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Grivel SkiMatic 2.0 Touring Crampons

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A beefier version of the Race 2.0 crampons, the SkiMatic 2.0 Touring edition features a steel toe and anti-balling plates. The novel attachment system is the same, with the levering bail at the front of the boot instead of the rear. This solves many boot compatibility issues due to collisions with ski/walk mechanisms and pivoting cuffs in general. The Touring model is equipped with a steel toe that will take some abuse from rock and kick further into hard ice. The heel remains aluminum to keep things light. Anti-balling plates prevent underfoot snow buildup which can be dangerous. The SkiMatic 2.0 Touring crampons are rugged, light, and quick to put on.

  • SkiMatic 2.0 attachment system quickly levers onto the toe of a ski boot.
  • 6 steel points in the toe combine with 4 aluminum sharpies in the heel.
  • Webbing strap can be used for leverage and secured with a boot buckle.
  • Stiff linking bar will hold up to abuse and keep the crampons on your boot.
  • Included optional ankle strap attaches to the heel for extra security.
  • Included carry case is durable and has a mesh top to allow for drying.
convert to ounces
Weight (pair) 708g
Points 10
Specs Verified Yes
Materials   Aluminum rear/ Steel front
Skimo Co Says
Usage Mountaineering, General climbing
Notes Built-in anti-balling plates
Bottom Line Great all around crampon
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Questions & Reviews

Question from Simon Hickey
Do you mind trying the fit of these on a Technica zero G pro tour ?
Worried the toe bail will be loose as my boots have a narrowish toe.
Answer from Jeff
Hello Simon,
Can't help you with that. We no longer sell this one.
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Question from ben
How is the fit on Scarpa F1s (the older ones)?
Answer from Will M
Hey Ben,

These should fit properly on all previous models of the Scarpa F1s!
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Question from Chad M
Hi Skimo! I'm looking for a steel crampon for moderate steep alpine ice routes to fit my 2019 Alien 1.0. My current crampon collection at home is all pretty rattly around the toe and doesn't instill confidence when considering heading up on Mt Rainier's Liberty Ridge.
Answer from Teddy Young
I just tried a few of our steel-toe crampons on the new Alien 1.0, and it looks like this one has the most secure fit!
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Question from Jacob B
Any chance you have a Hawx XTD to test fit these on? Curious about them but can't find a pair locally to test fit.

Answer from Trace Leches
Hey Jacob! I just tried them on the XTD 130 and it seemed to do really well actually. The contouring of the bails, linking bar, and toe/heel were spot on. The heel bail needs to be moved to the forward position though, otherwise it won't rest into the heel appropriately.
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Question from Teddy
How well do the wire bails fit on the toe and heel welts of an Alien?
Answer from jbo
Hi Teddy, I just tried it, they fit great!
Answer from Teddy Young
Awesome! Thanks so much for checking!
Are these the only crampons that allow the ski/walk lever of the Alien to move freely?
Also, do you think the toe bail system would fit on other crampons, say the Petzl Leopard?
Answer from jbo
Hi Teddy, I can't test all other crampons, but this one has the best chance of working with boots that have ski/walk mechanisms that might collide with a standard heel bail. The toe bail requires a rigid heel bail so probably wouldn't work well with other crampons.
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Model: Ski Tour Skimatic 2.0 Steel MPN: 756660 UPC: 8033971656848

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