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Yep...i got some lube from ATK, took the heal piece apart, cleaned it up and applied the lube. They've worked well all season.
hey folks...this is my second season on the Helio 180 and I've really liked them. I've noticed this season toward the end of longer tours that the heal piece does not want to rotate into flat mode. Anyone else have this problem? Is there some maintenance routine I can do to improve this function? Thanks!
One thing that has worked reasonably well for me it to run a small strip of duct tape over that spot on each boot prior to each outing. It smooths the edge and seems to prevent catching the hook. Not a great fix, but pretty quick when gearing up.
Have you had any problems with the medial side hooks? I bent mine in my first outing in an accidental scuff of one leg against the other. I was able to bend it back, but i’m sure this will happen again and that hook will eventually fail. It’s in a pretty bad spot and could likely be moved back and out of the way, much like the lateral side hook. Anyone have experience with this? I can’t be the only one to experience this. Any official Scarpa-endorsed fixes? Thanks!
Thanks! Ordered up the large. Stoked to give'em a try.

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