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It's never good to have a screw loose, especially in the backcountry. G3 has a minimalist tool with maximum effectiveness that even has the word backcountry right in the name! G3 Backcountry Binding Tool is ready to help you out when things get loose (but not the fun kind). A combination of a #3 Pozidriver on one end and a Torx T20 interface on the other end you can service most bindings right in the field. The 90-degree bend allows you to have just the right amount of leverage you need to snug things up before you keep heading up the skin track or head down that sweet, sweet line you picked out. At only 21 grams and extremely compact you won't even know you're carrying it. The peace of mind that this piece of gear provides means there is no excuse not to carry G3's Backcountry Binding Tool with you at all times.

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Questions & Reviews

EG1 (downright abused product)
Perfect tool. Small, packable and who cares what it weighs when it saves you from limping it back to the car on a bum binding.
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Will M (downright abused product)
This. Thing. Is. A. Life. Saver.

Do you ever forget to tighten your adjustment plate screws before dropping in on the South Face of Mount Superior after it has snowed 20" in 24 hours? Then proceed to make four solid turns only to realize that the fifth turn was too much and you've turned your binding into a less confidence-inspiring telemark binding?

Oh, you haven't? Well claps for you.

After that ol' sh*t-show I went ahead and picked up one of these. Granted, I should have owned something like this for years but when you don't run into problems very often AND you're the best skier on the mountain, you just don't think you'd need something like this. But lucky for me, I now own one of these glorious pocket tools and am STILL the best skier on the mountain. Happy days.
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