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Everyone knows that Snap has, “The Power,” and now with the lithium battery packs from Lenz, you too, can have the power. These streamlined batteries work with all models of Lenz heated socks, vests, gloves, bandages, LED systems, and integrate with the Lenz app, allowing the user to fine-tune their heating experience through their smartphone. Providing a range of heating time from 14 to 22 hours depending on model, you're covered even if your “couple-hour tour” accidentally turns into an epic. Each battery pack comes with a USB charging cable and is compatible with your current collection of charging blocks. A modest charging time will have your socks back in action by the time you're well rested in the morning. Take that warm and fuzzy feeling everywhere you go by bringing along your Lenz rcB battery packs to pair with a multitude of Lenz products.

  • Comes in pairs, for both of your feet.
  • Designed to work with all models of Lenz vests, socks, gloves, bandages, and LED systems.
  • Provides between 14 and 22 hours of continuous heat (depending on model).
  • 3 heat settings to find your optimal temperature and battery life.
  • Bluetooth connectivity allows for pairing to the Lenz app, for easy, continuous adjustment.

Update 2024/25: rcB 1400 and 2000 models come with a charging box and cable, rcB 1200 and rcB 1800 models continue to come only with a charging cable.

Capacity 2400mAh [1200]
2800mAh [1400]
3600mAh [1800]
4000mAh [2000]
Charging Time 5-7h [1200]
5-9h [1400]
7-9h [1800]
8-11h [2000]
Battery Life 14h [1200]
14h [1400]
20h [1800]
22h [2000]

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Questions & Reviews

Question from ChadL
As I understand it, only the 1200 is Bluetooth enabled, true?
Answer from Julieana
Hi ChadL,

Both the 1200 and 1800 are Bluetooth enabled.
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Question from JWM
Just purchased the Lenz reB 1200 lithuim packs along with the socks and currently charging the packs - it appears in the Charging Time for the 1800's is 7-9 hours is this correct - does the first charging time differ from recharging times after use?
Answer from Jeff
Hello JWN,
Good Question. Time your first charge and subsequent charges and please post here. I searched and we do not know where we got that charging time. I did find this piece --
Please completely charge and discharge the lithium packs three times. After that, experience shows that an improved capacity should be achieved. If this is not the case, please contact our service centre.
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Question from Nate
Is there a physical size difference between the rcB1200 and the rcB1800? What are the physical dimensions of each battery pack and how much does each one weigh?
Answer from Patrick C

Unfortunately we only have the rcB 1200 in stock and I can not open the packaging without damaging it! The catalog does not list weights. If you can email us at I will contact the company to see if I can get you some answers. Sorry I couldn't be more helpful at the moment!
Answer from greg s
It looks like Lenz updated their website with more details:

1200: 85 grams and 8.5 cm x 5.5 cm x 1 cm
1800: 95 grams and 8.5 cm x 5.5 cm x 1.5 cm
Answer from Teddy Young
Hey y'all! I busted out the calipers and scale, here are some more numbers for you.

82 g each
3.7V, 2400mAh, 8.88Wh

105g each
3.7V, 3600mAh, 13.32Wh

Dimensions seem pretty accurate, thickness might be ~0.5 cm thicker in reality. Batteries weighed without 2.5 g electrical contact cover, proprietary USB-A charging cable weighs 63 g and charges both batteries simultaneously.
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Model: Lithium Pack

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