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Designed to pair with the Mezza Race and other Shark 2.0 compatible poles, the CC SHARK allows for quick and efficient transitions, helping you perform at your peak in a competitive environment. It does this using the Shark System 2.0, which allows the glove to directly connect to the handle of compatible poles via a small loop located between the thumb and index finger. This permits an experienced user to simply "click in and out" instead of fiddling with obnoxious wrist straps, saving valuable seconds during a transition. Additionally, this system also helps with power transfer, making sure that none of your efforts go to waste. The slim fit paired with a Softspan upper and Suede AX synthetic leather palm provides exceptional dexterity, which is useful when navigating through technical terrain. The MF Touch technology allows you to keep your gloves on when using a smartphone or other touchscreen device, saving your fingers from the cold. When paired with the Mezza Race, the CC SHARK will allow you to attack transitions, giving you a competitive edge over the competition.

  • Suede AX synthetic leather palm allows for excellent grip, even on icy handles.
  • Softspan upper material is made from recycled material in Italy.
  • Shark System allows for extremely efficient transitions when paired with a compatible pole.
  • MF Touch technology allows you to view Instagram or do some online banking without having to take off the glove.
  • We don't recommend using this glove near the ocean as it will attract Orcas.
convert to ounces
46g [9]
Weight (pair) 92g [9]
Cuffs Flex Cuff
Screen Touch Yes
Specs Verified Yes
Materials   Nylon, elastane, polyurethane
Insulation None
Skimo Co Says
Usage Racing
Notes Shark 2.0 system allows the glove to connect directly to compatible poles
Bottom Line Streamlining pole and glove integration
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Questions & Reviews

Jonathan S (downright abused product)
I’ve used a pair of these for many years, long enough that I’ve just about worn through them. (Meanwhile I’ve worn through many pairs of the non-insulated version.)

As a lightly insulated softshell glove, it’s totally fine.

But when paired with the Leki Mezza pole (or any other Leki nordic race pole), it’s totally awesome, since you don’t use any strap at all! Sure, the practical benefits of these are not life-altering, but the shock & awe value is … both shocking and awesome. Seriously, even after using variations of this system for many years now, I never grow tired of just clicking in my gloves sans straps. No other glove<>pole system offers that kind of long-lasting fun!
Reply from Jonathan S
Whoops, just realized that this product listing is for the UNinsulated version.
I've gone through several pairs of the prior variation on that (with a Boa, mainly for add'l shock & awe value), not because of lack of durability, but just because I love the design so much for all my skimo training racing down into temps around the mid 20s F.
Below that, and the uninsulated version does get cold. But at those temps and higher, the dexterity is outstanding, and the sans-strap system is both practical and super neat-o (even if the Boa has apparently been replaced now by the same velcro strap that is on my insulated version).
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Model: CC Shark

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