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Dynafit Speed Vario 2.0 Pole


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"One ski pole to rule them all, one ski pole to find them, one ski pole to bring them to the summit, and in the deep snow, you'll not fall in..."

Isn't that how the quote from Lord of the Rings goes? Either way, if Dynafit had a retail dealer in Middle Earth, Sam and Frodo definitely would have taken the Speed Vario 2 pole with them on their trek to Mordor. Features like high density foam choke grips and ergonomic 2K hand grips make these poles the obvious choice for all those steep booters up the side of Mordor. Dynafit's updated pressure lock closure system holds the lower section of the pole right where you set it, no matter how many orcs you have to clock on your way to the steep and deep. Burly full carbon construction means that this pole is light and strong enough to fit the needs of skimo racers, hobbits on a cross country tour, and mountain guides alike. Guaranteed to be featured in the LOTR reboot, the Speed Vario 2 ski pole fits a wide range of needs, whether you're trekking to save Middle Earth or searching for the steep and deep.

  • Super comfortable EVA foam grip is comfortable enough to be used day in and day out, and a comfy foam 'choke' grip extends down for steeper terrain and general ease of use.
  • The updated Pressure Lock closure system, in tandem with 105-145cm of adjustable length, means that this pole fits folks (or hobbits) of any size with a quick lever flick-and-slide.
  • 2K Powder Basket is made of malleable and durable rubber that snow won't glop onto, and which flexes to match the angle of the slope.
  • Full carbon construction is light and stout enough to fit any mountain traveler, whether you're snowshoeing with the dog or setting FKT's in the big mountains.

Lengths (cm) 105-145cm
convert to ounces
Weight (pair) 434g
Sections 2
Grip 2K, EVA grip extension
Basket & Tip 2K powder basket
Specs Verified Yes
Materials   Carbon upper and lower
Skimo Co Says
Usage Speed touring
Notes Extended grip for choking up
Bottom Line Wicked light 2 piece pole
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Questions & Reviews

Question from jturns
Are the straps breakaway? I'd like that too.
Answer from Teddy Young
The straps are not designed to break away under load, but they are comfortable and low profile, with a sleek adjustment mechanism.
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Question from Phil
How do I take straps off this pole
Answer from Julieana
Hey Phil, these straps are not designed to come on and off. If you'd like to remove them permanently you can cut the strap and slide it out.
Answer from Michael M
I removed them successfully by using a hammer and very thin nail to punch out the small pin holding the strap into the shaft. There are two ends to the pin: one fatter and textured, the other thinner and smooth. If you can tell the difference, seating the nail punch on the thin side makes matters slightly easier - all you need to do is punch out ~3mm of the textured part of the pin and then it pulls out easily. if you pick the wrong side just yank out the pin w pliers . Seems it might be challenging to reinstall the straps (and prob impossible in the field), so best to be sure you don't want them (I've skied without pole straps for 25+yrs)...
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Logan D (downright abused product)
Solid, stiff, light and intuitive! Going on 3 years with a pair of these. I was warned that I might break them if I'm too hard on them but I have fallen on them, whacked all sorts of stuff (trees, rocks, others' poles for a 'high five' after a sweet run) and they are still going strong.

On steep terrain when the mohair starts to slip, you can dig in deep with these and they are stiff and solid. I have never had the locking mechanism slip on me, it clicks into place at fixed intervals and shows you how long they are. The straps are comfy and easy to adjust, on long tours when your hands get tired from gripping the poles, you can cinch them a little tighter on the wrist. The mechanism for keeping the strap in place is integrated into the pole handle so there's no plastic buckle to fumble with.
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