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Dynafit Carbonio 88 Ski


The Carbonio 88 is a limited edition speed touring ski with a stiff carbon construction. Available only at select dealers, the Carbonio series features micro sidewalls, flex tips, and a souped-up carbon layup that maximizes downhill performance. The skis are on the stiffer side, so better suited towards big or aggressive skiers. The 88mm-wide version of the Carbonio is the light-n-fast touring width, equally suited to hard and soft snow. The Carbonio is for discerning skiers who want the biggest reward for their efforts.

  • Full-length micro sidewalls improve the dampness and edge hold on hard snow.
  • Reinforced binding areas virtually eliminate any chance of pullout while skiing.
  • Dual radius design lets you control the turn shape to adapt to various terrain.
  • Full carbon wrap construction means low weight and high torsional stiffness.
  • 3D Flex tips are hollowed to make them light and floaty in soft snow.
  • Paulownia wood core is the industry standard for lightweight skis.
Lengths (cm) 158, 167, 176, 184
convert to ounces
1100g [167]
Weight (pair) 2200g [167]
Dimensions   120-88-106mm [158]
122-89-108mm [167]
124-90-109mm [176]
126-91-110mm [184]
Turn Radius   14.5/13.9 M [158]
15.7/15.1 M [167]
17.2/16.5 M [176]
18.9/18.2 M [184]
Skin Fix   Tip notch, tail notch
Profile   Scoop rocker, camber underfoot, flat tail
Shape   Long tip, dual radius, pintail
Construction   Carbon cap with micro side-wall
Core   Paulownia
Skimo Co Says
Usage Light and fast mountaineering
Notes Tapered tail help pack loop insertion
Bottom Line Classic Dynafit shape redone to be stiffer and lighter

Questions & Reviews

Curly (used product a few times)
This skis are incredible, I normally ski the faction agent 90 which is just a little heavier at 1310g. What really blows me away is that these are far stiffer than the Factions. These also have a shorter turn radius which suits my skiing style very well. I enjoy skiing these notably more than my Factions on the descent and off course they climb better too. These skis are a win if you can afford them!
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Pete (used product regularly)
I bought these at the beginning of this season, and these have become a great all around tourer. The weight on the 176's comes in under spec at 1160 per ski, which is an extraordinary weight considering how stiff these are, if you are more interested in a forgiving ski I would look elsewhere.

I paired them with the Plum race 150 which produces a quite lightweight but reliable setup, and have skied them with both TLT 5 performances and Salomon S-lab X-alps, All of which pair together nicely.

For reference I recently switched from a pair of Volkl Nanuq's with Dynafit Speed Radicals, a much more traditional, heavier setup. I have been pleasantly surprised to find little to no difference in skiablility, if anything the carbonios ski better.
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Question from Peter
I am 5'9" and weigh 135, would you recommend the 167 or 176 length for general touring with ski mountaineering mixed in?
Answer from Trace Leches
Hey Peter, we are pretty much the exact same dimensions. You could go either way without issue, but I'd go for the 167! There is enough tip rocker that it'll float like a slightly larger ski than its dimensions would suggest, but the shorter length will give you a leg up while mountaineering. The longer ski will add stability at speed, but I don't think that advantage would outweigh the downside of having to haul around a much larger ski in steep terrain, approaches, booters, etc.
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Question from Mike
How would this ski compare to the BD helios 88? I am looking for spring corn ski. Thanks!
Answer from jbo
Hi Mike, the Carbonios are stiffer and rail a bit better on smooth firm snow. The Helios are a bit more forgiving when conditions get ugly. They are equally fun in powder or corn!
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Question from Justin A
I've been looking for a lightweight set up for ski mountaineering (not racing). The two skis that I find most attractive are the Voile Objective and the Dynafit Carbono. Wondering how these two compare. Any thoughts would be most welcome. Thanks!
Answer from jbo
Hi Justin, the Carbonios are stiffer and rail a bit better on smooth hard snow. The Objectives are easier to ski in variable conditions. They both are fun in powder!
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Question from Paddy
Seeing as they have similar dimensions, how do the Carbonio's compare to the Cho Oyu's ? Do they need a much more aggressive ski style.
Answer from jbo
Hi Paddy, they are stiffer so take a little more force to bend, but you can ski them with a similar style.
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Model: Carbonio 88

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