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Based on the world-cup winning X-Race ski, the Hagan Ascent ski sets a new standard in the category of budget skimo racing skis. Using Diamond Edge Cap construction, the Ascent is manufactured to be an ultralight yet durable tool for racing, speed touring, or resort uphilling. Sharing the same profile and shape as the X-Race, the Ascent features a rockered tip and a wider shovel so you can get aggressive on the down. The ski comes in two sizes, with 163cm being just above the ISMF minimum length for men's races, and 152cm beating the minimum length for women's races by 2cm.

  • Poplar wood core makes this a stiffer and damper version of the X-Race, which uses ultralight Paulownia wood.
  • Diamond Edge Cap construction offers a combination of light weight and durability.
  • 22.6mm turn radius keeps your edges in full contact with hardpacked snow.
  • Meets all International Ski Mountaineering Federation specifications.
Lengths (cm) 152, 163
convert to ounces
760g [152]
860g [163]
Weight (pair) 1520g [152]
1720g [163]
Sidecut   97-65-80
Turn Radius   22.0-24.5m [152]
25.0-27.5m [163]
Skin Fix   Tip notch
Specs Verified 163 only
Profile   Rockered tip, camber underfoot
Shape   Low sidecut race
Construction   Diamond Edge Cap
Core   Paulownia wood
Skimo Co Says
Usage Racing, training, resort uphilling
Notes Slight rocker lets you ski more aggressively
Bottom Line Affordable world-cup quality race ski
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Questions & Reviews

TSB (used product regularly)
This is a downright excellent ski. Now, I'm no race-ski savant -- I've skied about half a dozen different pairs over the years, but only have extensive experience with one other set of race sticks (Dynafit PDG, which I skied for multiple seasons and at a couple dozen races of different types). That said, after about 35 days on them, the Ascent is my clear first choice for any of the race skis I've been on, and has even started to supplant some "real" skis in my quiver during casual skinning days and backcountry outings. They have great edge hold on hardpack and refrozen surfaces, drive well through mank and chowder and handle both bigger and tighter turns quite well for a 163cm ski. Most of all, the Ascent pushes through conditions where I would expect it to deflect, torque, wobble, and/or turn me into a quivering wreck.

Why? Well, I'm no ski scientist, so the technical side may remain a mystery to me. But from a pure "feel" perspective, it's something about the mix of a firm (but not stiff) layup, rockered (but not too rockered) tip, consistent flex pattern, high torsional rigidity, and perhaps those extra 3cm over a traditional race ski. While the tails aren't a super-stiff rear that makes backseat skiing unpredictable, they are reasonably "firm" and not liable to come out from under you when washing out a turn on some chunky groomed snow. Much like on the Hagan's 76-waisted Cirrus/Ultra ski, the semi-rockered squared tip allows you to drive through lots of mixed chop (yet to test in deep-deep pow, but as the adage goes, anything will ski powder well). Maybe the most heartwarming aspect of how the Ascents ski, though, is that they just don't deflect in the way that my trusty (well, not so trusty) PDGs did. Not only does this mean that skiing fast(er) during races is a comfortable thing, but also that taking this ski out touring is not an insane idea. They've handled chalk, bumpy chowder, corn-y snow, and wind-affected layers without that feeling of jerking from side to side that I constantly had with race sticks in the past.

I've got the Ascents paired with the Hagan race binding and Alien 0.0s, which, while not the most carbon-ated combination you'll see at races, is a great value for the JV rando racer like me.

Highly recommended (especially at the current price point!) to any aspiring randonneur who wants something dependable, versatile and just plain excellent.
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Question from G. Rice
I am new to skimo racing and after my first race on my backcountry gear I am looking for something much lighter. These skis review well on many sites but I have some concerns about the 163 length. I am 6'2" and 195 without my gear on. Am I too big for these skis? If so, is there a skimo ski for big guys that you would recommend in its place.

Thank you.

Garr Rice
Answer from Trace Leches
Hey Garr, thanks for reaching out! Ha, you caught the bug too! Careful, it's addicting. We've got a ton of athletes taller and heavier than you on full blown race skis without issue, so it can definitely be done especially if your goal is to save as much weight as possible, however if you are looking for something maybe a bit on the more skiable side then there are a few better options I can think of. The Ski Trab Gara Aero World Cup is basically the cadillac of race skis and is offered in a 171cm length, which would be pretty sweet. The Movement Gold Fish-X and Race Pro 71 are excellent options as well (just a touch above race ski weight, but a whole lot more skiability with the slightly wider waist width and length options). If you want to go with a full blown race ski though, the Salomon Minim is a super stiff and capable race ski that I highly recommend. There are tons of options and I don't think the Ascent is a bad option at all in your case, but I think there are better options out there!
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Jake D (used product regularly)
I bought these specifically because I weigh a bit more than the typical racer and I'm not a great skier, hoping the burlier construction and rocker would help me out on the downhill. I was not disappointed!

I've skied them on groomers, wet and heavy new snow, chopped up mank, absurd wind formations, breakable crust, and corn. Pretty much everything except powder, since we haven't seen much of that this year. I expected to get tossed around more in the garbage conditions with jello legs and a backpack, but the ride was surprisingly tolerable.

My previous "light" ski was an older 176 BD Stigma and as far as I can tell, the Hagan Ascent skis as well or better. It is incredibly stiff and solid for how small and light it is. I've hit a handful of rocks and neither the bases nor edges have so much as a scratch.

I believe pretty firmly that the only limitation of this ski is the lack of surface area, as is to be expected. Great durable ski for someone who wants to explore racing and light touring.

Used with Plum 165, F1 Evo, and Aliens.
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Model: Ascent

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