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“Tools not jewels.” This has long been the saying for many skiers, gritting their teeth before dropping into a known rocky descent. Fortunately for us, this saying doesn’t necessarily apply to the special edition Snow Leopard skis, which blur the line between artwork and highly functional tools. Built using the same chassis as the Radical 97, Dynafit added an aesthetically pleasing topsheet, paying homage to the Snow Leopard and the snowy environment it inhabits. Paired with a modern sidecut and generous rocker profile, the Snow Leopard is designed to move with the agility of its namesake, dashing in and out of snow with ease. The poplar wood core provides an exceptional level of dampness and durability while the time-tested carbon speed stringers keep the weight down, allowing you to preserve your energy so you can pounce on your next descent. Blending a highly versatile design with a wildlife-inspired topsheet, the Snow Leopard skis are sure to please for years to come.

  • Notched tips work with the Dynafit Speedskins, allowing for fast and efficient transitions.
  • Poplar wood core is damp and durable while Speed Stringers keep the weight down.
  • Modern sidecut allows for easy turn initiation and maneuverability.
  • Generous rocker profile provides flotation on the deepest days.
  • Full-length sidewall helps with edge hold in hard, icy conditions.
Lengths (cm) 170, 177, 184
convert to ounces
1460g [170]
1560g [177]
1630g [184]
Weight (pair) 2920g [170]
3120g [177]
3260g [184]
Sidecut   124-96-114 [170]
126-97-116 [177]
128-98-118 [184]
Turn Radius   18m [170]
19m [177]
20m [184]
Skin Fix   Race-notched tips, notched tail
Specs Verified Yes
Profile   Generous tip rocker, camber underfoot, ample tail rocker
Shape   Spoon tip, medium radius, tapered tail
Construction   Full sidewall
Core   Poplar wood core with carbon speed stringers
Skimo Co Says
Usage Mid winter powder, icy spring couloirs, hanging on the wall
Notes Special edition of the Free 97
Bottom Line High performance and highly aesthetic
Compare to other High-fat Skis

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Questions & Reviews

Question from Nathaniel Gebhard
Hello! Wondering if you have heard any reviews of the Dynafit snow leopards mounted with tele bindings? I’m considering buying these skis and mounting the 22 designs lynx tech tele binding. From your perspective does that sound like a good idea? Also what ski crampons fit with this ski? Thank you!!
Answer from Jeff
Hi Nate, Haven't chatted with anyone who has mounted these Tele, but they would be a good choice. A full poplar core will be no problem with Tele bindings and give solid performance on firm and variable snow. The very rockered tip will ski powder like a much wider ski.
100mm crampons is the right size, I don't which ones go with the 22 Design bindings.
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Eric Poore (downright abused product)
There is no such thing as a one ski quiver but if there was, this would be it from Dynafit. Paired with a beef binding you have a great freeride option while paired with a superlight binding you have a capable ski mountaineering set up. If you can only bring one pair of skis on a trip the Free 97 is a great option. Enough float for the soft stuff and good edge hold when you need it. I have skied it with boots ranging in weight from 1050g to 1500g and the skis performed well in both instances.
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Model: Snow Leopard 97 MPN: 08-0000049708

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