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G3 Binding Parts

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Parts for your G3 ION Binding. If you don't see the item you need, please contact us and we will do our best to get it for you. Please note some items are sold individually (x1) and others in pairs (x2).

ION Crampon Connector - Adapter kit for attaching G3 ION ski crampons. Included with ION crampons, the kit can also be mounted flat to attach them to any ski. Comes with mounting screws to attach to an ION binding plus screws to attach directly to an ION-less ski. Kit has enough hardware for a pair of skis.

ION LT Leash Clip - Replacement leash clips for the leash attachment underneath your ION toe. Weighs 3g each.

ION Toe Shim - The plastic baseplate that lives underneath the toe of your ION 10, ION 12, or ION LT. Weighs 13g each.

ZED Toe Shim - The little plastic plate under the ZED toes, good to shed snow. Sold individually.

ION LT Heel Baseplate - Base adjustment plate (ION LT only).

ZED Mounting Track - Slider track for the ZED binding.

ION AFD Repair Kit - Complete repair kit for a set of bindings. 2x AFD Sliders and 2x springs sold in the kit.

ION AFD Slider - Sold individually, these anti-friction devices help keep the release values from fluctuating and aid in accurate lateral release values. Sold individually.

ION Brake Spring Cover - Prevents icing of the brake-spring assembly under the heel of the boot. Sold individually.

ZED Brake Spring Cover - Prevents iceing on the brake-spring assembly under the heel of the boot. Sold individually.

ION Mz Plunger - The plastic bushing that the internal lateral release spring rides in, buried inside the ION heel pieces. Weighs 2g each.

ZED Demo Plates - A pair of long adjustment tracks for your G3 ZED binding.

ZED Stomp Pad Kit - Stomp pad for boots with more than 1.5mm of distance between the stomp pad and the heel of your boot. Kit comes with a 1.5mm or 3mm pads.

ZED Stomp Pad Replacment - A replacement for the stock stomp pad if you happend to break/misplace one. Sold individually.

ION Toe Screws - Mounting screws for ION binding toe pieces. Works with all models: 10, 12, LT. Sold individually.

ION Heel Screws - Heel mounting screws for the ION 10, ION 12, and ION LT bindings. Sold individually.

ION Demo Heel Screws - Heel mounting screws for the ION 10, ION 12, demo brake/baseplate only. Sold individually.

ZED Mounting Screw - Screws for mounting the ZED binding. Sold individually.

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Questions & Reviews

Question from Tree Stashes
Hi! Little confused about the Zed mounting track. My use case is that I often like to tinker with mount point / boot center with many of my skis. It looks like the track product would match the very generous heel track range on the Zed (~30mm??). Theoretically, I could move my boot center forward and back about 1.5 cm. Is that true?

Second, the dropdown menu indicates "ZED Mounting Track x1" where as the "Words" detail seems to indicate that you get a pair. So, does $50 buy one pair of tracks, or just one track, so total cost = $100?

Answer from Cole P
Mr. Stashes, the toe is fixed on the ski so you will not be able to adjust the boot center. The adjustment track just allows you to use different boots on the same ski. You are correct on the prices, it is $50 for 1 track.
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Question from LTM
Is "ION Heel screw" 16.5mm screws for mounting the heel of G3 TARGA Ascent?
Answer from Jeff
LTM, They are for mounting the ION binding. I don't the length or head type for the Tele bindings.
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Is it possible for y'all to get replacement heel riser springs for the g3 ion 10? Or do you know of a good diy fix?


Answer from TSB
Hey Gabe, we generally don't stock parts of this type, but might have a recycled part we could find for you! Reach out to help@skimo.co for more info.
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Question from Jay
Looking for the heel plates for a G3 Targa Ascent. Have it?
Answer from Patrick C

We do not carry many parts for tele bindings, but luckily Free Heel Life in Salt Lake does! Here is a link to their G3 binding parts: https://www.freeheellife.com/search?q=g3+targe+ascent

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Question from Corey
I lost the lateral release screw (big orange one on the heel) along with the springs inside. Can you direct me to those pieces so I can ski again? Thanks
Answer from Jeff
Corey, We just have the parts listed in the drop down. You will have to contact G3 for that. Thanks
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Question from Raymond H
So if I buy the ION LT Heel Plate do I get two for $69.95? If I mount these new Ion Lt Heel plates, will they have the detent, and capability, that is on the new Ion LTs to stop auto-rotation of the heel to ski mode, while skinning ?

My Gen 1 ION LTs occasionally auto-rotate into ski mode; usually on a steep, icy traverse. A PIA.
Answer from Trace Leches
Hey Raymond! Nope, only one heel plate per $69.95. The heel locking mode should be cross-compatible between the different models which is sweet, but because of that I am unsure if they are going to have any positive effect on the auto-rotation. Dropping down to flat mode during the icy traverses might help to avoid that rotation issue. Either way, sorry to hear about the trouble, that's a bummer.
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Question from Patrick
Which screws does the Zed binding use? Thanks
Answer from Trace Leches
Hey Patrick! We haven't been able to get spare screws for the Zed yet so at the moment, none of the screws that we have listed are available for the Zed.
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Question from Cecilia O
Do you have any adjustment plates that will work with the G# ion 10 binding? I want to mount them on previously drilled skis.

Thank you!

Answer from Trace Leches
Hey Cecilia! Thanks for reaching out! I've got some good news and bad news for you! The bad news is that I don't have any stand alone adjustment plates for them (unless you're looking to replace the brakes, in which case I do, find them here). The good news is that I don't think you need an adjustment plate anyways as all of the ION bindings come with a built in adjustment track on the heel piece! It's adjusted via the Phillips screw at the bottom of the baseplate near the top sheet of the ski.
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Question from GOB
If I get the crampon connector, can I use a Dynafit ski crampon with the ions?
Answer from jbo
Hi GOB, unfortunately not. The connectors only work with ION crampons.
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