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Are you frustrated with not being able to pull your skins apart? The G3 Love Glove saves you from having them stuck together like the pages of a nudie magazine. Yes, the Love Glove is a condom for climbing skins. Slip one on and you are immediately protected from any STD (Skin-Tacked Debris). If lightning strikes twice, your skins are easily whipped out and ready to go for lap two.

Directions for use: Fold your climbing skins in half fur-to-fur, stick your hand in the Love Glove, grab the skins at the fold, and pull the bag inside out. Voila! You have easy-to-separate skins. Using all your strength to peel skins apart is a thing of the past with the G3 Love Glove. Please note the Love Glove is not designed for long-term storage; use a skin-saver instead.

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Winifred S (used product regularly)
Less fuss, faster transitions. Better than saver strips and less work than glue-to-glue and I think the glue lasts longer over the glue-to-glue method.

Haven't had issues with windy transitions: just need to take the same care one would for glue-to-glue bundling.

Sleeve length is more than adequate for 185cm skins.

I'd give it 5 starts except for the red dye bleeds out. Many washes and rinses in the sink seems to have that sorted but it was still annoying.
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Question from Aaron Clark
Is this something that can effectively be used in the field and in wind? (compared to the traditional folding glue to glue?) And how long are the glove tubes? Thanks
Answer from Patrick C

Yes, these are intended for field use, or short term storage (not for the summer). They will have just as good a chance of being blown out of your hands as a skin in windy conditions, but they do keep you from having to peel your skins apart for lap two, or three, or four...Fully extended each tube is 58cm, so it can handle skins up to 200cm if necessary.

Patrick // Skimo Co
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