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“Embrace what makes you different…” We here at Skimo Co are as big a fan of individualism as we are of “feel good” Disney quotes. As it turns out, Hagan shares our sentiment. The Hagan Core 12 kicked things off by featuring a front brake design. While the aesthetic was unique, the functionality of the design won many skiers over with its ability to provide braking while in tour mode. Moving forward, Hagan added the Core Pro that came with a more traditional heel brake, to the dismay of those that had fallen for the original front brake. Never ones to ignore the people, Hagan is bringing the front brake back in an updated and hard-charging package called the Boost. While the toe piece features the same wide mounting pattern as the Core, the integrated toe brake is automatic and becomes active once you engage your toe lever for climbing. Further, the best way to be sure the brakes aren't messing with your heel release is by putting them in the toe. The 12mm of elasticity in the heel is ready to gobble up all the drops you can handle, and the 25mm of BSL adjustment means even the in-law’s boots will fit. If you’ve been dreaming of a binding that combines the brake functionality of the old Core 12, with the impeccable performance of the new Core 12 Pro, then the Hagan Boost 12 is sure to make you rejoice.

  • Easy Entry System helps make stepping in, well, easy.
  • Aluminum Alloys, POM, and stainless-steel construction are as durable as they are head-turning.
  • Toe brake means no Anti-Friction Device under your heel, one less thing to break.
  • Release values range from 5-12 so you can turn it up past 11 if that's your style.
  • 25mm of BSL adjustment accommodates your boot quiver because we all need more boots.
  • Five walking modes help you find the right spot for climbing, or just cruising along.
  • Elastic Response System provides 12mm of rearward heel travel to absorb big hits.
  • Cam Release System provides adjustable vertical and lateral releases.
  • Automatic Brake System automatically locks the brake when putting the toe lever into tour mode.
convert to ounces
382g [97mm]
Weight (pair) 764g [97mm]
Boot Compatibility   Tech
Brakes (mm)   86, 91, 97, 102, 108, 120
BSL Adjustment   25mm
Riser Heights   4+ flat
Vertical Release   5-12
Lateral Release   5-12
Crampon Ready   Yes
Specs Verified Yes
Materials   Stainless steel, aluminum alloy, POM
Skimo Co Says
Usage Backcountry, free touring
Notes Front brake does not affect release like heel brakes
Bottom Line Impeccable performance, superb functionality with a brake that won't affect release
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Questions & Reviews

Question from Jill
I have a pair of Dalbello AT/toe-pin boots that I have a difficult time getting into my Dynafit rotation toe bindings. I discovered that the tolerance between the Dynafits and the Dalbellos are slightly off and that Dynafit admits that only certain boots meet their toe mounting tolerance. Do you know if Hagan' work well with Dalbello AT pin toe pieces? Second questions, my skis have an 85 waist--what brake size do you recommend?
Answer from Emmett I
Jill, Boots that don't use Dynafit made Tech fittings may not work as well. But as far as I know, the Dalbello boots work in Dynafit and other bindings. Of course some boot and binding combinations may be a bit more difficult to step in, but once in, work properly.
You can email us with the specific Dalbello boot you have and look into it,
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Question from Jakob
Is it possible to use the AL12 toe shim with the Front12/boost binding? I am guessing that leaves the plastic break cover thing around lever floating slightly above the topsheat but not sure that is an issue.
Answer from Emmett I
Hi Jakob,

The Boost 12 does need to have a surface underneath it to hold the inner brake mechanism, so the AL12/Raider Toe Shim won't work.
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Question from Robert
I'm considering mounting these bindings on Armadada Locator112's. Do you not have the 108mm brakes available? The 120mm brakes seem pretty wide for that ski. Also is the tile pattern the same as the Raider line?
Answer from Jeff
Robert, We do not have the 108mm brake width, but the 120 would not be bad. Just 4mm per side, nothing.
The toe mounting pattern is the same s the old 2020 Raider bindings. The ATK jigs have both patterns on them.
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Question from Kelly
Can the brake be removed?
Answer from Jeff
Kelly, No. You don't buy this binding to go brakeless. Any of the other ATK bindings will be easier to remove the brakes.

In my opinion, this is the easiest to operate and use Tech brake system on the market.
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Question from Daniel
Does this binding have the anti snow accumulation feature on the toe like the R12 does?
Answer from Emmett I

The Boost 12 toe is shaped to keep snow out from under the springs. They don't use the same spring-free design that the Raider 12 uses.
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Question from Greg T
Skimo site indicates 30/45x35 for mounting pattern. Hagan site indicates 45x44. Which is correct?

Will a 91mm brake fit a 95mm ski?
Answer from Gabriel I
Hi Greg, can confirm the mounting pattern is 30/45 x 35.

A 91mm brake will fit a 95mm ski well!
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Question from Eric
I’m wondering if ATK / Hagan is discontinuing these. If so, perhaps just not enough sales because people find them too unfamiliar. Presumably not because they’ve had technical problems?
Answer from Brett S
Thanks for reaching out, Eric. This binding remains in the Hagan/ATK lineup for the 22/23 season. It is a great binding and we don't have any durability/technical issues to report.
Answer from Eric S
Good to hear. Thanks you very much for the quick response.
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Question from Rick
Are these the same heel assemblies as the Raider 12? Can a freeride spacer be installed? Can I add a heel brake for EXTREME BRAKING POWER?
Answer from Brett S
Thanks for your question, Rick. These are the same heel assemblies as the Raider 12 and as such will accommodate the freeride spacer and brake if you want extra stopping power. Please let us know if you have any other questions!
Answer from jbo
Please post photos of the EXTREME DOUBLE STOPPER in action!
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Model: Boost 12

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