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Here lies G3 parts to repair your climbing skins or to build your own custom set.

Escapists Tip Kit - Self-aligning stainless steel clips to fit many ski tip shapes, sold as a pair.

Twin Tip Connectors - For use on skis with rounded tails and also fits well on splitboards. These are just the clips (no straps, rivets, etc) sold in pairs. These also work on BD tail straps.

Tail Connector Kit - Sturdy plastic straps with metal clips, which fit best on skis with flattish tails. Comes with rivet plates and hammer rivets for attaching to the skin material. Everything you need for two skin tails.

Tail Strap w/Clip x2 - A pair of tail straps with the included hooks. Fits perfectly with the Rivet Plate and Rivet, neither of which are included but available here. Weighs 26g.

Tail Hook - Replacement tail hook for G3 skin tails. Sold individually.

Glue Renew - Two 140mm x 210cm sheets for reconditioning skins using the G3 glue formula.

Skin Savers - Storage sheets for G3 and other skins. Sold individually with one length in the package in either 110mm or 150mm widths. Store a full length of skin on either side of the sheet or cut in half and fold the skins over each sheet.

Rivet Plate x1 - Rivet plates to attach tail hooks to skin. Weighs 4g each.

Rivet x1 - Skin rivets that you hammer into place, smooshing the underside. Need 3 per rivet plate

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Questions & Reviews

Question from SDM
I am looking for replacment tail clips (the middle picture between the tips and glue). Plastic on one of mine broke after 2 short trips. The tail clips do not appear in the purchase drop down...does that mean they are not available?
Answer from Jeff
SDM, if it is not in drop down, we are out of stock. We do have more tail kits and other parts coming in shortly.
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Question from Dan
Which tip pieces would be best suited for a splitboard?
Answer from Jeff
Dan, the best tip would be a tip loop which would be attached off center. This would be a good one BD tip parts. For the tails check out these Voile offerings.
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Question from Bartlomiej
Do you sell just the rivets for plates? I see them in description, but no choice under G3 skin part...
Answer from Trace Leches
Hi Bartlomiej! Unfortunately no, we are out of them at the moment.
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Question from Dave
Hi- can the clip parts on the tail connector kit be taken off the strap. I have an existing G3 skin with a tail that has twin tip connectors. I want to swap those out with a more standard pair of tail clips. I’ll then use the old twin tip clips on a new skin and a new ski with a rounded tail
Answer from Trace Leches
Hey Dave! They sure can!
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Question from Julie
Can you use the strap (red plastic strap with the little holes in it) with a BD tail attachment (riveted metal piece that is attached to the skin)? I have BD tail pieces currently installed but would like to try the G3 straps. Hoping not to have to change out the riveting.
Answer from Trace Leches
Hey Julie! Yes, kinda! The width at the attachment point is very similar and they use a remarkably similar tail bracket to hold them on to the skin. The only issue would be getting it installed. The width of the aft end of the G3 tail strap is a whole lot wider than the bracket, re-installing it on a bracket that's already installed on a skin would be pretty tough. What's going on the with BD kit that's giving you trouble?
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Question from Eric
Description's a little brief. Does this come with tip and tail parts and a trimmer?
Answer from jbo
Hi Eric, there are multiple products on this listing. You can choose from tip or tail kits. The trimmers are listed separately.
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