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Keeping those tootsies warm and cozy is no small task, especially when temperatures dip below zero. Thankfully, Lenz is in the tootsie-protecting business, helping improve the outdoor experience for those with chronically cold extremities. Case in point are the 6.1 Heat Socks, which combined with rcb 1200 or 1800 lithium-ion battery packs, can generate 14-20 hours of continuous heat. If you’re the type of person who prefers having a foot sauna, the heat can be adjusted using the Lenz app, meaning your feet can bathe in their sweat until your heart or feet are content. Compared to the 6.0, the 6.1 has an improved fit around the cuff, resulting in an even more comfortable experience that you can enjoy all day. To help combat offensive odors, Lenz saw fit to use 35% Merino Wool, which apart from having an extremely comfortable next-to-skin feel, has antimicrobial properties that will keep the stink to a minimum. If you have chronically cold feet, the Lenz 6.1 Heat Socks may just be the best solution.

  • Lithium battery pack sits in a special leg band, letting you forget it's even there.
  • 55% nylon, 35% merino wool, 10% elastane for comfort and performance.
  • Does NOT come with batteries which are available separately.
  • Machine washable 30 °C.
Materials   55% Polymide
35% Merino
10% Elastane

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Questions & Reviews

Question from Per Lindskov Garben
Which temperature can the socks reach in the 3 levels af heat?
Answer from Carlos M
Hi Per,

Lenz does not list any specific temperatures for their socks at the different heat settings, unfortunately. Here is a brief excerpt from their FAQ that explains the concept of the heat socks as it pertains to the different temperature settings:

"The products have the best effect if they are switched on at the lowest level when you leave the house. It is crucial that the body never cools down. If the body has already cooled down, the heated textiles can no longer warm it up. Therefore, ideally use the products at the lowest level right from the start and increase the heating output if necessary."
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Question from Bernard S
How thick is the sock compared to a smart wool or a bridgedale? Ski lite? Ski medium?
Answer from Emmett I

They are a little bit thicker than a bridgedale ski lightweight sock.
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Question from Haleigh
Currently, can you tell me what the specific differences between 6.0 and 6.1 are for the lenz skis sock?
Answer from Carlos M
Hi Haleigh,

The main change is an improved fit around the cuff, which should improve all-day comfort!
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Question from Earl Alderson
Hi, I am a size 9 street shoe. Ski in a 26 boot. Should I go with a medium or large Lenz 6.1 sock? Thanks
Answer from Gabriel I
Hi Earl, go for the Large.
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Question from Jane Schachtel
Is the sizing chart based on Men's shoe sizes or Women's shoe sizes?
Answer from jbo
Hi Jane, Lenz appears to use men's sizing. Subtract one from a women's size to find the right row in the chart.
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Model: Heat Sock 6.1

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