and cable for a tlt5?
Answer from Nate
Hi Jerry, TLT5 parts have achieved rare status and are moving toward priceless. We do not have any in stock, and haven't seen availability on most parts for some time now.
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Question from Pierre L B

I need a replacement TLT6 Performance replacement instep Buckle set the lower one the buckle is black, would a Lower TLT6 MtN instep Buckle set work for the repair and do you have one in stock. The cable on the buckle is broken, any solution?

Thanks for your help

Pierre Bolduc
Answer from Trace Leches
Hey Pierre! Yes, that'd work just fine but unfortunately we are out of stock for the time being.
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Question from Guy
I’ve broken the R cuff buckle on my Dynafit Mercury boot. Does the Vulcan cuff buckle available here on Skimo work as a replacement?
Answer from jbo
Hi Guy, yes those are the same shell system.
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Question from Evgeny
Hello, I'm broken cable on my TLT7 Performance (left boot).
you have a repair kit, for solve this problem?
Answer from Nate
Hello Evgeny, you will have to send the boot in to Dynafit. They have special tooling to reinstall the cuff pivots that is necessary to complete this repair.
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