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Big races, 10,000 vertical foot days, and fast ski mountaineering missions - the Mezzalama boot is built with these adventures in mind. Borrowing some of the DNA from Dynafit's higher-end lineup, the Mezzalama is a multi-functional boot for those with quick intentions. This version is made with a carbon/grilamid shell and a grilamid/glass cuff so that these boots can ascend like a butterfly and descend like a bee. The same Race Lock found on the DNA also inhabits the Mezzalama, meaning that transitions will be a breeze. The Twistfit system provides an individualized fit and helps keep the heel locked so you can focus on not rag-dolling on the descent. The Dynafit Mezzalama boot helps you take care of business, no matter how ambitious.

  • Race Lock system allows for simultaneous engagement of ski mode and cuff tightening.
  • Twistfit allows for an individualized fit by dialing down a plate over top of your foot.
  • Carbon infused Grilamid shell is tough, light, and punchable.
  • Master Step inserts provide a solid interface with quick step-in.
  • Pomoca rubber sole helps with traction on those icy booters.

Update 2022/23 - The opening beneath the gaiter has been widened for easier entry and the attachment of the gaiter to the lower has been reinforced.

* Sizing Note: The Mezzalama boot utilizes "race sizing," meaning that unlike other Dynafit boots the shell splits on the half-size, so 25.5 and 26 will have the same lower shell, for example. You will want closer to a one-finger fit behind your heel when shell-fitting the boot due to the thin liner.

convert to ounces
927g [27]
948g [27.5]
Weight (pair) 1854g [27]
1896g [27.5]
Buckles   Twistfit instep, Race Lock cord on the cuff
Boot Sole Length   251mm [22.5/23]
251mm [23.5/24]
261mm [24.5/25]
271mm [25.5/26]
281mm [26.5/27]
291mm [27.5/28]
301mm [28.5/29]
311mm [29.5/30]
321mm [30.5/31]
Binding Compatibility   Tech only
Cuff Rotation   60°
Forward Lean(s)   10°, 13°
Specs Verified Yes
Materials   Cuff - Grilamid w/ glass fibers
Shell - Grilamid w/ carbon fibers
Liner   Mezzalama
Sole   Pomoca Race ISMF
Skimo Co Says
Usage Racing, adventuring, speed mountaineering
Notes Single throw ski/walk levers change lives
Bottom Line Race efficiency at a friendlier price point
Compare to other Race Boots

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Questions & Reviews

Question from Zachary Greene
I wear a 28.5 in the TLT 7 (303mm BSL) and they fit well. Would the mezzellama in the 29 (301mm) be a good fit?
Answer from Emmett I

You might have issues with the instep being a bit low, but I would tend to think this will work better than other race options. The width will be about right, and if you can manage the low-ish instep they'll work great. Fill out our boot fitter form and we can get you some more accurate recommendations!
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Question from John
I own Scarpa F1 LT boots in both size 27 and 28. The 27’s ski great but give me toe problems. The 28’s are a bit too big but tour well. Ultimately I think I need a narrower boot for my extremely narrow, low volume, flattish feet.

Would these Mezzalamas be any better and if so what size should I get based on the above? What are the other narrowest and lowest volume boots in this 1000-ish gram mountaineering category? Am I going to be able to get anything that is much better than the f1-lt?
Answer from Carlos M
Hi John,

This is a tricky boot to size! It runs a little smaller than the F1 LT, and it also uses Scarpa sizing. I would say if the F1 LT in the 28 is a bit big, I would try a 28 in this boot. The Mezzalama has a very thin liner and needs to be sized with a 1 finger fit.

The Mezzalama is not really narrower than the F1 LT, but it is considerably lower volume over the top of the foot. So that may work for you better. The Scarpa Alien is a bit narrower and tighter fitting than the F1 LT, but has more volume than the Mezzalama. The Alien will give you the narrowest fit, but you will need to add a footbed and maybe a shim to get the volume similar to the Mezzalama.

For a more in-depth boot discussion, please shoot us an email at!
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Question from Matthew H
I cannot get the upper cuff tight enough to put any forward pressure into the ski boot. I think I need a tutorial on how to use this thing. I've tightened the cord so tight (with knots) I can barely get the clasp over the front anchor. As soon as I drop the leaver, it just loosens and there is an inch or so of space. I have a feeling I'm missing something. Any Mezzalama experts out there? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Answer from Carlos M
Hi Matthew,

So, the way to tighten these is to use the green cord loop at the back. Pull that out to the side, which should free up the grey cuff tension cord that runs through the lever. Then, you can feed the grey cord through to make the boot looser or tighter. When you've got it where you want it, pull it tight so that the green loop gets sucked back into the fitting at the top. Once you get the hang of it this adjustment is pretty easy.

Getting it tight enough for skinny calves is tricky, and for me it required some fiddling with the liner, tongue, and cuff to make sure everything was sliding correctly. But it is possible!

If you want further advice, feel free to give us a call or shoot us an email at, maybe with pictures so we can see what you're doing.
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Question from Vegard

Would these rock the backland 85UL?

Looking for a light but still capabel setup.

Had the alien RS and some kastle 82 tx skies before.
Answer from Jeremy L
Hi Vegard, thanks for reaching out. That would be quite a nice match, light and fast. If the Alien RS fit you well I'd also consider the F1 LT from Scarpa. It has the same lower and would also be a great option.
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Question from Mario
What is the difference between half sizes (28.5 vs 29)? Is the liner in the 28.5 thicker, is the liner smaller with some empty space in the toe, or is it something different?
Answer from jbo
Hi Mario, the 28.5 has a thicker insole.
Answer from Mario
Ok great, thanks!

I have a pair of size 28.0 Palau Tour Lite Pro Liners in my old PDGs right now. Would they be a good fit for the Mezzalama boot, and if so, what shell size would be best?
Answer from Emmett I

They're a bit thicker than the stock Mezzalama liner, so you might want to consider sizing up shells to a 29.
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Question from Eli
How would the sizing compare to the original TLT-6 CR (green ones)? I'm a 29 and had a small sixth toe punch. Not able to find a shop where I can find them to try for fit.
Answer from jbo
Hi Eli, these boots use half-shell sizing where the 29 is the same shell as the 28.5. In this case with you needing a punch in the TLT6 29, you should be looking at the 29.5.
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Question from Jake
Could these take a base of 5th metatarsal (mid foot) punch?
Answer from Tristan M
Hi Jake,

The Mezzalama lower shell can be punched. However, as with other race boots, working with plastic this thin must be done with care. The shell can be moved a small amount, but nothing major.
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Question from Pierre-Luc
Hello, I’m currently training with Dynafit PDG 1 (size 30) and I’ve been told that the DNA/Mezzalama fit is “smaller” so it won’t suits me…will you say the same?

I need new boots so I’m looking for Dynafit or Scarpa Alien…second question : is there any Intuition liners that will fit in my “old” PDG since I cannot stand the old liner -_- ?

Oh and finally if I buy, but the fit is incorrect, can I return the boots?


Answer from Jeff
Lots of questions. Using our Boot finder will be good place to start.
Yes, the new DNA/Mezzalama have a narrow fit. And sizing tends to run a bit short. The Aliens also have a narrow fit and sizing similar to the old PDG boots.
The Scarpa Alien liners would fit the PDG boots, size 30.
Answer from Pierre-Luc T
Tnx. I’ll look for it - Alien liners.

Good call, I’ve hit the boot finder.
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Question from Marc andre
Hi, just try the 26.5 and the liners are to long for my feet. I also try the 25.5 and it’s a way to short! I never tried the 26! Is it the same shell of the 26.5? Is the liners are shorter? My feet are 25.8 mondo. What do you think? Thanks
Answer from Ian C
Hello Marc Andre, the 26 is the same shell size as the 25.5 in these boots! A heat mold can help even if the liners feel too small initially.
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Question from Robert A
How does this boot compare to the Alien RS / Alien 1.1? Could it drive a ski over 90 cm?
Answer from Ian C
Hi Robert, the Mezzalama is the softest of the boots you listed! The Dynafit DNA and Alien 1.1 are a closer comparison performance-wise. Meanwhile, the Alien RS is probably the best pairing for skis over 90mm, with the most substantial tongue and front cuff.
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Question from Travis
How does the twistfit feel/work? Does it really tighten around your heel?
Answer from Brett S
Thanks for your question, Travis. The twistfit system is placed higher on the boot with a more aggressive angle, which is more conducive for heel hold than other boots that directly tension on top of the foot. In addition, the cable tensions a plastic plate, which is similar in principle to the instep buckle on the Scarpa Maestrale. Overall, it works well to snug the heel but won't make an inappropriately sized heel pocket work. Please let us know if you have any other questions!
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Question from chris cawley
Recently I tried Hojis and Speeds and found the fit on each to be vastly different. I found the Hojis' to fit my TLT 5 archetype feet quite a bit better than Speeds, to my chagrin. Which of these other two Dynafits will the Mezzalama fit more like?
Answer from Brett S
Thanks for your question, Chris. The Mezzalama will fit more similarly to the Speed than the Hoji. Please let us know if you have any other questions!
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Question from Felix

Really looking forward to upgrading, but which of the new two racing dynafit boots (dna/mezzalama) are the stiffest? Or are they expected to be equal?

(all things considered, carbon + thin liner vs noncarbon + thicker mezzalama liner)
Answer from Will M
Hey Felix,

Great question! The DNA will be stiffer than the Mezzalama due to the carbon cuff. But that being said, the Mezzalama is no slouch and will still ski quite well for a boot in this weight class.
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Question from Jeffrey Cole
I'm a 27.0 in the Scarpa F1LT -- would I go with the 26.5/27 or the 27.5/28 in the Mezzalama?
Answer from jbo
Hi Jeffrey, you should still be a 27.0 in this boot. It's a bit more cramped but going up a whole size would likely be sloppy for you.
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Question from Ada
Nice boots.. like Alien RS i thats right? Have you already had them in your hands ?(feets) :D I'm curious what flex is in these shoes..
Answer from Will McD
Hey Ada, we have not yet received the Mezzalamas, but they are similar to the new DNA which has a carbon upper cuff and the same lowers. We have had the chance to try the DNA on. The Mezzalama is more targeted to the racer and speed tourers who use sub 80mm waisted skis whereas the Alien RS could confidently ski skis up to 100mm underfoot. It does share similar features but will be a very different boot and less robust.
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