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Hagan Ride 10 Binding

Brand: Hagan
Model: Ride 10
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If you have surfed deep into the Skimo Co website without feeling out-of-place, chances are the Hagan Ride 10 is what a fully featured binding should look like to you. At a meager 290g per side, the Ride is right there with some of the lighter bindings on the market. What’s really impressive, however, is how much Hagan managed to pack into the binding. The toe-piece is a classic design that’s been refined over the years with an integrated set of surprisingly effective brakes. The heel-piece offers a full flat-on-ski mode along with two risers that adapt to changing terrain. Simply flip the magnetic heel-flaps into place with your pole to start climbing. Included is a simple adjustment track that offers 30mm of sole-length range to accommodate multiple boots. The Hagan Ride 10 is the real deal.

  • Easy Entry System is a super smooth toe geometry that clamps down like a teething toddler.
  • Toe brakes means no interference with the lateral-heel release mechanism.
  • Fully adjustable vertical and lateral release values from 5-10.
  • Magneto flap brings race-binding efficiency to the touring world.
-> ounces
290g [91mm]
Weight (pair) 580g [91mm]
Boot Compatibility Tech
Brakes 75mm, 86mm, 91mm, 97mm
BSL Adjustment 30mm
Riser Heights 2 + flat
Vertical Release 5-10
Lateral Release 5-10
Crampon Ready Yes
Specs Verified Yes
Materials Aluminum alloy, Injected-molded POM thermo-plastic, Stainless steel
Skimo Co Says
Usage Ski touring
Notes Has flat mode and 2 riser heights, integrate crampon hooks
Bottom Line Lightweight, full-featured binding with brakes
Question from CALVIN E
Would it be possible to get the 120mm brakes for these that are offered for the other Hagan bindings?
Answer from TSB
Hey Calvin, quite possibly! Shoot us an email at help@skimo.co and we'll see what we can do.
Answer from CALVIN E
Email sent. I already ordered the bindings from your website, but hope that you can include wider brakes. Thanks!
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Question from sbf

Will I still experience 5mm of toe/heel delta even with the heel mounting plate?


Answer from Jeff M
SF, Yes, the delta is figured with the mounting plate.
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Question from thomc
Hey Skimo, hope all's well. Can the 75mm ski brake fit the Magico 178cm, or does it require the 86? Thanks. TC
Answer from Jeff M
Thom, I put it to the test. The 75mm brake sits snug against the sidewall of the ski. Brake arms same angle as the sidewalls. With just a slight bend it should work fine.
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Question from Cal
Would it be possible to remove the brakes from this binding with out rendering it non-functional?
Answer from Jeff M
Hey Cal! You can remove the brakes, you should see a screw where the brakes go into the baseplate. Putting back together can be a bit tricky because of the springs. They are great brakes, very light and the front positioning actually works very well without the drawbacks of brakes at the heel. Much simpler to use and doesn't effect release values or raise the heel/ ramp angle.
Answer from CALVIN E
Ok, cool. I don't use brakes in the backcountry and my Voile V8's are 116 mm just ahead of the toe binding, so the brakes wouldn't fit anyway. I love everything else about the Ride 10 - seems similar to the Black Diamond Helio 200, which is out of stock and very expensive ($700 at REI).
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