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Race skis are getting a lot more of the R&D spotlight lately. This is making for an exciting progression in downhill performance in the ski-category that historically has been the least likely to put a smile on your face. The Dynafit DNA (we are dubbing it the 3.0 as it’s the third iteration of the high-performance podium-topper with the same name) has been revamped entirely from the ground up to not only compete with the best race skis on the market but leave them in your cold smoke. The turn radius has been bumped up to 24m which allows for high-speed stability and, rather than rattling your fillings during a speed-check or side-slip, the DNA 3.0 remains calm and collected under pressure. Another notable feature is the full-length sidewall which increases durability, reduces chatter, improves edge grip, and dampens the ski. The tail has been flattened out for turning precision, power, and support during out-of-breath antics while the widest parts of the ski have been moved further away from the center. This allows for hook-free handling on corduroy and consolidated snow. Even the tip notch has received a face lift and gives you a bigger target to hit, a perfect recipe for the fastest skin-on transitions. It wasn’t too long ago that a 690g race ski was merely a dream, and a 690g race ski with a full-length sidewall was just unfathomable. And yet, here it is, at your fingertips and only a few clicks away. Add the Dynafit DNA 3.0 to your cart now.

  • Cap over full-length sidewall is durable, light, and powerful.
  • Isocore Paulownia Ultralight core with carbon reinforcement is fast, light, and energetic.
  • Squared off tip allows for faster skin-on transitions.
  • Flat tail increases tracking and power.
  • Tip-rocker helps you float above the chop.

Update 2019/20: Dynafit added a 153cm option.

Update 2020/21: Dynafit gave the ski a spicy updated topsheet and purple sidewalls to impress your friends.

Lengths (cm) 162, 153
convert to ounces
635g [153]
695g [162]
Weight (pair) 1270g [153]
1390g [162]
Dimensions   93-64-78 [153]
94-64-79 [162]
Turn Radius   22m [153]
24m [162]
Skin Fix   Tip notch
Specs Verified Yes
Profile   230mm tip rocker, traditional camber, flat tail
Shape   Single radius with slightly tapered tail and broad tip
Construction   Cap over sandwich
Core   Isocore Paulownia Ultralight
Skimo Co Says
Usage Racing
Notes Full sidewall construction
Bottom Line The fastest Dynafit ski yet

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Questions & Reviews

Eric (downright abused product)
Used these all of the 2018-2019 season for racing and good snow coverage (supplemented by PDGs on low snow training days). A huge improvement to the pink and green DNA skis thanks to a total redesign. I suppose ski feel is a bit subjective but they feel much snappier and easier to control than the previous version. Otherwise the durability seems good - on par with other race skis. The width is ideal for me to use with 59mm skins (wider waist and I find 59s lose their grip). Looking forward to another season on them!
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Question from Tom
Who is making these skis for Dynafit this season?
Answer from Trace Leches
Hey Tom! These skis are made by Blizzard this year.
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Model: DNA

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