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With the Montamix Adrenaline, MONTANA is entering the world of glue that’s not too sticky, not not sticky, but juuust right. They call this adhesive FUSIONTEC, which they herald as being one of the best adhesives out there. Testing the skins for ourselves, we came away highly impressed and think you will too. This glueless adhesive (we promise this is a very real thing) allows for quick and easy application of the skin, reliable adhesion in colder weather, all while remaining easy to rip. In the event the adhesive gets a bit dirty, you can simply wash it without worrying about impacting the stickiness. Being made with both nylon and mohair, the Montamix Adrenaline skin finds a good middle ground for both durability and packability, while the plush itself offers reliable performance in all snow conditions. Don’t settle for less, get the MONTANA Montamix Adrenaline skin.

  • FUSIONTEC adhesive provides easy and reliable use.
  • MONTANA special process resists fraying when being trimmed.
  • Waterproof laminate film protects the adhesive against moisture contamination.
  • 65% mohair / 35% nylon construction is lightweight yet durable.
  • Hydropobic treatment of the plush is long-lasting and keeps the skin from acting like a sponge.

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Questions & Reviews

Comment from Jess
I own two pairs of Montana skins. They’re great. Easy on and easy off. Great customer service.
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Anne (unverified) (used product a few times)
I worried about the metal clip doing damage to my skis - and it’s much harder to work with than my black diamond set up. The worst problem however was NO GLIDE. And I mean none.
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Jeff (used product regularly)
Have two pairs of Montana skins. Great skins! The newer glueless skins are light weight and easy on and off. In very cold weather they stick even better which is a big plus. Easy to trim with the Montana skin cutter.
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Question from Jeffrey Suddarth
How much do these skins weigh?
Answer from Emmett I

We don't have a consistent way to weigh skins, given that they come with a protective backing, and the variable nature of the materials. If you'd like, I can weigh one for you to get a rough idea. Any specific size you're looking at?
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Question from Steve
How well does the glue-less tech work with scaled skis?
Answer from Jeff
Hi Steve, Can't say I have gotten any feedback on that. But also haven't heard of any skins having an issue sticking to the scaled part a ski. And these Glue Less skins seem to be the stickiest yet.
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Scooter (used product regularly)
Used these skins all last spring. Lived up to the hype. Boy did they get gunked up but a little soap and water, back in business. Cold or wet conditions the performance was superb! Hope they last, I love them.
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