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Parts for your G3 ION Binding. If you don't see the item you need, please contact us and we will do our best to get it for you. Please note some items are sold individually (x1) and others in pairs (x2).

ION Crampon Connector - Adapter kit for attaching G3 ION ski crampons. Included with ION crampons, the kit can also be mounted flat to attach them to any ski. No mounting hardware included.

ION LT Leash Clip - Replacement leash clips for the leash attachment underneath your ION toe. Weighs 3g each.

ION Toe Shim - The plastic baseplate that lives underneath the toe of your ION 10, ION 12, or ION LT. Weighs 13g each.

ZED Toe Shim - The little plastic plate under the ZED toes, good to shed snow. Sold individually.

ION LT Heel Baseplate - Base adjustment plate (ION LT only).

ZED Mounting Track - Slider track for the ZED binding.

ION AFD Repair Kit - Complete repair kit for a set of bindings. 2x AFD Sliders and 2x springs sold in the kit.

ION AFD Slider - Sold individually, these anti-friction devices help keep the release values from fluctuating and aid in accurate lateral release values. Sold individually.

ION Brake Spring Cover - Prevents icing of the brake-spring assembly under the heel of the boot. Sold individually.

ZED Brake Spring Cover - Prevents iceing on the brake-spring assembly under the heel of the boot. Sold individually.

ION Mz Plunger - The plastic bushing that the internal lateral release spring rides in, buried inside the ION heel pieces. Weighs 2g each.

ZED Demo Plates - A pair of long adjustment tracks for your G3 ZED binding.

ZED Stomp Pad Kit - Stomp pad for boots with more than 1.5mm of distance between the stomp pad and the heel of your boot. Kit comes with a 1.5mm or 3mm pads.

ZED Stomp Pad Replacment - A replacement for the stock stomp pad if you happend to break/misplace one. Sold individually.

ION Toe Screw - Mounting screws for ION binding toe pieces. Works with all ION models(10, 12, LT) as well at ZED 9 toes. Sold individually.

ION Heel Screw - Heel mounting screws for the ION 10, ION 12, and ION LT bindings. Sold individually.

ION Demo Heel Screw - Heel mounting screws for the ION 10, ION 12, demo brake/baseplate only. Sold individually.

ZED Mounting Screw - Screws for mounting the ZED 12 binding and ZED 9 heels. This screw DOES NOT work for the ZED 9 toes. Sold individually and may be black or silver based on availability.

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Questions & Reviews

Question from Marvin
I lost the left (small black) piece holding the heel pins tight / pushing the pins close together.
Can this be purchased for an Ion 10?
Many thanks!
Answer from Jeff
Marvin. Sorry, individual binding parts for toes or heels are not sold. You would need to purchase an entire heel piece. G3 Heels
Answer from Marvin C
Great thanks Jeff ! And do you ship to Switzerland?
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Question from bcvizina
Would it be possible to replace the heel adjustment screw for G3 Ion? I've noticed the big phillips screw is beginning to strip, and it takes a good amount of effort to adjust these for different boots, and each time it's getting a little worse.

If it is possible to replace, any idea of where I might find one?
Answer from Lrow
Hi Bcvizina,

If you wouldn't mind taking a picture of your heel and sending it to we can look into availability for ordering those parts and look into some compatibility options.
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Question from Adam
Can I purchase a lateral release bolt for the heel piece on my binding? The bike is stripped out.
Answer from eric
Adam- We do not have any of the lateral release bolts. You might check with G3.
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Question from mike mayen
Do you have just the screws to attach the crampon mount to the G3 zed binding? I lost both screws but still have the attachment
Answer from Jeremy L
Thanks for reaching out, Mike. We don't carry the attachment screws for that. You could possibly source them at your local hardware store.
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Question from Jeff
Are the g3 ion afd repair kits going to be available at some point in the future? Or even just the AFD slider?
Answer from Brett S
Thanks for reaching out, Jeff. We sure hope so! Please send an email to if you want to be notified when they arrive.
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Question from Lauren
On the toe piece of my G3 Ion 10 binding, the plastic piece holding the springs in place snapped off :( is there a replacement piece for this, or do I have to replace the whole toe piece? I saved the 2 springs when they popped out. Thanks!
Answer from Ian C
Hi Lauren, sadly we don't carry those parts. If you are within your warranty period it may be worth exploring that route with G3, which you can do through our portal
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Question from Chris
The metal and plastic tunnel that allows the brake to rotate up and down has broken and the other ski has one thats cracked. Is this piece replaceable?

Answer from Tristan M
Hi Chris,

Looks like you will need to replace the entire baseplate, as the brake is fully integrated. We sell G3 Ion brakes/baseplates under our G3 Brakes listing. If you have further questions, feel free to reach out to!
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John P (used product regularly)
This review is for the ion lt heel baseplate. I have a set of 1800g 108 underfoot skis that is my downhill oriented, short tour setup, mounted with Ion lt bindings. I have thrashed this setup and after 3 winters there was some play in the heel piece. So much that I was pre releasing fairly often. The play was down in the adjustment plate interface with the plastic plate that screws into the ski itself. The new heel baseplate was simple to remove and swap. I went ahead and used JB weld to put the same screws back into the same holes to stay put through the end of the skis life. Now my heel has no wobble and the old heel piece fit perfectly on the tower. Love being able to but replacement parts to keep old gear going strong.
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Question from Martin
The skistopper/break system is broken on one of my heel parts. The spring that shoots the skistopper/break is cracked and the break doesnt stay down in walk mode when i rotate the heel to walk.
Is there a way to get the spring for the skistopper/break or if so the whole break/skistopper?

Regards Martin
Answer from Brett S
Thanks for your question, Martin. It looks like you need a new base plate, which can be found here. Please let us know if you have any other questions!
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Question from bill wilson
I just had the afd part of my G3 Ion 12 brake pop off and I lost the spring. This is the top part of where the heel slams down on the brake. Do you have replacement parts for this? It popped off relatively easy when I was testing the bindings out on my carpet. Does this part pop off often? Thanks,
Answer from Tristan M
Hi Bill,

To get a better idea of the part that you are talking about, send us some photos of the broken binding to It sounds like you are looking for an AFD replacement kit, but would be nice to confirm with photos!
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Question from Drake
I broke the lever that releases the boot and locks the toe piece in walk mode (the plastic/gel bit that is held in to the front binding by a small pin). I'm wondering if you can get this part? Thanks!
Answer from Lrow
Hi Drake,

Are you talking just about the toe lever? Unfortunately we don't carry G3 toe levers, but we do have G3 toe pieces for sale here:

Lenny // Skimo Co.
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Question from Carol-Ann D
Thanks for the quick reply , is that something that I can pay you to do . Id be a lttle aprehensive that I would ruin the threads where they enter the ski , usually I put a nut on the fastener to be ground down to chase the first thread , or by any chance can you suggest something to chase the end of the screw before trying to mount the binding . Thanks again Frank
Answer from Brett S
Thanks for your question, Frank. Please send us an email to and we can help you out!
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Question from Frank Dahlmeyer
Hi , I am trying to shim the heel on the zed binding exctly 1/8 of an inch and am looking for screws for the heel 1/8 longer than the stock screws - would you have anything that would work or know where I can maybe locate something that would work - Thanks Frank
Answer from Teddy Young
Hey Frank, thanks for reaching out! You can get these 18mm Pozi screws and grind both the length(down to ~15mm total length) and the head diameter(down to ~8mm).
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Question from Kyle
Do you have baseplates for G3 Ion 10s available?
Answer from Teddy Young
Hey Kyle, thanks for reaching out! Send us a few photos of your bindings(both broken and intact) to "", and we'll see what we can find for you!
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Question from Tim Dodd
Do you have demo plates available for G3 Zed bindings?
Answer from Brett S
Thanks for your question, Tim. It doesn't appear that we have demo plates for G3 Zed Bindings at this time.
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Question from Clark F
I've got 1st gen Ion 10's (I think/bought in spring '17), and the brake on one of the heels fails to deploy consistently (it stays up when no boot is in the binding). I'm guessing I would need a new heel plate to fix, is that correct? If so do you have availability?

Also related - would new plate(s) work with my older generation model? And if they do, are they the part that theoretically solved the heel auto-rotation issue?

Answer from Brett S
Thanks for your question, Clark! It sounds like you would need a new baseplate to fix that issue. We don't have any in stock, however, please reach out to us at and we would love to see if we can get that in for you! The new plates should work with your older model heel. They have tweaked some of the internals to help solve the auto rotation issue. Please let us know if there is anything else we can do for you.
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Question from Thomas
Do you sell heel lifter for ION 12 G3, including the axle?
Answer from Patrick C

Unfortunately, that is not a part that we sell.
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davep (used product regularly)
I appreciate being able to buy repair and spare parts. The Anti Friction plates on my Ion bindings keep breaking so I keep a couple on hand to replace them. It's great to be able to order a part and delivery is pretty quick. I appreciate the stock on hand toake a repair. Just hope you all get the narrower brakes in, as one of those broke off today.
Honestly, I should probably just get a different set of bindings.
Comment on this review:

Question from Mitch
Hey! Do you guys have the ION toe screws in stock?
Answer from Patrick C

At the moment we do not, but more are on the way! If you would like an email notification to receive a message when they come in please send us a note at and we can get you set up!
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Question from mark
Can you retrofit the first generation zed with the new springs in the heel piece? If so, what is it named?
Answer from eric
Mark-Zed springs are all tested in the housing and then the numbering is added so they are all calibrated correctly. We do not sell replacement springs.
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