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Born high in the Tatra mountains of Poland, Majesty knows a thing or two about skiing. So, when Majesty made the Superpatrol Carbon Ski that touts a “Cut-off Tail,” we were naturally intrigued. Inspired by surfboards, this so-called “Cut-off Tail” shortens the length of the tail, shifting the skier's stance further back from the center. Combined with the adapted sidecut, the result is surprisingly quick and easy turns for such a powerful ski. The power comes from Kevlar sheeting around a beefy core that helps the ski remain stable while plowing through variable snow. We took the Superpatrol high into the alpine, finding it quite stable and willing to execute high-speed turns. In the trees, the cut-off tail performed admirably as we were able to maneuver easily between the dense bushes and trees that inhabit the Wasatch. Despite not being fans of sugary drinks, we must admit that in this case, we’ve drunk the Kool-Aid. Being both agile and stable, the Majesty Superpatrol Carbon Ski is built to serve you well, no matter the condition.

  • Carbon/Kevlar sheet provides a strong feeling throughout the ski whilst simultaneously dampening rough snow conditions.
  • Textolite Plates are epoxy-impregnated fiberglass sheets placed above and below the core in the midsection of the ski, providing support with minimal weight.
  • Cutout on tail keeps the skin tail clip from wandering.
  • IS 7200 base provides excellent durability.
Lengths (cm) 161, 169, 177, 185
convert to ounces
1355g [169]
1415g [177]
1580g [185]
Weight (pair) 2710g [169]
2830g [177]
3160g [185]
Sidecut   126-93-108 [161]
128-94-110 [169]
130-95-112 [177]
132-96-114 [185]
Turn Radius   16.0m [161]
17.5m [169]
19.0m [177]
20.5m [185]
Skin Fix   Basic tip loops, flat notched tail
Specs Verified Yes
Profile   Tip rocker, underfoot camber, flat tail
Shape   Directional, medium radius
Construction   Semi-hybrid, camber with tip rocker
Core   Paulownia wood core
Skimo Co Says
Usage Ski touring, all conditions
Notes Excellent power-to-weight ratio
Bottom Line Unique combo of power and quickness
Compare to other High-fat Skis

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Questions & Reviews

Question from thomc
Can you guys get the Superwolf non-carbon?
Answer from Lrow
Hi Thomc,

We can certainly look into it! Would you mind sending us an email at with the size you're thinking of and we can get you in touch with our purchaser to discuss more?

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Question from Bohan N
How would you size this ski? It seems like the COT should allow us to ski shorter than usual? Ie I usually ski 177 at 5'10 220lbs, should I size down or would it be appropriate to just still use 177. Thanks
Answer from eric
Bohan- I would not size down for this ski. I would suggest skiing this in the same length you usually do even with the cut off tail.
Answer from Bohan N
Would you say these are quick enough for glade and trees?
Answer from jbo
Hi Bohan, absolutely! It's an interesting combo with a powerful tip that you can pivot quickly.
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Question from Anthony O
How surfy? How does it compare to zero g and factions? Is the wider one a totally different character? Thx!
Answer from Will McD
Hi Anthony, I should expect that the Majesty will definitely be more surfy than the Zero G thanks to more tip rocker, and would expect it to be comparable to the Faction despite being a little stiffer. The further back mounting point will move your weight back on the ski giving you longer tips to pull you up between powder turns. The wider Majesty (the Supernova Carbon) will have a longer radius and be slower edge to edge, as is the case for any wider ski, but the Supernova has the same cutoff tail and rearward mounting point and a similar sidecut so turn initiation and shape as well as the ski's preferred stance will feel similar between the two.
Answer from jbo
Hi Anthony, the "Supercarbons" are quite powerful but quicker than the old Zero Gs (the 2022/23 ones are a different story). Maybe not quite as damp as the Agents but close. Really a unique design with the big tip and short tail but it seems to work. Kudos to Poland.
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Model: Superpatrol Carbon

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