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How can you tell if the Low Tech Race 105 binding is for you? Well, if you own more than one full body spandex/lycra suit, if you get upset when your fancy European imported cheese is 6g lighter than the package says, or if you obsessively time your commute each day, this binding might be for you. Weighing in right around 105g, this updated Low Tech Race 105 (the name makes sense now, right?) has a reinforced heel to provide more confidence for those hot and fast race descents without tipping the scales out of your favor. Available with either automatic or manual locking toe pieces, as well as with a fixed or adjustable plate mount (plate sold separately), this binding can be customized to fit all your skimo racing and training needs. Whether you're lining up at the starting line or still just training for race day, the Low Tech Race 105 is a near-perfect binding for lightweight performance on the course.

  • Optimized drilling pattern aims to decrease the chance of bindings pulling out of skis by evenly dispersing force among all four holes via hole placement and binding construction.
  • Auto-locking toe piece has a smaller, forged aluminum release lever that does what its supposed to do very well-- automatically locks out when you step into it.
  • Manual locking toe piece has larger, plastic lever that functions identically to most other Dynafit toe pieces, to be skied flat or locked out.
  • Reinforced heel unit should inspire confidence while descending, now able to withstand rough, off-piste descents.
  • Adjustable toe height to accommodate a wide range of boots and heel pieces.

convert to ounces
Weight (pair) 212g
Boot Compatibility   Tech
Brakes   No
BSL Adjustment   Optional plates
Riser Heights   1
Vertical Release   Fixed
Lateral Release   Fixed [Manual]
Crampon Ready   Yes, removable
Specs Verified Yes
Materials   Forged 7075 Aluminum, high tech synthetic
Skimo Co Says
Usage Racing
Notes Heel has an aluminum exoskeleton
Bottom Line Lighter yet burlier than the Low Tech 2.0
Compare to other Race Bindings

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Questions & Reviews

Neil B (used product regularly)
Absolute gems! I like the simplicity of the setup as I find it a breeze to snap in and out of and go from climb mode to ski mode. If you enjoy geeking out on light gear then these are for you. I chose to mount my Movement Race Pro 85's with these and they drive nicely paired with my Aliens. Lastly, others seem to marvel on how simple the setup is.
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Question from David
Hi, is there no way to add breaks to this binding? And what crampons are compatible with this binding? Thank you.
Answer from Julieana
Hey David, the only options would be to use the Kreuzspitze Tech Brakes that you would slide into your crampon receptor for the downhill and remove for the uphill or to use the ATK Universal Ski Brakes that use a leash release to engage the brake. As far as crampons go, dynafit, ATK, Hagan, and Black Diamond crampons are all compatible with this binding.
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Question from Patrick
It sounds like it's a different mounting pattern than the previous LTR? On both the heel and toe piece or just the toe?

Answer from Jeff
Patrick, the toe is new. We are not sure about the heel. Still waiting to get our hands on it too.
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Question from Sean
How would these compare in terms of durability to the Black Diamond Helio 110?
Answer from Jeff
Sean, that is pretty difficult to say. For the new LTR we can say the heel is stronger then before, but the toe is all new and only time will tell. As for comparison, they are both equally light and meant for race and training. Daily use and on big skis would be beyond its design.
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Question from Paul
When will this binding be available for purchase?
Answer from Jeff
Paul, soon we hope. We just saw it today and it looks so nice. The look, design and finish is Dynafit's best yet.
Answer from jbo
Hi Paul, we're told it could be as late as December unfortunately. Hopefully it will come sooner.
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Model: Low Tech Race 105

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