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The upgraded Speedfit Pro from Dynafit gets you up in the mountains without needing to leave a painfully large chunk of your wallet behind at the shop. With the same fit as the much revered TLT6 line, the boot is optimized for performance, ease of use, and reliability-- enough for many seasons of skiing. The Speedfit Pro offers similar skiing and walkability to the more expensive and carbon-heavy TLT8, in a narrower last. The big upgrade in this version versus the Speedfit is a cuff material, meant to stiffen up the downhill performance when the boot is cinched and buckled down. A burly, quick-release power strap alongside a simple and efficient two-buckle closure system make for fast transitions. With a standard toe lug housing the tech inserts, these boots come ready for automatic crampons, and the soft flex tongue makes for easy skinning on the way up while providing stout support on the way down. Built for on and off-piste touring alike, the TLT Speedfit Pro comes ready for whatever the season throws your way.

  • The Titantex fiber cuff is a titanium-infused glass that takes makes an affordable top-end boot that performs while climbing and descending.
  • The tried and true Ultra Lock System 2.0 gets you a quick and easy ski/walk lever system, so there's no fiddling with your boots at the top--just skiing.
  • A minor feature though it may be, the Ultra Lock Strap has glove-friendly, quick-release as well as a stitched 'speed bump' so you don't over-release your strap.
  • Non-removable Flex Tongues simplify life, and save you a world of trouble on windy days-- boot tongues have been known to be blown while unsecured for even the briefest of moments.

convert to ounces
1100g [27.0]
Weight (pair) 2200g [27.0]
Buckles   Ultra Lock system 2.0
Boot Sole Length   257mm [23/23.5]
267mm [24/24.5]
277mm [25/25.5]
287mm [26/26.5]
297mm [27/27.5]
307mm [28/28.5]
317mm [29/29.5]
327mm [30/30.5]
Binding Compatibility   Tech only
Cuff Rotation   60°
Forward Lean(s)   15°, 18°
Specs Verified Yes
Materials   Grilamid shell, Titantex fiber cuff
Liner   Custom Light
Sole   Formual Pomoca Climb
Skimo Co Says
Usage Touring, Resort uphilling
Notes Updated Speedfit gets the PRO treatment
Bottom Line Lightweight boot at lightweight price
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Questions & Reviews

Question from steve
I have the old TLT6 P black and orange. It seems like when I get the lower shell punched out to the side it slowly creeps back. Do these do the same or is the lower shell material different?
Answer from Gabriel I
Hi Steve, the Speedfit has a Grilamid lower whereas the TLT6 is Pebax. Grilamid does hold a punch better than Pebax, though Pebax is easier to work with. We've had pretty good results punching these Speedfits to fit wider feet.
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Dane Burns (downright abused product)
I'm obviously late to the party here. But with Skimo having a good stock of this boot still in inventory I thought I'd add a comment or two.

My go to boot for a decade now has been the TLT5 and then the TLT6. I have skied a good many of the usual suspects for a similar style boot that have come and gone or revamped since. Still a TLT6 fan. Been skinning a -lot- this season. Which eventually had me skinning and then skiing in a TLT6 P without the tongues. Until this winter I had never used a power strap on any of my Dynafit boots. But an experiment of switching to liners with a beefer tongue for my old PDGs made me rethink the PDG boot. Hard tongue and a good power strap might just make a decent ski out of the PDG. Indeed, they were with a bump proof inner boot, stiff tongue and a tight power strap. With that result, and always being afraid I'll lose or simply forget a TLT6 tongue during a transition, I simply stopped skiing with the tongues and added a power strap to my 6s. With that a success as well (I have hard tongue liners in my 6's too) No additional tongue in a TLT6 made me rethink this boot (The Speedfit Pro) as a every day ski boot. Easier in and out of the boot, 1/2# lighter for the pair in my size, and just less pfaff all around to deal with. For me it turned out to be a perfect combo once the liners were beefed up. The SF Pro, with only a inner boot mod) skis every bit as good as my TLT6s (Halloween or Green versions) when using the same inner boot mod and either the additional stiff or soft tongue. Adding the Power strap, a stiff inner boot tongue to the boot make the Speedfit Pro ski pretty much like any TLT P. Which is saying a lot IMO. No caveats for the Pro. It is a nice boot. A really nice boot for the $. Just my take on it, as the Speedfit Pro and old TLT6 P boots really are that similar. Wider last of the Speedfit Pro aka Halloween TLT6 P also makes for a slightly warmer boot for me. Warmer, a significant weight drop, same performance as my favorite boots? What is not to like? Well if you have to ask? Black! Who really likes a black boot? Not me. Spray paint is always an option :)
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Question from Bernabe
I have these boots for already 10 outings and they feel quite light and they ski relatively well. But I had cold feet one day. Any comparisons with the TLT6 Performance? Which are warmer?

I also find the materials very soft/thin, would these last a 3 week expedition?
Answer from Jeff
Bernabe, They are very similar to the TLT6 as you know. Any difference in liners would not significantly make a difference in warmth. Ski boots obviously do not breath so perspiration buildup, temperature and rest stops will affect feet in any ski boot.
Most people can expect 80-100 days from liners. Those liners are on the light side, but a more substantial liner will affect fit, make them snugger. If you think you can/want a thicker liner, please contact us for further assistance.
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Derek W (used product regularly)
Just got these a couple weeks ago, have about five days touring, five days on lift. Infinitely better than the worst boot ever (TLT7 Expedition). Stiffer, slightly narrower in the forefoot, lower volume due to lighter liner, similar forward lean. Traditional toe design that actually works with crampons, unlike the super sketchy TLT7 design. Buckles are smooth, convenient. Power strap is effective, but will wear out after a season (buy a couple). So glad Dynafit transitioned away from the gimmicks with the TLT7.
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Question from David
Curious if there is any feedback on this boot as part of a hardboot kit? I've recently invested in a hovercraft split and phantom binders... Ive been running a pair of old dynafit mercurys, which work, but leave quite a bit of room for improvement vis a vis the nuanced ankle sensation one desires for snowboarting.

Seems pretty clear that the TLT Speedfit Pro is akin to the TLT6, which to my knowledge, is a fan favorite/gold standard amongst the Dyna-Split crowd.
Any and all info would be much appreciated! Thanks.
Answer from Tristan M
Hi David,

The Dynafit Speedfit Pro has a very similar fit and feel to the TLT6. However, it will fit differently than the Mercury.

Before we get into the weeds on performance characteristics in a split board setup, I would recommend that you fill out a Boot Fitter. From there, we would be happy to point you towards a boot that will make sense in your setup!
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Question from Dane
From the review and questions this would seem to be a straight trade for a TLT6 P. Is that correct? Then we get to the fixed tongue. Is the boot flex closer to a black tongue or a green tongue? Finally, is the liner the same Custom Light as what came in the black and orange boot? Thanks!
Answer from TSB
Hey Dane, I wouldn't so much say the Speedfit is a "straight trade" as it is a close cousin (apologies for the mixed metaphor). Lower shell/scaffo fit will be very similar between the Speedfit and the TLT6 Performance, though discerning Dyna-rippers will recall that the orange/black TLT6 P and the green/greenish TLT6 P were slightly different in fit (see question from Boris below). Consensus is that the upper cuff flex in the Speedfit is a touch softer than it was in either version, but in the same range as the green/orange (softer) tongues. The Custom Light liners are roughly the same thickness, but not exactly the same design, as the older foamies of the same name. Among other things, they're easier to heat mold and a bit warmer.
Answer from Kam
I think the fit is slightly roomier than my Mercury & Neo boots
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Kam (used product a few times)
Just a quick preliminary review after a short uphilling-style tour and a day in the mountains. These boots are pretty sweet. They fit similar to my Dynafit Mercury & Neo boots before I had work done, with a touch more width in the forefoot (I will still need a punch). I love that there is no tongue to fiddle with. Stiffness is comparable to my Backland Carbon boots with the tongues in.

The one negative I have found is that the thin liner has a tendency to lead to shin bang against the cuff when driving a ski. I've carpet-tested the Backland liner, which has extra cushioning in the shin, and it feels like adding cushioning to the Speedfit liner could replicate the feel. Buckling the powerstrap (which is nice, but I wish it had some elasticity) underneath the boot cuff helps prevent some of the harsh feeling since you don't flex as hard against the cuff plastic.

It's a good boot and I look forward to testing it more once I get a few punches to make it fully comfy.
Reply from Kam
Update: It is a bit softer than the original Backland Carbon. I broke the boot cuff in a "just skiing along" situation. The walk mode lock popped out mid turn and, in doing so, cracked the cuff. I've had this situation occur in Mercury and Neo boots, which have a similar lock mechanism, without damage. It seems like a good boot but maybe fragile. Dynafit replaced the boots, so no issues there.
Reply from Kam
This was on day 3 of use.
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Question from Boris
Is the fit similar to the wider black orange TLT6P, or more like the narrower green TLT6P ?
Answer from TSB
Boris, personal fitting of size 30 Mondo suggested a fit more akin the Halloween edition, but your results may vary, especially given liners differences between new and old "custom light" versions.
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Question from Todd F
Are these going to be comparable to the TLT6 in performance? Looking to replace mine.
Answer from Jeff
Hey Todd! Yes, should be comparable to the TLT6 Performance. Without removable tongues.
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Question from ryan
I am interested in replacing my TLT 6 mountain boots. Would this be a good fit? I am looking for a back country boot, fresh snow and spring couloir skiing.
Answer from Jeff
Ryan, If your TLT6 fit you perfectly, then yes this boot will be a good fit, it uses the same mold for the lower shell. It does have updated materials and a lighter weight. The tongue is not removable as in the 6 and stiffness is fairly comparable. If fit is not perfect, try our boot fitter.
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