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Dynafit's Low Tech Race with brakes! While that may not sound exciting to racers used to skiing without brakes, you better get excited if you want to race in ISMF sanctioned races going forward. With rules phasing in starting in the 2021/22 season, you may need to tick the brake box on a gear check. It's also not the worst idea to have brakes if you're doing hot laps at a resort. Either way, Dyanfit gets you there with the least amount of pain (read: weight) in the LTR 105 Plus binding. While quite similar to the brakeless 105, this version substitutes the simple heel flap for a brake mechanism that locks in retracted mode when skinning uphill. Flip the mechanism down to deploy the brakes and shred the gnar. This is a clever system by Dynafit that doesn't add much annoyance to your otherwise beautiful day.

  • Ultralight and strong toe piece has both locked uphill and unlocked ski modes.
  • Heel piece is reinforced with an aluminum exoskeleton so you don't 'splode it.
  • Clever brake mechanism is integrated with the heel pins to change modes.
  • Included crampon receptors (+5g) can be mounted under the toes.

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Weight (pair) 272g
Boot Compatibility   Tech
Brakes (mm)   68mm
BSL Adjustment   Optional plates
Riser Heights   1
Vertical Release   Fixed
Lateral Release   Fixed
Crampon Ready   Yes, removable
Specs Verified Yes
Materials   Forged 7075 Aluminum, high tech synthetic
Skimo Co Says
Usage Sanctioned racing, resort fitness
Notes Integrated brake is also the heel flap
Bottom Line Future proof racing
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Questions & Reviews

John B (downright abused product)
This binding gets the job done but I will not be using it again. I am in my second season with this binding, I used it at the ISMF World Champs last year, as well as US Cup ciruit this year and last.

The toe piece I have no complaints, it's super bomber and a spetacular toe. I unlock my toes for real scary descents and have never been concerned about releasing when skiing unlocked.

As for the heel, I have some gripes. Over time, the brakes, in both my experience and teammates, will bend lower until they're dragging in the snow in touring mode (Or when it gets really bad, draging in the snow while carving in a turn). This leaves us to forecfully bend the brakes back upwards, a tedious process where it feels they may brake at any time. On top of that, the black metal plate above where the brake inserts into the biding has become progressively looser and will flex when we try to reposition the brakes. On top of this, the spring can be prone to popping out of the binding. It's tedious to reposition but with some needle nose pliers and patience it can be done.

Overall, I think this binding is a spetacular choice for the casual racer. The toe piece is imppeccable and the heel is great too, the brakes are simply the issue. I will not be buying this binding again in lew for something with a stronger metal for the brake.
Reply from John B
A little update not long after I posted this review, the brake on one of the bindings completly broke, see the photos. I would lower my rating if I could as bindings should not be braking after 1 and a half seasons. I bought them on Dynafit's site and am hopeful that their customer service will come through with warranty, but I just want to warn others that I am not at all satisfied with the durability of these brakes.
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Question from ScSe
How well would the hole pattern on these match up to the LTR 1.0 (with the metal heel piece)?
Answer from Zak M
Hey Scott, thanks for the inquiry. Unfortunately, the hole patterns have changed throughout the years and the current Low Tech 105s will not line up. For feature reference, we do have almost all of the hole patterns listed here. Give us a shout if you have any more questions!
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Model: Low Tech Race 105+

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