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Long used in distance running, “running vests” give an individual the ability to explore the furthest reaches of wilderness due to the extra goodies that can be brought along, without the bulky restrictive feeling of a pack. Because of this, the good folks at La Sportiva created the Course pack, which combines the comfort of a running vest with the simplistic functionality of a skimo race pack. If a design engineer and a skimo racer had a baby that oddly turned out to be a backpack, this would be the result. Removable insulated bottle holder, stash pockets both zippered and non, reservoir tube attachment, the list goes on. With up to 20L of storage, there is more than enough room for an ambitious mission before work or a day out on the racecourse. The crampon pocket, which can be assimilated into the main pocket by undoing a zipper, allows the crampons to be accessed without needing to take the pack off, drastically reducing time spent transitioning. For those who’ve been seeking the simple functionality of a skimo race pack with the freedom of movement unique to a running vest, La Sportiva has your back.

  • 20L capacity allows you to bring an extra layer on that chilly day or a cold beverage when it heats up.
  • Ice axe carry allows for quick n’ easy access when the booting gets steep.
  • Crampon pocket gives fast and simple access to crampons so you can keep your pack on during transitions.
  • Ski carrier with plastic loop and hook-on back shoulder strap allow you to give your skis a ride for a change.
  • Included water bottle holder(36g) is insulated and removable.
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Volume 20L
Access Top zip and crampon pocket
Hydration Bottle on left shoulder strap, soft flask holder on right strap, and bladder compatible
Ski Carry Quick Carry
Shovel / Probe Main compartment
Ice Axe External carry
Stash Pockets 2 mesh zippered pockets on shoulder straps and 2 non-zippered pockets on the waist
Security Pocket No
Team Tether No
Whistle No
Specs Verified Yes
Skimo Co Says
Usage Racing
Notes Crampon pocket can merge with the main compartment
Bottom Line Running vest feel with skimo pack functionality
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Questions & Reviews

Scott Coldiron (used product regularly)
I've had this pack for one season and use it for most of my ski touring. I found it to be perfect for my needs. I don't like to take my pack off unless absolutely necessary, and this pack allows me to access everything I need without removing the pack. There is a ridiculous amount of accessible storage. I carry my water, snacks, phone, InReach, keys, skin wax, and a few other odds and ends in the front pockets, and I can access all of it easily. The crampon pouch is a nice feature. For most tours, I store my skins here, and can access them without removing the pack. The ski attachment system is slightly fiddly, but I prefer it to a hook, because it is more secure. One reviewer mentioned the somewhat loose water bottle holster: at first, I used a tall bike bottle and had the same problem. I switched out to a short bike bottle, and now it is not an issue at all.
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Karl (used product regularly)
The idea of a skimo "running vest" was (and still is) appealing to me as a trail runner. This vest fits me pretty well at 186cm/74kg (6'1"/164lb). Not as snugly as a dedicated running vest though and it is also significantly heavier (not that I can tell once it's on my back). I attribute this to the more sturdy material that can put up with ski edges and other usual abuse.
The ski carry system is not my favorite one. Certainly more fiddly than the usual wire hook.
The worst part though is the bottle pouch (a bottle not included which is rather disappointing at this price range). The way the bottle holder is attached to the shoulder strap makes it dangle in all possible angles and a few impossible ones too when the bottle is full (heavy). This feature of the vest is completely useless IMO. I use it either without the bottle holder or use the pouch to stash a thin windbreaker or something similarly light in it.
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Question from Simon Granda

Is the size good for a 6ft, 195lbs guy? It looks like it is a one size fits all.
I normally race with the dynafit speed 20 and it fits ok,

Thank you!
Answer from Patrick C

This pack should fit pretty darn well. We just had one of our employees with similar stats try it on and he was very satisfied with the fit - should have plenty of length in the chest straps with the pack not sitting too high or low. Hope this helps!
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Question from clarkboulder
the La Sportiva (euro) website shows this as weighing 360g versus your listing of 575g. What am I missing here? Why the significant difference? Is theirs stripped down to bare min.?
Answer from Teddy Young
We just verified the weight as 578g and updated the specs! If you remove the bottle holder, it ends up being 542g. Also, we've notified La Sportiva that their webpage may be a bit off.
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Question from clarkboulder
Any chance you can show photo of the ski carry system or the hook that grabs the ski from the shoulder? Thanks
Answer from Teddy Young
It is and adjustable piece of webbing with a metal ring to attach to a hook on the shoulder strap. The webbing has both elastic and velcro stitched to it.
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Question from Dennis K
What is the ski carry on this like? Can skis be stowed without taking the pack off?
Answer from Brett S
Thanks for reaching out, Dennis. The pack has a quick carry feature that allows the skis to be carried without having to remove the pack. Please let us know if you have any other questions!
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